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MayweatherMosley_Hogan_16Reading in between the lines, TSS in the FH video could detect no softening in Floyd's stance, no signal that he seems more open to risking his “0” against Pacquiao. (Hogan)

Floyd Mayweather, the superbly talented part-time pugilist, has gone on record as saying that he agreed to all terms to fight Manny Pacquiao, and offered to show contract, as proof, to the website FightHype.

Mayweather, who last fought on May 1, 2010, gaining a decision win over Shane Mosley, has laid pretty low since, as he's battled legal woes after getting into a physical confrontation with his ex galpal (in September 2010), and security guards (he had one dustup with two in October 2010, at his gated community in Las Vegas, and another with another security guard at his home, in November). He faces a July 29 preliminary hearing for the case involving his ex.

In a video interview on FightHype, Mayweather spoke up against the promoter Bob Arum. He said the media favors Arum, and said that Top Rank, his former promoter, went from being pro-Mayweather to anti-Mayweather after they parted ways. “The only fighters the media say I'm scared of is Top Rank fighters, cause it's coming from a Top Rank promoter,” he said.

He placed blame on the much-wished-for fight with Pacquiao on the Filipino. Floyd said that he signed a contract to fight Pacman, and was referring apparently to the first round of negotiations for the two pound for pound kings to meet, which heated up in May 2009.

Mayweather repeated his insinuation that Pacquiao has used illegal means to  bolster his performance, and cast doubt on Pacman's rise from the 106 to 147 pound weight class.

This video was shot a day after Pacquiao vs Mosley,  the night after Arum said that Pacquiao wouldn't deal with anyone involved in the allegations against him. He was referring at the postfight press conference to Golden Boy, which is named in a defamation suit, for accusing Pacquiao of using PEDs.

Mayweather pointed out that the press doesn't treat him as kindly as they do Pacman. He showed a rib on his right side poking out, explaining that's why he moved back his Sept. 19, 2009 bout with Juan Manuel Marquez, from July.

He congratulated Pacquiao for his win over Mosley, then took a slap at Manny's business acumen. “They say Manny Pacquiao is I guess he's a Congressman, or a Mayor, or something of that nature…I be wanting to know who's in control of his paperwork or who's in control of his business, because once again, he has the worstest contract…not worstest, cause worstest is not a word, he has the worst, one of the worst contracts in sports history, not just boxing…”

Mayweather then doubled back to “cheating” and reiterated his demand for extra stringent PED testing. Quickly, he switched gears to talk about the computers he bought his mom, sisters and his nephew. Apples, he purchased, for the record. He then brought the FightHype correspondent into his mom's home.

It was, as usual, a fairly entertaining if scattershot performance by the boxer, who owns a 41-0.

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