Here are some tidbits from the post-fight presser.

Promoter Bob Arum said Pacquiao will fight again in November, foe TBD, but it’s looking like Juan Manuel Marquez.

Arum said he’d target Timothy Bradley if a fight with JMM can’t be worked out, or Zab Judah after that, as Plan C.

Arum said things will go smoother with Golden Boy if GB simply apologized to Pacman for “defaming “ him with PED allegations. He said that Pacman will be likelier to play with Golden Boy if they say sorry.

Arum shot down the concept that there wasn’t enough anger in the Pacquiao-Mosley fight.

The promoter said he was no longer satisfied by being limited to working with just HBO. He said he wants his product on more platforms.

He doesn’t regret picking Mosley over JMM, who by the way was in the Top Rank office today, because CBS, he figured, wanted an English-speaking foe for Manny.

Arum said this fight was a one off for Mosley, unless he won, then there would have been a rematch.

The promoter was asked if Mosley should retire. He said he can’t make a judgment on that. He cited Erik Morales’ recent effort, this being after he advised Morales to retire.


Showtime will show the replay of this fight next Saturday, along with Andre Ward-Arthur Abraham.

Arum said he thought the crowd booed because Shane wasn’t engaging enough. He said Manny said that his legs weren’t in good shape after the third, until around round ten.