Robert Guerrero: Jesus Christ Is My Super Hero


361Pictured from Left to Right: Former World Champion Paulie Malignaggi, top junior middleweight contender James Kirkland, former Three-Time World Champion Robert Guerrero, Six-Time and Three-Division World Champion Erik Morales, former World Champion Marcos Maidana, former World Champion Michael Katsidis and welterweight contender Jose Miguel Cotto. Photo Credit: Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

Las Vegas (April 5) – The stars of the April 9 “Action Heroes” pay-per-view event arrived in Las Vegas today for a full week of activities leading up to fight night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena which will be televised live on HBO Pay-Per-View®.  When asked about their favorite action heroes and their own super hero qualities, Erik “El Terrible” Morales, Marcos “El Chino' Maidana, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, Michael Katsidis “The Great”, James “Mandingo Warrior” Kirkland, Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi and Jose Miguel Cotto provided a variety of answers telling how their childhood super heroes have inspired them to become the fighters they are today.  Each of these fistic warriors will look to bring these qualities into the ring on Saturday night and prove to the world that they have what it takes to be known as an “Action Hero.”

QUESTION: Who is your favorite action hero?

Erik Morales:  “My favorite action hero is Spiderman.  I like Spiderman because he uses his brain to get out of tough situations.”

Marcos Maidana:  “I like Argentinean national comic book hero Patoruzu.  He possessed super human physical strength and was also very generous.”

Robert Guerrero:  “Jesus Christ is my super hero because he has faith, patience and determination.”

Michael Katsidis: “Superman because I have super human strengths like he does.”

James Kirkland: “I always liked Spiderman because he was always willing to take on any one who crossed his path regardless of their size.”

Paulie Malignaggi: “My favorite action hero as a kid was the Incredible Hulk.  As an athlete, I think I make a similar transformation from my everyday life then move into fight week where the “Hulk” in me comes out.  Now, my favorite action hero is definitely myself, 'Magic Man,' who was sent here to save the world of boxing and rid it of all its evil forces and unworthy opponents.”

Jose Miguel Cotto: “Growing up, my favorite action hero was Tarzan, King of the Jungle because he is raw and powerful.”

QUESTION: What super powers do you bring to the ring that makes you an action hero?

Erik Morales: “I believe the way I throw punches and my precision when landing them is super human.  I also have sharp reflexes that help me avoid counterpunches.”

Marcos Maidana: “I am strong, both physically and mentally and that's very important for a boxer.  In the end, it is about being the best you can be so people think of you as a hero.”

Robert Guerrero: “I look at the verse Philippians 4:13: 'I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me,' and that says it all.”

Michael Katsidis: “I can break down the technique of any fighter and pressure him from the first bell until the final bell.”

James Kirkland: “I'm willing to take on all comers.  I have a great desire to win and never accept defeat.”

Paul Malignaggi:”Being that I, Paulie Malignaggi, am 'Magic Man,' my special powers include putting my opponents into a trance with my blazing speed of hand and foot as well as many tricks which vary from devious speed combinations to 'hot-dogging' that sometimes irritates my opponents and fans.  Such tricks are necessary in order to keep my opponent frustrated as well as keeping a new generation of fans on the edge of their seats wondering 'What will 'Magic Man' do next?'”

Jose Miguel Cotto: “I have the determination to win and know I will be victorious on April 9.  I feel this is my time.”

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“Action Heroes,” featuring Erik Morales vs. Marcos Maidana in a 12-round junior welterweight bout, Robert Guerrero vs. Michael Katsidis in a 12-round bout for the vacant WBA and WBO Interim Lightweight Championships, James Kirkland vs. Nobuhiro Ishida in an 8-round middleweight bout and Paul Malignaggi vs. Jose Miguel Cotto in a 10-round welterweight bout, is presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Erik Morales' Box Latino and Universum Box Promotions and sponsored by CervezaTecate, AT&T, DeWalt Tools and TresGeneraciones Tequila.  Guerrero vs. Katsidis is presented in association with Sampson Boxing.  The bouts will be produced and distributed live on HBO Pay-Per-View® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.

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-brownsugar :

Amazing,.. Paulie identifying with the Hulk?? who woulda thunk-it?,..and Kirkland has a while to go before he attains to the ambidextrous grace of spiderman.. I never heard of Maidana's hero... think I'll google it. But Guerrero has found a true resourse to tap into... Have to admit,..Guerrero's a winner... like Bradley he finds a way to find to get his hand raised,.. unfortunately it's not always that entertaining while he's doing it... should beat Katsidis with ease.

-Big Daddy :

My Favorite Super Hero was Wolverine.. Thats why I Love Big Blue. Sorry B-Suge. I loved the X-Men and the way they were always trying to overcome in a world that hated them just because they were born different. I identify with that. Anyways, South Bay Homie Guerrero is a BAD Dude but Katsidis is gonna give him everything he can handle. Its gonna be the best fight of the night.

-brownsugar :

@ Big Daddy... I had almost 100 of the original Fantastic Four comics (when they were 12 cents apiece) I'd cut grass shovel snow and even shine shoes at the barbar shop just to make enough money to buy comics.. and then walk 5 miles down a country road to by one lol... anyway I sold all the comics before I knew that stuff was collectible...The X-men are the perfect commentary/analogy to todays society.. but they sucked back in the day(a man with wings,.. another with big feet,.. and a bald headed leader was about as unappealing as it got)... but when they invented Wolverine and brought in some new writers who put the discrimination and social alienation spin into the story... the Xmen's popularity sky rocketed... good choice.

-ultimoshogun :

I'm surprised as well Sug, looks like me and Paulie have the same favorite superhero...I woulda guessed his favorite was someone wimpy like Aquaman or something. I was a big collector myself from about 9-12 yrs old...My favorite comics were Hulk, Avengers, DareDevil, Spidey, Thor and X-men..I also had some Fantastic Four though...a couple buddies of mine still collect so they fill me in on what big stories are goin on...someday i'll make it to that Wizard World comic convention in Chicago, or maybe even Comic Con in San Diego.

-brownsugar :

@ UltimoShogun..........hope I can attend someday as well,.. I love comics... Jack Kirbys' work on Thor, Daredevil, Fantastic 4, Black Panther, The High Evolutionary, Silver Surfer,.. and many many more... set a standard that revolutionized Comic art and science fiction... he was the prototype...The most prolific and talented Comic Artist who ever lived.... he will be missed. Don't be surprised to see me there.

-the Roast :

Oh yeah, Marvel Comics were awesome back in the day. How about that Dark Phoenix saga? The movies did not do it justice. Erik Morales will need the hammer of Thor to have a chance with Maidana.