Arce Takes Out Champ Vazquez In 12th Round…WOODS (Sorta) RINGSIDE

ArceLumacad_Bailey_2In the chief support bout to Pacquiao-Molsey, Jorge Arce (from Mexico; age 31; 56-3-2, the ex light flyweight and junior bantamweight champion,  took on Puerto Rico's Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (age 26; 20-0 entering), the WBO super bantamweight champion. For those wondering how much mileage ole Arce has left on him, ask Vazquez. Arce put heavy pressure on the champion for the duration, and closed the show in the 12th, with a vicious, sustained pummeling on the ropes. The Vazquez corner saw their guy taking clean shots, and stopped the scrap. The time of the TKO was 55 seconds remaining.

For the record, two judges had it even after 11 complete, while the other had Arce up five points.

Arce stalked, and winged power shots, while Vaz countered crisply in the first. Arce tapped his chin in a c'mon and get me fashion in the second. Power shots were being slung by both men. Arce hit the deck in the fourth, off a left hook from hell. It was at the end of the round, luckily for him. He also suffered a cut on the bridge of his nose.

I lost the thread for awhile, and proved once again to myself that I like to cover fights off TV, because we lost wireless access during the fight. We wondered if we'd have to go to the press room to file a story.

In the seventh, a right hurt Arce with 1:50 to go. They traded on the ropes, both giving and receiving. In round eight, Arce was looking to press the action, be first. He mixed head and body, with particular attention to left hooks to the body. Vaz went to the mat in the ninth, but it was no knockdown. In the tenth, Arce landed some heavy shots and raised his hands in emphasis at the end of the round.
Trading in round 11 had the crowd amped. In the 12th, the corner threw in the towel at Vaz took blow after blow on the ropes.