FIGHT CAMP 360°: Pacquiao vs. Mosley
Camera Crews Embedded in the Philippines and Big Bear, Calif. To Capture
All The Behind-the-Scenes Moments of Training Camp

Four-Part Series from SHOWTIME Sports® Premieres

April 2 on CBS

image001NEW YORK (March 29, 2011)—The FIGHT CAMP 360°: Pacquiao vs. Mosley camera crews are embedded and filming in the Philippines with Manny Pacquiao and Big Bear, Calif. with “Sugar” Shane Mosley, capturing the most intimate training camp moments as both fighters prepare for their May 7 showdown on SHOWTIME PPV®.

Prior to joining both camps, the FIGHT CAMP 360° camera crews were allowed unfiltered access to the promotion’s coast-to-coast press tour and inside the Top Rank headquarters in Las Vegas.

The four-part series produced by SHOWTIME Sports, FIGHT CAMP 360° will present all the compelling moments from each man’s unique journey to the ring on May 7 – from the serenity of running the hills in Big Bear, to the fan hysteria enveloping the world’s No. 1 fighter in his homeland, to Pacquiao’s trip to Washington D.C. for a private meeting with President Barack Obama.

The series premieres on Saturday, April 2 on CBS (Noon ET/9 a.m. PT) before the Network’s coverage of the NCAA Men’s Final Four.

Below are the premiere dates and times for FIGHT CAMP 360°: Pacquiao vs. Mosley

Episode 1            CBS                 Saturday, April 2          Noon ET/9 a.m. PT

Episode 1            SHO                 Saturday, April 16        10 p.m. ET/PT                                                              

Episode 2            SHO                 Saturday, April 23        10 p.m. ET/PT                                                            

Episode 3         CBS                    Saturday, April 30        8 p.m. ET/PT

Episode 3            SHO                 Saturday, April 30        10 p.m. ET/PT

Episode 4            SHO                 Friday, May 6               10 p.m. ET/PT                                                                

Episode 4         CBS                    Saturday, May 7           2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT

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-Bobby C :

Manny Pacquiao might just as well fight Morgan Freeman. Amazing how Showtime/CBS wants to show us previews to a bad movie no one really wants to see. Unless Mosley has one of those last great fights that old guys are supposed to have left in them, this will be a short night.

-Radam G :

It is gonna be ssshhhoooowwwwwwwttttiiiiiimmmmmmeeeeeee! Or is dat PREVIEW TIME? Eyeballs will be watching, including those of Fam May. Of course Fam May will be cowarding behind dat small screen like Mickey was doing in the audience in the Rocky III flick everytime that he saw Clubber Lang whoopa whop a figher in that squared jungle with him. After Da Manny kayos Sugar Shane, Money May will keep floppin' those lips. But when it comes to Da Manny, Money May has developed severe katagelophobia. Poor in courage Money May. He believed that he would be the exclusive boxing superstar, but he didn't get far. So for his last birthday, 25 pennies and a quarters -- I mean 50 Cent -- bought him a new major-discounted Bentley car. But Money May's clinophobia is so bad dat da sucka is hanging at da strip clubs and every dang Sin City Bar. Holla!

-Radam G :

Bobby C, it would not matter if Sugar Shane was a young lion, Da Manny would still destroy him. This is a fight that is all about styles. SSM and Money May have the straight-up wrong styles for Da Manny. Neither -- now old geezers -- SSM and MM could ever handle hard-punching speedy southpaws all the way back from the amateur days. And some people, especially boxers, never learn s***! And will avoid it for many moons. I already know from the spies that the Sugarman, Pops Sugar Jack and the ole wise Genie Naazim are planning to fight in a way that will guarantee the Sugarman a severe arse thrashing. There is no sparringmate who can mimic the speed and power of hands, weird angles and foot movement of Da Manny. Standard, converted Southpaw Winky Wright put two easy beatdowns on da Sugar Powder -- I mean Sugar Shane. And Maple Syrup -- I mean Money May -- had all type of heck with two southpaws, who unofficially dropped his arse onto the ropes and canvas. You know their names. And in the beginning of Money May's career, southpaw Reggie Sanders officially cut "Pretty Boy Floyd's face up. I don't know why ESPN won't release that tape from its archives. Enough said. Holla!

-the Roast :

You hit the nail on the head Radam. "Poor in courage Money May." The best seeks out the best. You want to test yourself. You WANT to. No games. Lets do it. I am an ant in the tennis world. If I had the chance to play Rafa or Fed I would do it in a heartbeat. Would I get obliterated? Absolutely. I would relish the opprotunity and give it my all. Floyd is big on talent but small on guts. Sad but true. I'm sick of this clown. Fighters fight. The fight was ripe after Floyd beat Shane. It was right freaking there. Regular sports fan were asking me if I was gonna have the fight at my house. Who's gonna win? It was right there in the mainstream. Floyd got cold feet and he blew it.