Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has not become irrelevant, despite  his best efforts to do so. What he has become is the B side of a fight in which he should be the A side.

While Manny Pacquiao simply keeps training, fighting, cashing large checks and enhancing his worldwide popularity, Mayweather makes what money he can at gambling parlors that have broken richer men than him and more and more sounds like a guy who talks a great fight but no longer wants to be involved in a great fight.

Recently Mayweather went on a rambling dissertation on a Chicago radio station about how he’s an American and hence…well, it beats me.

“The thing is this, I’m an America citizen and I represent this country with the red, white and blue,’’ he told ESPN Chicago. “The only thing I want is the people in my country to stand behind me. I’m in my own country and I have a lot of people against me.

“Our country is a great country, it’s a clean country, and all I ask him (Pacquiao) to do is take the test. That’s it. He takes the test and we got a fight.’’

Mayweather is referring to random blood testing for performance enhancing drugs, which he’s made a requirement for a fight with Pacquiao. It is not an unreasonable request and although he balked at it for a time, Pacquiao claims he’s since agreed to do it in the same manner Shane Mosley did when he fought Mayweather. If he has, someone needs to tell Mayweather it’s time to go back to work.

The fact that one of the few boxing matches general sports fans actually want to see can’t be made points to the reason why the sport has marginalized itself in this country. Hate to say it but if Mayweather and Pacquiao were UFC fighters they would have been inside the Octagon three times by now. That’s why UFC is flourishing while boxing’s relevance in America is approaching horse racing’s.

It doesn’t have to be that way nor is it inevitable that boxing here cannot again flourish as it is in Europe and from time to time does in the United States. All the fighters have to do is fight each other, starting with Mayweather and Pacquiao.

When the interviewer suggested Mayweather-Pacquiao might “save boxing’’ (which is more than a bit of hyperbole because the sport doesn’t need to be saved, it needs to be managed like a proper business), he said. “My job is to keep my family close and take care of my family. My job is not to fight for everybody else. My job is to fight for Floyd Mayweather.’’

Agreed. So fight already.

The odd thing about listening to Mayweather when the subject of Manny Pacquiao comes up is eventually he is drawn inexorably – no matter what the real subject of the conversation is – into pointing out that he’s undefeated and Pacquiao is not.

So what? The truest measure of a fighter is not that he’s undefeated. If it was it would make Joe Mesi bigger than Joe Louis.

An unblemished record may mean you’re great or it may mean you did your best to avoid your most dangerous challenger, which Pacquiao surely is for Mayweather. If that’s the case, then what does it mean to be undefeated?
Frankly, for Floyd, it means less every day.

“You guys must realize about Pacquiao, that’s just a media creation,’’ Mayweather said. “That’s somebody who just came around. For someone to beat me would be abnormal. For someone to beat him is normal because he’s already been beaten three times and knocked out twice. It’s nothing new.’’

Sadly, neither are his words. This has become an old song and a boring one. Although he has always had a fair point about the need for more stringent drug testing in a blood sport like boxing, he seems to have won it but still wants to fight over it.

If he hasn’t, than that would be quickly revealed in any negotiation with Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, and turn the eye of suspicion back on the most popular fighter in the world. And that is what Manny Pacquiao is, a fact that surely grates on a former Dancing With The Stars entrant.

As for Pacquiao’s record, if it’s so normal to beat him then why doesn’t Mayweather just agree to go do it himself and be done with it? If he thinks he can add a fourth blemish to Pacquiao’s record, what’s the hold up?

For a time, Floyd Mayweather had a point in his demands and still does if Pacquiao tries to dodge the issue of blood testing for performance enhancing drugs. But absent that issue, the time has come to put up or shut up.

Boxing is a simple sport in some regards. You’re either a fighter or you’re not.

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-Radam G :

Money May is really gettin' on his BULL! Hum! Nice spittin' from Mega Arch-scribe Ron B. I'm going to wait until some of my TSSU readermates holla, so I can ride and glide off what they spit. Holla!


Borges Boxing is a simple sport in some regards. "You?re either a fighter or you?re not." I disagree with your last line, it should be >>> "You're either a fighter or a CHICKEN" Are u really an American FMJ??

-carlitosigno :

It's PLAIN & SIMPLE, Mayweather is AFRAID to fight Pacquiao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Bobby C :

Talk about beating a horse's skeleton. The flies and turkey buzzards have long ago stripped that jackass clean. Desert winds howl through its empty skull. The time has long gone. There's nothing to put up. Mayweather won't shut up. It would be nice if folks stopped putting mics in front of his big mouth. Pacquiao has basically eliminated all of Floyd's contenders for him and saved him the wear and tear, but Floyd still won't step up. Pacquiao owes him nothing, but agrees to test. Floyd is just screwy in the head. It's like Toney entering a ring at 257 pounds and saying the Klits are scared of him. If the business of boxing was business, nobody would pay attention to Floyd. Why are we still playing his game maybe-I'll-fight-maybe-not after ALL these years?

-astro1 :

I agree that Mayweather does everything in his power to make himself irrelevant, however, the sport itself isn't doing much to help itself. I think horse racing may be higher on the food chain these days. At least on May 7th I can walk into almost any bar or public establishment and see the Kentucky Derby. When was the last time you could see a great fight on over the air tv (not cable)? I can tell you this, it's been far too long. I was happy to see that CBS ran a promo for the Pacquiao / Mosley fight during the Elite Eight games this past weekend. Hence Mayweather's problem, he can talk all he wants but who is really listening? Unless he agrees to make this happen, he will be forgotten just like the rest of the sport in the eyes of the average sports fan.

-FighterforJC :

The random drug testing is STILL as unwarranted today as it was the first time the mayweathers brought it up. Pacquiao doesn't need to submit himself to that. It was an absurd, unrealistic demand then, it still is today. Nothing has changed that. Regardless of how frequently the mayweathers have beaten the public on the head with the PED nonsense, it has NOT become any more valid.

-ultimoshogun :

Interesting statements from Floyd, he says he wants the American fans to rally behind him then goes on to make a selfish statement about how he only fights for Floyd Mayweather..sounds like someone who doesn't care what the fans want, yet he expects us to root for him...Floyd couldn't be more wrong when he said "we are a clean country," when pertaining to American sports...you all should check out the documentary " Bigger, Stronger, Faster." PED's have become as American as apple pie, which is why i've supported Floyd's demand for blood testing from the start...i'm not saying there aren't any clean atheletes out there, but it does look shady to me when one refuses to be tested...So supposedly Pacman has agreed to the blood testing? Sounds like some more hearsay to me. Why would he change his mind now after being so adament about not testing the first time around? Unless I see a link to an interview quoting Manny himself i'm not buying it, just like i'm not buying Arum's statements about Floyd demanding $100 million guaranteed to make the fight happen.

-FighterforJC :

There is absolutely nothing "shady" about Pacquiao refusing the drug testing. The burden of proof belongs to the accuser, not Pacquiao. Why go over this argument again and again and again and again and again and again and again? Pacquiao doesn't need to prove his innocence, there is not a shred of evidence against him, none whatsoever.

-the Roast :

So. Bobby C. Are you the son of Robert Curtis or just a clever imposter? Mayweather is a douche. If I were a great fighter, who thought I was the baddest man around, I wouldnt even care if my opponent was on the 'roids. In fact I would bring Manny some 'roids and say "here, you're gonna need these."

-JMTX1969 :

Manny P agreeing to the blood testing!! Here's the link and make sure to read the comments as well ;

-JMTX1969 :

PAC agreeing to the Random Testing link ;

-DaveB :

It seems that Mayweather wants people to stand behind him at all costs, even when he is a bad actor. That is insanity. If on May 7 Mosley were to win, I think Mosley is in for a severe beating and has virtually no chance and I'm tired of hearing about a puncher's chance Pacquaio has too many angles, Mayweather would pound his chest and say it is proof that he would have beaten Pacquiao. But the fact is that it wouldn't really because Pacquaio has a different fighting style and throws many more punches which creates more opportunities for a counter-puncher than a counter-puncher has with a defensive minded fighter like Mayweather. But Pacquaio in throwing more punches beats his man brutally. Mayweather wins convincingly but not brutally. Anyway the point is Mayweather would rather someone else beat Pacquaio and lose the 40 - 50 million he would have made rather than risk fighting the man himself. There are a lot of people who believe Mayweather would win. Unfortunately Mayweather is not one of them. If he will not man-up and face Pacquaio then he should man-up and retire. Okay it would be cowardice to retire to escape Manny but I would have more respect for him than for him to keep retreading the same old tired excuses even to the point of falsely saying there were no negotiations the second time around. This is so old and it is way past the time of put up or shut up. If the testing was good enough for Mosley in Mayweather's eyes then why does Pacquaio always have to be held to a different standard?

-nashingun :

basically, why do you still listen to a big mouth? never have i given any chance to a whiner or a trash talker cos you know you'll get nothing but shit. floyd is a scumbag and a loser. why waste your time listening to him. this is waste of time.

-Robert Francis :

Floyd May is really protecting his undefeated status...and made a stupid decision for himself thus exposing him, that he is really, really AFRAID to fight Pacquiao. He is egocentric and selfish type where his reasoning is eating him down. We can't believe him anymore. He is a joke. If he believes Pacquiao is beatable...then go Fight him and PROVE it in the RING and brag that your a champion...NO IFS, NO BUTS. And if you can't...THEN FLOYD MAY is a JOKE to the American People. Stop bragging and SHUT UP!!!

-ultimoshogun :

Haha, good one Roast. I believe if you were a great fighter you'd also be one the all time greatest trash talkers..funny stuff, right now i'd have to give that title to The Rock.

-the Roast :

@Ultimo, are you watching the match? This is good stuff. I'm gonna hve to break one off!

-the Roast :

The Rock is the Great One but he needs to get a few new lines. The Roast always, and the Roast means ALWAYS keeps it fresh!

-brownsugar :

The only way Mayweather makes his way back to his former status as a P4P Great is to be completely honest with himself... internet propaganda and self denial only futher diminishes his image. Showing Betting tickets on twitter only displays how truly wounded he is emotionally by being unable to say to himself.. "look I'm done with the fight game,..I no longer feel like competing...forget about me I'm going to Tinsel Town" ........or "Yes,.. I've dug myself a deep hole.. now it's time to get back up and stand on the merits of my boxing ability by taking the plunge and fighting again.... Mayweathers problems are a spiritual one that only he alone can resolve by accepting responsibilty for his own poor judgement ... and he be willing to extricate himself from the nest of negativity he surrounded himself with I think he can make it.....But Mike Tyson....... whose competitive career was about a third as long as mayweather fell into a trap of feeding off yes men, fawning celebrity-fair-weather-friends ....and aligning himself with the bottom-feeders of society. .. Mayweather seems to be on the same path... perhaps not as destructivey.. but his gradually erroding status is not hard to miss... I'm hoping he can make it back... but I'll write him off like a bad check in a heartbeat... There's too many rising stars to enjoy...than to mourn the loss of one of boxing's favoritie Sons.

-Fe'Roz :

Or anyone's for that matter. Floyd's is insufferable. Sugar is right. The once exciting and intriguing Floyd Mayweather has become victim of a culture of celebrity, based not on service or current accomplishment but on self love and aggrandizement. Floyd actually doesn't understand his audience, fans or culture. We live in a 'what have you done for me lately' service based culture, where every act, whether it be committed or omitted, is judged, weighed and ... If not repeated, is quickly forgotten. Floyd once bright star is fading. His tweets are it's last flashes of light. His casino tickets are self delusion. Nobody beats the house, not in the end. This self professed family man is about to enter court to explain his behavior to the mother of his children...and to the children themselves. And he wants our support! I have always contendedFloyd is small potatoes relative to the what he should or could have been. If he wasn't so damn obnoxious and self righteous, I could forgive his folly. But I can't. Floyd is just plain sad.

-Radam G :

I'm riding and gliding with all. Enough said! Holla!

-Robert Curtis :

No, the Roast. Robert Curtis just forgot his password. The new system wouldn't spit it back to me. Finally remembered it this morning. Now there's two of us. Maybe one of us will rhyme like Radam now and the other will stir up hatred in the TSS community?

-kapi :

Or as Floyd Senior once said when Jim Lampley asked him if he thinks Ricky Hatton hired him for the pacman fight because he wanted to build his confidence , Senior said : ? you either got confidence or not ? you either a man or not ?. Senior know a thing or two about boxing after all ...

-Radam G :

C'mon JMTX1969. don't be baited. You have readers who will never accept anything on da REAL REAL that you spit. They're just full of s**t! They will play you like a fish swimming around a hook. Any link that you put, up for it, they won't look. You have so many readers who wanna be in the dark, so like a maddog, they can bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, and BARK! They have no bite. And just seek to have a rhetorical fight. Like the days of Sugar Ray Robinson, maybe many in this generation wanna be ultraBLINDED to the flaws in the boxing, courage and character -- of Money May, so in about 40 or 50 years from now, their old arses can say that he was THE archetype of pound-for-pound GREATNESS. My then ancient arse will still be around to say WHAT DA DOUBLE FUDGE? BULLSPIT! Holla!

-ultimoshogun :

Yo, JMTX1969, thanks for posting a link, although it didn't work for me I was able to find some other links that do confirm that Manny has infact agreed to the blood tests up to 14 days before the fight...I'm not one of these blind fanboys that Radam speaks of, I just like to have hard facts when it comes to this subject. So it looks like the ball is in Mayweather's court now...there's no excuse why this fight shouldn't happen now unless Floyd really wants no part of Pacman.

-the Roast :

I see Bobby C. Now you can have a split personality!

-Radam G :

@the Roast, that is a twin personality, not a split one. Everybodee and dey momma use the word slip -- I mean split -- wrong when it comes to a dual personality. Every single good or great athletes have two personality. In da game, it is the killer instinct. With da fame, on the streets, you can be the nicest person in the precinct. Holla!

-Robert Curtis :

@ Radam G & the Roast. The new system is cool. I did enjoy the chaos and drama of the old site. Sometimes the comedy and entertainment value is just as important as someone's boxing IQ. The new TSSU seems whittled down to a fine point with the sharpest hurt business experts still bent to it and giving their best shots. I'm sure that less chaos and less inappropriate commentary has made it easier on Editor Mike and his family.

-the Roast :

You are right about that RG. I stand corrected. When I'm doin my thing on the tennis court, a monster comes out of me. A monster who will win no matter what. I don't win them all but it's not from lack of effort. In regular life I am pretty laid back. If I was a fighter I would have been like Marvin Hagler. Destruct and destroy. Comin at ya.