Michael Katsidis screamed, “What are you looking at?” at opponent Robert Guerrero before the bell rang to start round one of the lightweight clash which served as the leadin to the Marcos Maidana-Erik Morales bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night. The Californian Guerrero answered with his fists, “A darned fine fighter,” in the first frame. And he proved that for all twelve rounds of a superb showing, in which he used superior ring generalship and accurate combos to dominate in a 117-108, 118-106, 118-107 victory.

Next up for Guerrero, the WBA/WBO interim champ,  is probably a date with Juan Manuel Marquez. TSS Universe, who do you like in that one?

But Katsidis (27-3 entering; age 30) barked back, and buzzed the Ghost (28-1 entering; age 28), causing his glove to touch the canvas, though the ref didn't pick up on that,  with 1:20 left in the second.

The lefty Guerrero, looking confident, busy as a beaver,  was spot on with sharp combos, and by the third, I was moving him up, rapidly, on my mental pound for pound top 20.

A right in the fourth tickled Guerrero's whiskers. But he didn't slow up. He hurt Katsidis in the fifth, via a straight left on the button, and the Aussie had a little cut on his left eyelid. In round six, Katsidis still hadn't switched things up, still let Guerrero be first. The Ghost simply owned the center of the ring, throwing shots, sliding left or right a bit, or backing up a step, rinse and repeat.

A gash appeared under Katsidis' right eye in the seventh, but blood is old news to the Aussie. In the next round, Katsidis had a point taken for a low blow, and then again a minute later. The second “low blow” might not have been, as he was working to the body legit. In the ninth, Katsidis was peppier, sensing that Guerrero was wilting maybe a tad. The ref then took a point in the ninth from Guerrero with 15 seconds to go for a low shot.

Guerrero moved a bit more in the 11th, making sure not to get snagged into a phonebooth rumble after Katsidis had a solid tenth. Both his eyes swollen, Katsidis wouldn't be put off from trying to land that game changer. In the 12th, Guerrero kept on doing what it was that made him dominant. We'd go to the cards, with zero drama, after a fierce flurry by Guerrero.

Check back for David Avila's ringside report.

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-brownsugar :

didn't see it... turns out the broadcast was worth the bucks after all from what I heard. I saw kirkland on youtube and about the second half of the Morales fight that was recorded by an associate.... maybe the Guerrero fight will wind up on demand. This gives Guerrero some marvelous opportunities... I'd rather see Marquez vs Guerrero rather that Marquez vs Juduh... think Marquez vs Judah is a mismatch made in hell because of the size difference. But JMM vs Guerrero has "classic" stamped all over it.. I favor Guerrero but only because of the mileage Marquez has accrued over the years.

-DaveB :

I don't know how it happened, it wasn't supposed to happen, but it turned out to be a beautiful night of boxing because what wasn't supposed to happen, happened. When is Katsidis ever going to get an easy fight? I can never see that happening, because he is not that type of fighter. The Peter Principle is in full effect here. Guerrero does have so good match ups that can be made once everything is sorted out. He may or may not get to fight JMM depending on whether Marquez can get bigger name opponents, but some good things are happening it the lightweight division. That's for sure.

-brownsugar :

that's what I've been hearing DaveB..."a good night of boxing"... BTW Guerrero is already calling out everybody... tops on this list..FloydMayweather.

-DaveB :

I'd leave Mayweather alone. I think the only one that can give Mayweather a challenge is Pacquaio. No disrespect to Guerrero but he'll beat Guerrero like he stole something.