Samuel Peter Kayoed In Germany, By Robert Helenius…WOODS

The fat lady has maybe sung her last lullabye for Samuel Peter, who got put to sleep by Robert Helenius, on the undercard of the Marco Huck-Ran Nakash clash in Halle, Germany on Saturday.

Peter, who advertises his age to be 30,  weighed in at  259 3/4 pounds, 18 pounds more than in his last scrap, against Wladimir Klitschko last September (a KO10 loss). He didn't look grossly obese, but basically looked like the Sam Peter we've come to know the past five years or so.

In the ninth, he ate a hellacious left hook, the third punch of a three punch combo, and hit the floor. The Nigerian, now 34-5,  was upright at eight. Another left hook, following a solid straight right,  put him on his back, arms splayed out  as if he was making a snow angel.

Helenius (6-6 1/2 to Peter's 6-2; 239 1/4 pounds; age 27), out of Sweden, and living in Germany, rises to 15-0, with ten knockouts.

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Radam G :

The "Nigerian Nightmare" has now become a major nightmare himself. It is time for him to start daydreaming and lying to himself about how he coulda, woulda, shoulda been the best heavyweight champion of all times, as he choke down on food. And, of course, to never step in that squared jungle again. Dude is no longer a winner, so now he should just sit on his large, wide arse and eat breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and more dinner and most dinner -- or is that mostly dinner. Holla!

blue4cor :


blue4cor :


Euronee :

It is an interesting crossroads fight when you look at it. You have Samuel Peter the former World Champion who is looking to rebuild his career after being knocked out in 10 rounds by Wladimir K then you have Robert Helenus currently European Heavyweight Champion who is looking to step up and show that he has the creditials to become a future top 10 heavyweight. We know that Peter can bang as he has 27 knockout wins out of 34 on the slate, Helenus is 9 from 14, so there is going be some fireworks in this fight, but I see Helenus taking this one for me.