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Calderon-Segura2PPV_posterThe legs were there for a couple rounds, but Ivan Calderon couldn't maintain the movement to steer clear of Giovanni Segura in the main event in Mexicali, Mexico on Saturday night. Segura took out Calderon, who had good luck in the first two rounds moving and jabbing and staying off the ropes,  in the third round of this sequel to their 2010 classic. The KO end came, from a pileup of body shots and a sharp right,  at 1:39, for the hitter who will jump up a weigh class in his next bout.

The first clash was a classic, with the Mexican-born California resident Segura (age 29; 26-1 with 22 KOs  entering; 101.7 pounds) coming away with a KO8 victory. The southpaw Puerto Rican Calderon (age 36; 5-0; 34-1-1 with just six KOs entering; 107.8 pounds at the weigh in) said he wasn't in top form physically for that event but said before this tiff he was tip top. Segura's WBO 108 pound crown was up for grabs.

Segura started out strong, doing as advertised prior to the bout, looking for an early stoppage. Calderon moved well, and didn't get hung up on the ropes as in the first bout. Calderon's jab worked well early on, and his legs looked strong, much more so than in the first tangle. But he has been fading for the last few years, and if he does continue to box, will have to select foes much more carefully. It wouldn't suprise us in the least if this master pugilist read the writing on the wall, written in blood red ink, and hung 'em up. There'd be zero shame in that, of course.

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