No aspersions should be cast upon JuanMa. He always delivers exciting fights, one way or another. (Hogan)

The upset parade continues. Another underdog got it done, this time in the main event from Bayamon, Puerto Rico which ran on Showtime. Orlando Salido, a massive underdog brought in to give Juan Manuel Lopez some hard work, did more than that. He was in JuanMa’s face ceaselessly, and after scoring a knockdown in the fifth,  kept his foot on the gas. In the eighth, Lopez was eating on the ropes, but answering with some vigor. The ref, though, didn’t like all the clean shots he was taking, and stopped the clash, at 1:39.

There will be those that will point to JuanMa’s marital woes as a reason, or the reason, for this loss. I think it fair to focus much, much more on what Salido did do on this night, than on what may have sapped JuanMa mentally.

The Mexican took on Yuriorkis Gamboa last September, and sent the Cuban to the mat in round eight, but left with less dignity–his IBF feather belt was stripped because he gained more than ten pounds in between the weigh in and the clash–and another loss, his tenth. Based on record alone, you had to think the Mexican was in over his head. But he powered his way, mentally and physically, to a signature win, and props must be given. This victory goes a long way to erasing the lingering stain of his 2006 NC fight with Robert Guerrero, so designated because he tested postive for steroids after beating the Californian.

The Puerto Rican Lopez (WBO featherweight champion; age 27) went to 30-1. The Mexican Salido (age 30)  is now 35-11-2.

Early on, JuanMa wasn’t too reckless. Salido was cautious, finding his way, looking to figure out the young turk. But Salido did some nice inside work in the second.

In the third, Salido got close, and landed, but he paid to land. JuanMa wanted to keep him at bay, but couldn’t help himself. Both men landed in the fourth. Salido, working that right lead,  was in the face of the Puerto Rican, looking to land, refusing to budge.

In the fifth, JuanMa went down. He was up, wobbly. He exited the round and made it to his corner in a bad way. The left hook-right hand combo was a fierce duo.

In the sixth, Salido had him in trouble right away. He couldn’t finish the round, could he? Salido stayed smart, didn’t come in and leave himself for a counter.

In the seventh, JuanMa had a decent round. Salido landed a right uppercut, which worked. He did some body work, smartly. They traded to end another solid round.

In the eighth, Salido was landing clean. Caught on the ropes, the ref halted it.



-Radam G :

April's fool somebody is, because it is not old school. This is the month of the upset. New Jack fighters are whuppin arses like a run-away mad pet. Theatre of the unexpected is in full effect. Holla!

-the Roast :

That was a stunner! I didnt know that JuanMa was going through a divorce. That is tough times for anyone. I think the stoppage was a bit premature but Lopez was in trouble. You gotta love the DVR. I went from the live HBO card to the DVR Showtime. Four fights in one night was awesome. JuanMa was put down hard two rounds before the end and he never fully recovered. Nice tributes to Gil Clancy by both networks. Boxing is the best.

-Chicago guy :

Salido derailed the so-called SUPER FIGHT between Juanma and Gamboa. It something laughable because of counting the chicks even it was not yet hatch. In boxing everything is possibly can happen like a big upset and it does happened. Congratulation to Salido.

-ali :

Pac is lucky that his fight ain't until next month lol!!!

-Radam G :

A bout between Juanma and Gamboa is not derailed. The referee's snafu is on him, not the fighter. The powers that know KNOW! Da Manny would whup any arse in any month. He is going to tear up Sweet-N-Low. And Money May knows that for him, Da Manny has too much FLOW! "Y'all musta' fo' got! But ev'ytime ya do, I'm gonna let ya KNOW! It's Pac-TIME! Live IT! Holla!

-amayseng :

what a great fight. salido was terrific and juanma tried his best to clear his head and get his legs was a bad stoppage, juanma was definitely hurt and may have been knocked out eventually but he was throwing back and attempting to defend himself...just hate to have a questionable stop like that because it takes away from what salido did.

-Isaiah :

Man, it's good to be back here. I've been working so many hours, I almost forgot about the sweet science! Anyway... this is mindblowing! Not just one, but 2 massive upsets! Lopez AND Andre Berto getting their 0's taken away is amazing. Which reminds me... Berto picking on the naturally smaller Ortiz and that costing him badly reminds me of a cocky Oscar De La Hoya cherrypicking Manny Pacquiao and getting beatdown in the process. Speaking of Manny, with upsets abound, the Pacman better watch out that the Sugar Man doesn't add on big to a growing list of immpressive upsets!

-Big Daddy :

Agree w/ Amayseng.. Orlando Salido is the Glen Johnson of the featherweight division (Stole That). Nothing pretty, just non-stop pressure. Alil controversy is gonna make the rematch that much more interesting.

-donputo69 :

Juanma needs a new trainer...A trainer that can teach him some defense...He stays to open when he leads with the right hook...Oh well...If anything, Thats a good lose for him..Alot of great boxers always have comeback from their 1st pro defeat to become great ones...So its no big deal...holla back!!!!

-DaveB :

The stoppage was bad. Arum says they will have a rematch. Yeah, JuanMa has to get his defense together and maybe by the time they have the rematch he'll have his focus 100% on the fight. I know that he is far from done.

-#1 PacFan :

Hello TSS! It's been a minute since I last posted on here. I've been busy catching up on the boxing world and it's alive and kicking. There have been some great matchups as of late which is the reasons why we have been witnessing some great fights. Maidana in his match with the resurging Morales was exposed in the late rounds which does not surprise me. Juan Ma Lopez last night was upsetted in what could be among the top upsets of the year. My number one upset has to be the Berto-Ortiz fight which I am most proud of. I knew Ortiz had it in him he just needed that footwork to compliment his relentless punching combos. He needed those tough fights in the beginning to learn what he needed to add and to eliminate in his game. He mature as a fighter right in front of our eyes. I would love to see him fight his long time friend who is no longer Brandon Rios. That would be a Hell Of A Fight. Looks like Lopez-Gamboa will come to us closer than we think thanks to Salido. I think Gamboa wins that fight and we'll see Gamboa-Salido 2. How bout that chant, "Fight Manny, Fight Manny!" Floyd needs to just step up or he will never sleep good at night.

-ultimoshogun :

Good to see you back #1Pacfan. Yeah, that stoppage was a bit premature, but I believe a KO was iminent..Juanma was getting tagged with some bombs...looking forward to the rematch!

-#1 PacFan :

Thanks Ultimo! Its great to see the originals post their usual awesome posts. I'm with you on the premi stoppage but a knockout was coming. Lopez was not covering up looking to land a big one on Salido but he sported a good chin. Its great to be back and I will try my hardest to be consistent on posting on here.

-the Roast :

#1PacFan in the house!! Good to see you! I love that "Fight Manny" chant the crowd had going. If Floyd wants to get back in the game Ortiz would be a good start. Floyd would look very good against Ortiz and get that green belt. JuanMa was reckless and paid for it. Salido is a hard man. The stoppage was too quick but the end was near. The rematch should be great as long as Lopez gets some defence. That was a night of boxing to remember.

-#1 PacFan :

Thanks Roast it's great to be back, great to be back and mixing it up with some of the best. Proud to be a part of the TSS family.

-brownsugar :

Salido didn't deck Gamboa and cause him to struggle for nearly 11 rounds because he got lucky that night(although Salido barely survived getting knocked out in round 12)... I had a faint feeling that Salido would show us something special because he came in with that shaved head and you could actually see his abdominals this time.. I've always felt that Gamboa would shred Lopez,.. but I never figured Salido would be the first one to pop Lopez's cherry... he's come close to losing in the past... you know what they say... if you keep going to the barbar shop... you'll eventually get a haircut... so much for letting the pot simmer as Arum says....But this minor setback will probably make JuanMa get much better. Good to see one of the unfamous and unheralded Challengers win one for a change.. boxings had way too many one sided matchups over the past few years..... Viva Mexico!!!

-brownsugar :

Good to see your face in the place #1, look forward to hearing what you have to say on the upcoming fights. This was one of he best weekends for fights in quite awhile.

-#1 PacFan :

Thanks B-Sug, sure glad to hear you guys still remember me. But definitely Lopez will learn from this experience. He has to realize that he's not invincible and that defense is part of the game. He does not have a great offensive arsenal were he not needs defense. That's what these young boxers need to realize is that you will not go far if you lack the ability to slip and avoid the dangerous punches. Berto will also learn from this lost and realize he needs to improve on strategy and adjustments in a fight. To me it seemed like the corner had no idea on how to handle Ortiz. These upsets are a good thing for boxing as it shakes up the divisions and put together some great math-ups in the future.

-FighterforJC :

I'm laughing at Bob Arum right now. I know he's gonna put some sort of spin somehow, but there's no denying that public interest for JuanMa-Gamboa just crashed. Greedy old bastard. He can die at any moment and he's still trying to make more money rather than just trying to make the fights.

-#1 PacFan :

@FighterforJC, actually this couldn't have come at a better time as it turns out to be a best case scenario for Top Rank. They can put together a second fight with Salido and Gamboa while Lopez gets a fight or two with Ponce De leon or Gonzales. Can someone please explain to me why Chris John is not fighting anyone but beatened up fighters? The guy is so protected I really hate to mention his name. Back to real topic...It makes a fight between the three that much bigger as I expect Gamboa to beat Salido more decisively and finally fight Lopez in a much anticipated fight. Then shockingly Lopez defeats Gamboa and we get a redemption fight for Lopez against Salido. I don't know but that's just me.

-ultimoshogun :

I gotta agree with FJC on this one. I think the Gamboa/Lopez matchup got the wind taken outta it's sails with the Lopez loss. I'm not saying I won't tune in to watch it, but it kinda looks like Juanma may not be as good as advertised. Also, word around the Lopez campfire is that he wants a rematch, which I don't see him winning, then intends to move to 130...I think Salido is just one of those guys who has his number.

-#1 PacFan :

I think Lopez can bounce back from this loss. At first I didn't like Lopez cause I thought he seemed too arrogant. Then I watched the interview and he took the loss like a man gave no excuses whatsoever. To me that tells me he was going to come back hard and a better looking fighter. He is a good inside fighter but he doesn't puts his hands up. His chin is way up in the air that it was a perfect target for Salido's overhand right. I expect Lopez to look like a totally different fighter come his next fight. This loss gives Gamboa time to build up his name and when that time comes, Lopez-Gamboa!