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No aspersions should be cast upon JuanMa. He always delivers exciting fights, one way or another. (Hogan)

The upset parade continues. Another underdog got it done, this time in the main event from Bayamon, Puerto Rico which ran on Showtime. Orlando Salido, a massive underdog brought in to give Juan Manuel Lopez some hard work, did more than that. He was in JuanMa's face ceaselessly, and after scoring a knockdown in the fifth,  kept his foot on the gas. In the eighth, Lopez was eating on the ropes, but answering with some vigor. The ref, though, didn't like all the clean shots he was taking, and stopped the clash, at 1:39. 

There will be those that will point to JuanMa's marital woes as a reason, or the reason, for this loss. I think it fair to focus much, much more on what Salido did do on this night, than on what may have sapped JuanMa mentally.

The Mexican took on Yuriorkis Gamboa last September, and sent the Cuban to the mat in round eight, but left with less dignity–his IBF feather belt was stripped because he gained more than ten pounds in between the weigh in and the clash–and another loss, his tenth. Based on record alone, you had to think the Mexican was in over his head. But he powered his way, mentally and physically, to a signature win, and props must be given. This victory goes a long way to erasing the lingering stain of his 2006 NC fight with Robert Guerrero, so designated because he tested postive for steroids after beating the Californian.

The Puerto Rican Lopez (WBO featherweight champion; age 27) went to 30-1. The Mexican Salido (age 30)  is now 35-11-2.

Early on, JuanMa wasn't too reckless. Salido was cautious, finding his way, looking to figure out the young turk. But Salido did some nice inside work in the second.

In the third, Salido got close, and landed, but he paid to land. JuanMa wanted to keep him at bay, but couldn't help himself. Both men landed in the fourth. Salido, working that right lead,  was in the face of the Puerto Rican, looking to land, refusing to budge.

In the fifth, JuanMa went down. He was up, wobbly. He exited the round and made it to his corner in a bad way. The left hook-right hand combo was a fierce duo.

In the sixth, Salido had him in trouble right away. He couldn't finish the round, could he? Salido stayed smart, didn't come in and leave himself for a counter.

In the seventh, JuanMa had a decent round. Salido landed a right uppercut, which worked. He did some body work, smartly. They traded to end another solid round.

In the eighth, Salido was landing clean. Caught on the ropes, the ref halted it.


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