WHO DO YA LIKE–JuanMa or Salido?

Lopez_Salido_weighin_110415_001aApril 15, 2011, Bayamon Puerto Rico —  Undefeated WBO Featherweight Champion Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez (R), Caguas, Puerto Rico and former world champion Orlando Salido (L), Sonora, Mexico pose during the weighin (Lopez 125 lb, Salido 126 lb) for their upcoming exciting title match on Saturday, April 16 at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Lopez vs Salido is promoted by Top Rank in association with PR Best Boxing Promotions and will be telecast on SHOWTIME Championship Boxing.

TSS as a whole thinks it unlikely that Salido carries over the underdog's luck from last weekend but maybe you have another idea. Leave your prediction in our Forum, please.

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ultimoshogun :

What the hell, I'm gonna roll the dice on this one and pick Salido for the upset. I have a feeling the very hittable Juanma is gonna decide to bang with Salido like he did with Marquez. Salido should be able to take whatever Juanma throws since he absorbed everything Gamboa hit him with and I think Salido hits hard enough to rock Juanma...however, Salido may need a stoppage to win in Puerto Rico...We need our resident chef MisterLee back up in here serving up hot plates of crow, I may be eating some come sunday.

donputo69 :

Yo ultimo...Remember...Juanma hits more harder than Gamboa...Im just saying...Anyway...I have Juanma winning this fight...Probably by the 6th round he will finish Salido off...Then it should be Gamboa vs Juanma for all the marbles...holla back!!!

brownsugar :

No easy win for Lopez......by the looks of these guys, I expect nothing less than WAR!!!... Salido looks as lean as an escaped prisoner of war... doesn't have that faint puke green "opponents" glow about him anymore.. I think Salido is coming to fight,.. to give it his all. The problem is...JuanMa looks like he's in the best shape of his life...nevah been bettah... I predict a hard fought and entertaining win for the Boriqua Bomber... JuanMa Lopez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brownsugar :

Is JuanMa sporting a Mini-Beiber?? just sayin' ... WAR JuanMa!!!!!!

the Roast :

Gotta be JuanMa. Big fight coming up with Gamboa. In front of the home crowd there's too much on the line for a mistake. JaunMa by KO.

the Roast :

Giant Victor Ortiz sombrero off to my man Ultimoshogun for calling the upset! That was a premature stoppage if I ever saw one but JuanMa was in trouble and may have gone out anyway. That divorce may have distracted him. Bob Arum. THat's what you get for not making the match that everyone wanted to see.