A Big, Classy Gesture By Big George Foreman

A Big, Sweet Gesture By Big George ForemanThe legend seen here in 2008. He's still active in the fight game, and is now training his son Monk. Check back here next week for more on Monk. (Hogan)

Longtime publicist Bill Caplan, who is now employed by “Golden Boy Promotions,” received the Boxing Writers Association of America's “Good Guy” award the annual dinner, held in Las Vegas on May 6. Caplan worked for George Foreman for many years, and the plan called for Foreman to present Caplan his award.  A few days before the event Foreman informed the BWAA that he could not attend.

A week after the dinner a handwritten letter arrived at the BWAA. It was from Big George.

“Boxing Writers of America (BWAA)

Dear Friends,

First let me say thank you for the honor bestowed on my friend Bill Caplan – What a hero he has been to boxing!

I was not able to make the dinner, but my heart was with you (May 6).

I'm not a member, but on behalf of my family please accept this check ($10,000) Ten Thousand for Five Tables.  It's late, but it comes with much appreciation for your work in boxing.

George Foreman


According to BWAA president Jack Hirsch, that sum allowed the organization to clear a profit.

On behalf of the BWAA, thanks Big George for a hugely classy gesture!

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