Shane Mosley, wearing sunglasses at the postfight press conference, said “Manny is the pound for pound king.”

The loser said Manny has good punching power, while  Mayweather is more skilled defensively. “The tougher fighter is going to be Manny,” he said. He would not predict a winner.

He was asked if he couldn't pull the trigger in his last few fights. He said he saw openings, but thought they could have been traps.

Mosley said Manny's knockdown was the most legit he'd taken. The first time came against Vernon Forrest. “I was pretty hurt,” he admitted. “The impact of it was very strong.”

He was asked about the crowd booing. “I didn't hear any boos, I was just concentrating on the fight.” He said he will think about continuing, but not right away.

He said “vacation” and “relaxation” is on his to do list for the next few months.

He said he didn't fight to survive. He blamed blisters on his right foot in round six for his lack of movement.

Trainer Naazim Richardson said he was frustrated that the gameplan wasn't put into place, and that his blister hurt him.