HOPKINS ON PASCAL: “Hate Is A Strong Word. I Don't Like Him”


Montreal, Canada (May 19)…With American and Canadian media in attendance, Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins hosted a media workout today at a local boxing gym in Montreal, Canada where the 46-year-old Two-Division World Champion and Future Hall of Famer discussed his championship rematch against WBC and Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight World Champion Jean Pascal which takes place this Saturday, May 21 at the Bell Centre in Montreal.  In a rare fight week occurrence, Hopkins even stopped to pose and speak with several amateur fighters and fans stating “I promise you this will be the only time you see me on my knee.”  (See quotes below.)

Hopkins Quotes:

“The word 'discipline' speaks volumes about my life and my career.  The magic number 46 dictates how long the fire has burned in my belly.

“I am here today because of genetics, because of talent and mostly because of my good decisions.

“I think people have started to realize in the last three years or so that this is not normal.

“Time has passed so fast and I am still here with dignity, pride and respect.

“You can't hustle boxing or boxing will hustle you.

“When I was in my 30's, I was considered the 'old guy,' which means for the last 10 years, people have been calling me old.  Maybe now I should be called 'grandpa' [laughs].

“I never would have believed that I would be here.  There are a lot of things I have overcome in my life.  I am not saying that this is easy, but this is nothing compared to what I went through when I was younger.

“I have always been accused of being a 15-round fighter.  I could have fought in any era.  George Foreman said that last week on our teleconference [call with the media].

“I want to remind people that I am the modern day Archie Moore.  He came to Canada in his 40's and beat [Yvon] Durrelle in his own backyard.  I am going to show the fans on Saturday night what déjà vu in the ring looks like in Canada.

“Winning the fight is the most important thing to me.  Without the turkey, you don't get the dressing.  The win is the turkey and the history is the dressing.

“[When asked if he hates Jean Pascal] Hate is a strong word.  I don't like him.  It is good that he hates me.  We fight because we don't like each other.

“The fans are going to be my friends when I mess this kid up and win on Saturday night.

“I am wearing a [Philadelphia] Flyers jersey into the ring on Saturday night, a Bobby Clarke jersey with my name on it.  I am going to be just like him, I might even take out my front teeth.

“I don't think there will be another fighter like me who will fight into their 40's at this level.  Times have changed [in boxing].  You see belts changing hands so quickly.  Fighters don't want to do the things they used to do, the things they had to do to win.  It is hard for fighters to stick around now.  I just don't see this happening again in the near future.

“My opponents keep giving me reasons to stay motivated.  Right now I have a guy saying that I have been cheating and at the end of the day, that is motivation.”

# # #

“Dynasty II: Pascal vs. Hopkins” is presented by GroupeYvon Michel and Golden Boy Promotions and sponsored by Casino de Montreal, Videotron and Coors Light.  The 12-round WBC, WBC Diamond and Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight World Championship fight will take place Saturday, May 21 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada and will be televised live on HBO's World Championship Boxing beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT in the United States and distributed live on pay-per-view in Canada on Canal Indigo, Bell TV, Shaw TV, Viewer's Choice and Sasktel in French and English beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET.  A 12-round light heavyweight bout between former World Champions Chad Dawson and Adrian Diaconu will also be featured on the telecast.  Dawson vs. Diaconu is presented in association with Gary Shaw Productions and InterBox.

Tickets, priced at C$500, C$350, C$250, C$175, C$110, C$75, C$50 and C$35, are on sale now and may be purchased at the Bell Centre box office or by calling (514) 790-2525 or (877) 668-8269.  Tickets are also available online at www.evenko.ca.

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-the Roast :

I love this kind of talk. I can't wait for the fight. I hope Hopkins can get the job done. Win one for the old guys B-Hop!

-Radam G :

I don't know if B-Hop can get the job done, but Pascal is CRAZY! The craziest young, cocky cat since da Double-M Man -- Michael "Master of Misery" Moorer. Moorer should have never given [Rev.] "Big" George Foreman the time of day or the black of night. We all know what the boxing old man did to da Double-M Man. Pascal is double crazy. WTF! Pridefighting is so darn stupid. Pascal is fighting B-Hop for BIG pride, not a BIG prize. And I'd not be surprised to see Pascal LOSE. Sometimes it is hard to get a gift twice. I got a strange feeling that the judges are looking to favor B-Hop, even if Pascal really wins or draw this second time around. Holla!

-the Roast :

The trash talk reached another level. Anybody se FNF tonight? Hopkins said "dont be surprised if I kill him" as in dead. I cant wait for the first bell!!!

-brownsugar :

Pascal doesn't have to be a smart cagey ring tech to beat Bhop. He just has to do more of what he did last time, be the young fast master of ambush he was in their last fight, but be consistant for 12 rounds. Pascal has greater potential to win than Bernard, because of his age. I'd love to see Bhop win, but if the younger faster Pascal can't make the proper adjustments to win this fight, he doesn't need to be a boxer. This will be like Bhop vs Tailor 1 and 2.

-Real Talk :

I'm counting the minutes and will be watching this while on the treadmill. My knee is acting a little funny since my last 4mile run. It swoll up, clicks pops and feels like it's coming apart when I jump off my truck so no roadwork till I get an exam. I told my Lady she can go to the Universoul Circus without me an enjoy that. She needs a little time away from me to miss me anyway. I'm aout to call my Uncle June son Noodles and see if he wants to watch the fight. He looks just like Unc except he's a lil lighter. I got to lookout for him like Unc did for me. I probably wouldn't be here without his advice and wisdom on big decisions in my past. I listened and took heed even when I wanted to goin the other direction sometimes but looking back I'm glad I did. Didn't listen to all of'em but Unc always looked out for my best interest and never falsed raised me like the fake pretenders do. Thanks Unc. B-Hop UD or KO. Dueces

-the Roast :

@RealTalk, get a big bag of ice, put it on your knee and wrap an ace bandage around it. Works like a charm! I'm warming up for the fight, throwing some punches in the air and getting ready to crack the first beer. B-Hop gonna do it for the old guys!