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Does It Matter That Mosley Hasn't Been Telling Everyone That He Will Beat Pacquiao?Chris Farina photo

I've heard him say it'll be a great fight. I've heard him promise fireworks. A few times, he's said he'll win. But by and large, Shane Mosley hasn't been shouting to the rooftops what I'd expect him to say: that come Saturday in Las Vegas, he will beat Manny Pacquiao. Am I reading too much into this? Is this just the way of the mellow Mosley, a guy who knows in his heart what he can do, and doesn't have to bluster to get himself jacked up to win?  At the final press conference before their clash at the MGM Grand, Mosley never announced that he would defeat Manny Pacquiao. In the back, or maybe in the front of his mind, does he know that he's outgunned? Weigh in, readers…

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