Bryan Vasquez took out Michael Carrero in round one in the main event at the Turrialba Gym in Turrialba, Costa Rica on Saturday night, a bout which was shown on

Vasquez, a 23-year-old super featherweight from Costa Rica,  went to 26-0 with 14 KOs. He scored a knockdown in the first, and that was all she wrote, as the 25 year-old Nicaraguan Carrero, now 10-15-2, wanted no part of getting to his feet and risking more abuse. The end came courtesy of a wicked left hook to the liver, a Micky Ward special which came after a right cross. The victor has more than a bit of style in the squared circle, and I would have liked to view at least a couple rounds to really assess him. He wound up with the right hand, showing a bolo punch, threw a conventional right, and then dug deep with the hook.

The ref gave Carrero ample time to rise, but the loser just winced, willed himself to rise, but his body and brain were both saying no mas. It should be noted that while Carrero has lost 15 times, he isn't a laydown artist. He has been stopped just three times in those losses.