“INJECTIONGATE”  Story On Shady Website, Written Under Fake Byline,  Alleges Steroid, HGH Use By Pacquiao…Manny Responds, Roach Says There Was No Filipino Sparring Partner in 2008-2009

PacquiaoMosley_Hogan_38This smells like a Swift Boat type attack to TSS-Editor Mike. But in this day and age, there is, sadly, a different standard for what is “news” than some of us might like, so we decided that we should address this development, even though the source is at first glance beyond weak. (Hogan)

An article which contains accusations that Manny Pacquiao used steroids and human growth hormone is now making the rounds on the Twittersphere. The explosive story is found on www.financebusinessarticles.com, and had been viewed over 700 times as of 4:15 ET on Thursday.

The website doesn't, to be frank, feature any characteristics that would lead us to accept anything written on the website as the gospel truth.  The story features the byline of one “mikejohnson313,” who fashions himself as a betting expert, and a quick check of his recent posts leads one to believe that English might well not be his native language. So one must view any allegations in the piece with more than a bit of skepticism. But, since the story is making the rounds, and Pacquiao foe Shane Mosley referred to it on his Twitter feed, it is newsworthy.

The story, and really, until I am shown otherwise, it has to be seen as a story, as pure fiction, I can't emphasize this enough, says that “One of Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao's former sparring partners has admitted that he regularly injected the fighter with steroids “in the locker room, in the upper outer quarter of his butt cheek!”

“Johnson” writes that the ex sparing partner, a Filipino and pro boxer, won't reveal his identity because he fears the wrath of his nation. “The Injector” says Pacquiao began using steroids before his December 2008 fight with Oscar De La Hoya. He started using the PED, “Injector” says, because he didn't think he could beat the Golden Boy. “The Injector” says he administered steroids via injection to Pacquiao before his fights with Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto, both in 2009.

TSS reached out to Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, who communicated back to us that he didn't remember the last time Manny had a Filipino sparring partner. And he said without reservation that he knows Manny didn't have a Filipino sparring partner during the time “The Injector” supposedly functioned as one for Pacman.

“Once a week, right in the locker room of the Wild Card (Gym),” “Johnson” quotes the supposed ex sparring partner as saying, “Manny would drop his shorts and clench his teeth, and I would give him a jab in the upper outer quarter of his butt cheek. He hated every shot.”

The story says Pacquiao switched to HGH, mixed with insulin, to avoid detection after Floyd Mayweather and company started insinuating that Pacquiao cheated, and used illegal drugs to gain a performance edge.

“Johnson” says “The Injector” parted ways with Pacquiao after the Cotto fight, but that he “wishes him success” for the Mosley bout.

We're not sure if Mosley read the piece to the end, but amusingly, the piece ends thusly: “I hope he kicks Mosley's butt on Saturday, and I know he will. Mosley used to be a big time juicer, as everyone knows. Maybe he's back on it for this fight. He sure needs to be!” Mosley, on his Twitter feed, wrote: “These are not my words it comes from a article And his sparring partner but if it is true!!!! Than what do you say please google.” It looks like his galpal Bella Gonzalez referred to the story first, on her feed, and then Mosley picked up on it.

Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum,  sent word to TSS that he is very disappointed in Mosley for passing on the story via Twitter.

On Thursday night, at 10 PM ET, Pacquiao himself put out a statement.

“An anonymous post on an internet forum claims an unidentified former Filipino sparring partner injected me with steroids before my fight with Oscar de la Hoya and in subsequent fights. This is completely false, totally fabricated, and, not surprisingly, leveled by someone who will not even identify himself. I did not even have a Filipino sparring partner during my training for the fight against De La Hoya or for any fight since then.

I have never taken steroids, HGH, or any banned performance-enhancing drug. Period. My success in the ring is due to hard work, belief in God, and the support of my fans. Like every boxer, I am required to take drug tests in connection with every professional fight in the United States. I have passed every one, including my fight against De la Hoya and my most recent victory against Shane Mosley.

I will fight to protect my hard-earned good name and reputation.”

So I repeat: one should assume this is a piece of fiction until it's proven otherwise. The Web can be a positive place, where information can be shared freely and quickly, but material found there must be viewed with an extra dose of skepticism, especially when found on a website with little to no rules, regulations and standards found within channels of real journalism.

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-FighterforJC :

I would have to question the intent of the author for posting it on TSS in the first place. After all it was "found on a website with little to no rules, regulations and standards found within channels of real journalism." Why give it any credence by posting it here?

-ultimoshogun :

Hmmm, this is definitely a story to keep an eye on...this is how alot of these sports scandals come to surface...loose lips sink ships they say...USC, tried to cover up the Reggie Bush scandal by discrediting the guy who exposed Bush because he was an ex-con/street hustler, but eventually the truth came out.

-FighterforJC :

I got something better, actually . I confess. I was the one injecting Pacquiao. And no, it wasn't on his buttocks, it was up his nostrils. That way it would be impossible to detect any needle marks. Pacquiao is one brave man for letting anyone stick a needle up his nose. He doesn't even flinch. I inject him twice a week usually from two weeks of training camp until the week before the fight. What he's juicing with, it becomes untraceable after just a few hours but the benefits could last for several weeks after the final injection. It's the latest, most advanced HGH that money could buy. I'm just the one who injects him, there are at least 4 other men, world-renowned chemists, who Pacquiao pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to cook up these PED's. There is a fictitious company that he regularly pays, if you want to investigate. It's supposed to be for some sort of orphanage, you figure it out. I refuse to give my identity. I'm already in hiding, always watching out for Pacquiao's hired assassins. In the event they get me I have detailed everything I know in my last will and testament. If you want real evidence I'm the guy to contact. Please email me at [email]hctibsdyolf@hotmail.com[/email] and I will tell my story to the highest bidder.

-razorsharp :

hehehe.. Anyone who believe this fiction, also believes that Status of Liberty is For Sale :rolleyes:

-dino da vinci :

Michael, We really should pull this. When they start with character assassination and have unnameable imaginary sources, it's well beneath us.

-wwweber :

If these steroids is the reason why pacquiao is whipping above his weight why is mosley who admittedly use steroids failed to beat even his welterweight compatriot vernon forrest and winky wright? He should be beating guys like hopkins, roy jones in their time and even cruiseweights. why are those whose who admittedly took these steroids have not done what pacquiao did so they could have more championship belts and rake millions of dollars prize money? maybe the philippines has the best scientists in the world and invented a drug and gave it to pacman only and not bother to give to their amateur boxers so they could have an olympic gold for the first time, and also kept it secret even if it sell millions of dollars or maybe an alien from outer space gave pacman something to swallow so he became stronger and faster. what do you think?

-chuckwagon23 :

I'll be going out on a limb here and admit once and for all that I am the one injecting the Pacman with our Filipino version of roids made from pito pito extract and pickled ampalaya. I inject his cheeks (not his butt cheeks) before every fight,which as side effect causes him to smile uncontrollably while giving Him a synthetically induce feeling of well being. For the record, it was due to the regular administering of this Pinoy roid that he somewhat lacked the killer instinct to destroy Margarito after breaking his face. It was also due to this that the Pac failed to annihilate a super friendly coward Shane Mosley. C'mon!!!!All this time I thought that only us Filipinos are afflicted with this social virus called "crab mentality"; I guess I was wrong. Everybody it seems wants to ride this Manny on roids bandwagon circling Pacman while giving Him 1-2-3 punch combination. We are a nation of destiny and no one can deny us that but God. Not Shane Mosley, not Oscar and his cohorts and certainly not that old looney Mayweather Sr., who is a chronic liar and a con.

-the Roast :

Why would we give this any pub?

-#1 PacFan :

This is all due to the Mayweather's baseless drug accusations over Manny. In the first paragraph when I got to the Filipino sparring partner I already knew. I can't remember the last time Manny had a Filipino sparring partner. This is the reason why Manny will prolly never fight Floyd because him and his family have ruined his reputation. This whole defaming of Pacquiao has really turned me off to a point where I don't want Manny to fight Floyd. Not because he can't win but because Floyd don't deserve that fight. Floyd needs Manny and history will go down as Floyd doing the ducking.

-gelynch52ph :

no comment

-eigo :

so....manny should show his butt cheeks for needle marks? lol

-undisputed34 :

well.. truth or not..i would think if there was anything to this story, we'd be hearing it on a larger platform...all day today they talked about b-hop trashing donovan mcnabb on espn, so im sure they would have something to say about it... besides, it would have found its way here one way or another. if not the author discussing it, someone would have brought it to a forum. at least we know TSS's standpoint.

-rb6p :

Am I the only one who is curious as to how it is Shane Mosley himself who sees this article on the internet first and then tweets about it? S H A D Y !! and poor form I would add - you have a hall of fame career, then get beta'd by a vastly superior opponent to the point of forced retirement. . and then five days later you retaliate with this b.s. what a shame. . .

-MisterLee :

Woods 1, Johnson 0. Holler! Fo' sho!

-Robert Curtis :

Meaningless. Money May just can't deal with the slightest risk of losing. The curse of boxing is that it's a very young man's sport and some guys just never mature until they're 40 plus when its too late(unless your Big George Foreman). Steroids and HGH, used carefully, can help a male athlete out. Let's not kid ourselves. The side effects on female athletes are not pretty or welcome, but males do benefit. Anyway, these supposedly evil PEDs have always been a part of amateur and professional and Olympic sports that the money men publicly pretend to be against. But as much as steroids and HGH in moderation can do, they don't make little adult men into big adult men overnight. Manny became a complete fighter and champion through hard work, passion and some serious good fortune. Manny-doubting-folks should accept the fact that Manny just did things right, learning important things the hard way and paying his dues. Pacman trains hard, eats right, listens to a smart trainer he was g-damned lucky to find and lives a full, passionate, spiritual, curious, brave, strong and clean life. What's wrong with having a real hero?

-knightofjah :

What if I say that Pacman is a child molester. A drug lord, a mobster, a wife beater, a rapist, an anti-christ, a devil, a demon, a slanderer, a chain smoker, a drunkard, a bank robber, a kidnapper,a terrorist, a murderer, a psycho, and the one who mastermind the 9/11 attack. I know all of his dark secrets because I am his personal bodyguard...ANONYMOUS.;)

-culto :

pacquiao on roids? of course. this is not even news as the resulting evidence from the so-called drugs can be seen by the massive build-up of his legs! What's news is that he would refrain from endorsing the alleged HGH despite the prospect of losing a monstrous amount of lucre in negating the deal due to the cramps he suffered during his bout with mosley. what is also news is that he will also reveal, during the next few days, that those muscle-building drugs is/are actually Botox and were kindly advised to him to further strenghten his calves by...guess who..mayweather sr. yes! it seems mayweather sr. has been injecting botox into his lips to spur more growth to his unusually gargantuan mouth since his younger days so that he develoved "Flappers" as lips, which are slight variations of flippers; they are a bit larger and wider. chuckwagon and fighterfor? ah! they're incorrigible spinners! buboy and alex ariza were the ones terrorizing pacquiao with syringes full of botox that were kindly introduced to manny by mayflapper, i mean, weather. and this is the news worth tweeting, nothing else!

-culto :

so you say it; what's holding you up, you metastasis.

-culto :

we already know all that, you stinking pus!


I would like also to confess that I am one of the injectors too during Pacman's training for Hatton's fight. As far as I know, there are quite a few who did it for him. I wonder how many will confess in this article. It is time now people to come out the truth.


Mayflapper...that is something new. I want have one too.

-Radam G :

Writers write! Fighters fight! Cyberspace cutter is like real-space crap. Once again, I will shoot straight from the hip, because the fine scribes here won't. PUGILISTIC HISTORY clearly shows BIG-TIME that a Pinoy whups da heck outta a so-called "fast, slick, boxing intercity African American 90 to 95 percent of the time -- in the amateurs and pros. And after THAT, rumors and lies are crafted about us PINOYS by disappointed black Amerkanos that we are on some type of superchemicals that turn us into superhumans and killing monsters. [When da Pinoy warriors put it on the invading U.S. Buffalo soldiers way back in da day, da jive started then about Pinoys been on A-side Meth, and able to walk through bullets. No, we just whupped arse, and the Buffalo soldiers couldn't shot straight because they were some scary mofus, just as Sugar Shane Mosley was in dat squared jungle on last May 7. Wow! Pinoys can bring max fear and FRIGHT, and put a muthabigot into straight-up REALITY! Shane saw BIG-TIME REALITY in dat squared jungle, and it scared him, Money May and a lot of other intolerant thinkers, so they start to make up sh*t, because actuality and reality are too much -- way TOO MUCH -- for them to handle.] Nobody should be disappointed about the behavior of Sugar Shane or Money May. This is how the ball rolls when mudholed minds believe in race superiority. Leading up to the bout, Sugar Shane kept spittin' out that nonsense bullsh** about being a "fast, slick-boxing African American." His fish-bowled bubble has been burst, and he cannot handle it. Myth are localized. Reality is globalized, so is whole -- not selected -- history. As I have posted umpteen times, Pinoys have been whuppin' arse -- African American included, maybe especially -- for ages. And when the truth hits, the haters and myth gatekeepers come hard with bootlegged bullspit. The head of the SNAKE of mythweaving, bigotry and intolerance has been cut off in the month of May. And the cult followers of the weak, chump-arse SNAKE cannot handle it. Uncontested proof of Prez Obama being born in Hawaii hit, Obama getting Osama hit, and Da Manny squashing Sugar Shane's repeated nonsense about Da Manny not being able to beat "a fast, slick-boxing African American HIT. Da Sugarman got knocked da double fudge down, and then ran like a ______! Bring on Money May. Holla! Holla! Holla!

-undisputed34 :

@ radam..im just trying to understand your point..it seems as if all your posts to every article regardless of the topic are the same.. are you saying that "pinoy's", and i'm assuming this is your nationality, are better than african americans? if you are expressing pride in your nationality does it have to be at the expense of african americans? or are you voicing your opinion about mayweather and his family? i can assure you that floyd mayweather and his family do not represent all african american boxers, much less african americans as a people. besides that, the mayweather camp started it but this false article could have been started by anybody. and i remember mosley making comments about being a "slick boxer" (which is false anyway) not a "slick african american"..anyway im just trying to get some clarity..pro pacman or anti african american?

-Wacky Jabber :

@undisputed34 It was B-Hop who said Pacquiao is untested because he has not fought slick inner-city African Americans (fighters coming straight from Africa are not slick enough in B-Hop's book). Radam was confused. B-Hop shouldn't have raised the issue, though.

-undisputed34 :

@wacky jabber..ahh b-hop...who can keep up with what comes out of his mouth..

-Radam G :

Undisputed34, play somebody else, not me. Wacky Jabber is full of it. I know the difference from an American black and an African one. Underlike, cyberspace clutter cuckers, I have multi-Asian countries, including the Philippines, and U.S. citizenship and visit African countries on the regular. I fought in them too -- as an amateur and professional. And all Africans ain't black people. Many are Pinoy. Maybe you ought to invest in some knowledge and holla where Pinoys descended from, as all peoples [sic] of the world. [Bitin' off the words of Uncle Roger May: "Most people don't know syet 'bout" the origin of humans.] In my family, we have both American and African whites, blacks, browns, yellows and reds, who have married into one happy tolerant, multi-cultural family. And none -- especially the blacks -- believe B-Hop, Uncle Rogers May, Pops Joy May, Pops Sugar Jack, Sugar Shane or trainer John David Jackson's bullsh*t. Don't put any words into my mouth, Und34. Boxing is not a group, ethnicity, color, race or nationality. Anybody from anywhere can whup an arse on any given DAY or night! [Money May has been acting looney lately, but he is still my boy. He love to play games on his own people, many of whom he despises, in his own words. You know the phrase that he uses: "_ ______ain't sh**!" I stated a hard, hardcore FACT in matches between Pinoys and African Americans. Pugilistic history backs me up 100 percent. Every time that this blacks-are-superior-boxers nonsense has come about, a Pinoy put down that myth from inside da squared jungle, not from stinky air coming out of a fouled-wipe-pipe from a ragged grill. [If the shoe fits, wear it. Uncle Roger May need some serious grill work. Hehehehehehe! And ya' kno' dat!] Again, don't take my word for it, look it up for yourself. Besides -- like always when I start to spit and rant -- TSS sharp-eyed scribes check out what I'm rantin' and ravin' about, and torch out some awesome sweet science copy that backs me up 100 percent and INFORM. [Then the haters and faders hate even more, and call me TSSU "protected golden child." WTF!] I'm not one of these cyberspace illusionists, and/or say-anything-bigots. The greater the PERSON, the greater the lies and hate about him. I faintly remember my Pamper/diaper-wearing days, and "The World Greatest" -- Irish GOAT Muhammad Ali -- then. Hate and lies were everywhere like wildfire about him. Even ____ ______ _____ _____ were spittin venom and fire outter their raggedly grills, but they couldn't climb a molehill and would molest Jill and steal a bucket of water and put toxin it. And then go on a lying fit. Back then, they weren't s***! And the nowadays ones, I wouldn't trust them a bit! Time to move on. Me [sic] not discussin' dumb sh*t about steroids any longer, or nonsense about a race dominance in pugilism, since it is only an optical illusion in heads with mass confusion. Holla!

-Real Talk :

Why is TSS so quick to shoot this down as complately false....because it's bad for boxing? I was looking at Pac and he's gotten big since that Golden Boy fight. Buddy of mine the other day when I brought up the fight said " man Pacquiao on that $h!T". I wouldn't put it past him even though I hope it aint true but 2 words...Barry Bonds. That cat got big too. End of the day boxing skills is what gets it done and Pacquiao has those. Half or more of the most well known boxers probably use something at one point of time or another, who's knows.

-FighterforJC :

@Real Talk: You're an idiot.

-L.C. :

Haha....MOSLEY after a EMBARRASING performance, and fought like a COward simply looking for his retirement check tweeted this and like a SORE LOSER. Mayweather Jr then tweeted to ESPN Dan Rafael of hopes to get somekind of reactions....STUPID MORONS!!!!

-undisputed34 :

@ radam...LOL...well i understood most of that..i wasnt looking for an argument...just a little clarity and you..umm..kinda did that..so thanks?..lol..

-juan :

mosley & his bitch gf act like mayweather, crabs ;> Keep on crying shame & maynever, you 2 like shame's bitch look funny crying babies... lol.

-#1 PacFan :

past him even though I hope it aint true but 2 words...Barry Bonds. That cat got big too. End of the day boxing skills is what gets it done and Pacquiao has those. Half or more of the most well known boxers probably use something at one point of time or another, who's knows.

-#1 PacFan :

at cat got big too. End of the day boxing skills is what gets it done and Pacquiao has those. Half or more of the most well known boxers probably use something at one point of time or another, who's knows.

-Robert Curtis :

So did Manny really agree to testing? Otherwise, how about going in the opposite direction? Let Floyd and Manny chomp and swaller whatevah they want before an agreed fight date. Let them augment themselves with HGH, Steroids, magic Chinese herbs, voodoo vindaloo, tears from sad angel's eyes and sparkling stardusts from meteors. I have a feeling Freddie and Manny may accept a deal with Floyd eventually. There is no one else left and no more good paydays for Manny. Heck, why doesn't the fantastic Pacman just retire? He's got nothing to prove. Let the historians argue the rest.

-FighterforJC :

So did Manny really agree to testing? Otherwise, how about going in the opposite direction? Let Floyd and Manny chomp and swaller whatevah they want before an agreed fight date. Let them augment themselves with HGH, Steroids, magic Chinese herbs, voodoo vindaloo, tears from sad angel's eyes and sparkling stardusts from meteors. I have a feeling Freddie and Manny may accept a deal with Floyd eventually. There is no one else left and no more good paydays for Manny. Heck, why doesn't the fantastic Pacman just retire? He's got nothing to prove. Let the historians argue the rest.
I'd love to see Pacquiao fight Marquez before he retires, just to gauge how much Pacquiao improved or else just to prove that regardless of any weight advantages or disadvantages both fighters have with each other, Marquez truly has Pacquiao's number. Pacquiao won't retire just yet because he's under contract and he needs to make as much money as possible as he transitions 100% into his political career. And although you weren't serious, frankly I don't see the big deal with steroids, not that I'm advocating it. It's hypocricy. There are tons of legal "supplements" out there that athletes are using that could easily become a banned substance after a group of guys in suits decide to in some office somewhere. And if you're going to ban PED's, why not ban PEE's as well (performance enhancing excercises)? Nothing a pro boxer does in preparation for a fight is "natural." Some of the exercises I've seen pro boxers do I would never even attempt. I know it's not "natural" to have some guy repeatedly bang your midsection with a huge leather ball. Heck it's not even natural to do push ups. Eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, walking, running, talking, those are natural. These are things you watch a baby learn to do naturally without having to teach it. You don't see a baby all of a sudden start doing push ups, sit ups or hitting the bag. Everything else was pretty much invented by us humans for the sake of making ourselves better in some fashion. They should ban punching bags as well because it makes you punch harder than natural, putting your opponent at risk. They should ban training altogether and let boxers just flail like mad women.

-astro1 :

Go paquao !!!!..

-astro1 :

Go speed racer go! :)

-the Roast :

@BobbyC, LOL!!