PREDICTION PAGE: Who Do Ya Like, Ward or Abraham?

531It's on. Andre Ward weighed 168 pounds, and Super Six challenger Arthur Abraham 167 on Friday, a day before their clash which will run on Showtime. Speaking of weights, heavyweight contender Cris Arreola was 234 pounds, the lightest he's been since 2007, while foe Nagy Aguilera tipped the scale at 238 pounds.

Please drop your pred here, and remember, be specific, so you can effectively gloat after being proven smart as a whip.

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-#1 PacFan :

I'm taking Ward by UD...Abraham is going to get a boxing lesson.:cool:

-MisterLee :

Andre Ward, UD. Possibly a surprise knockdown, but maybe he could get abraham out of there with a body shot. But yeah, UD says my brain, late round KO says my heart... holler!

-Real Talk :

After the Bika fight, (which I think Ward lost) I'm a little optimistic about S.O.G. in this one. He still has improving to do an Abraham is a veteran ( though limited and previously protected) who has K.O. power an can be sneaky with his attack an comes into this fight with a big chip on his shoulder after being thoroughly dominated by the Cobra. Andre Ward better takes this one serious or I can hear Don Puto now yelling I TOLD YOU He WAS A BUM!!!!. For the record I don't share his sentiments on that. Ward better keep his hands up and protect himself at all times or I smell an upset. He can box circles around King Abe but Abe don't care about that. Abe just wants to put you in the trickbag, catch you, hurt you and put your lights out. Can Ward take those shots? We'll soon find out. Can Ward be effective when he makes it ugly ala B-Hop? He didn't do it last fight but that was a totally different style. Then again did we see the blueprint to beat S.O.G. or did he have an off night? An if that is the blueprint does King Abe have the tools to follow the blueprint? Let's hope we get a great fight tonight to make of the worst fight of the year that took place on the 7th. Dueces

-Big Daddy :

Andre needs to start Chin-Checking Fools.. The Bay wants to support him he just needs to give us some entertaining fights. SOG by KO I hope..

-Radam G :

Wow! My man, Real Talk may have gotten a hold of some bad gin and juice. Watch it, RT! Don't be laid back sippin on da jive. Danggit! It will mess up your thoughts. You thought that SOG lost to SOB -- I mean Bika. What da double fudge! Well, I take SOG to put a whuppin' on King Arty. Holla!

-undisputed34 :

i think if abraham can get outboxed by froch of all people, ward's gloves can show up by themselves and get a unanimous decision...i say ward comes to fight hard, like he usually does and gets the UD. if abraham decides to try to reestablish his aura of being an "upper echelon" (LOL) fighter against ward he gets stopped late.

-FighterforJC :

Andre Ward just needs to keep on winning and remain consistent. I think he's doing just that and not trying too hard to make noise and become a superstar overnight or claim that he's the greatest. Ward has the skills, he's not too flashy but he does seem very steady. He seems to be taking the same route as Hopkins. He might not get his due credit until several years but by the time he does, people might start seeing him as a living legend.