Pascal Gets Under Hopkins' Skin With Call For Extra Testing In Montreal

Pascal Gets Under Hopkins' Skin With Call For Extra Testing In MontrealThere was plenty of drama going into the May 21 Bernard Hopkins-Jean Pascal rematch, as fight fans are eager to see if the old man can school the youngster on his home turf to the point that this time, he gets the victory. The drama, though,  got upped a notch after the two fighters got physical during a press conference in Montreal today.

If one was scoring the press conference, you'd have to give the edge to Pascal (26-1 with 16 KOs; born in Haiti; age 28), the Canadian who floored Hopkins (51-5-2 with 32 KOs)  twice in their December scrap, but let the 46 year old Philly hitter back into the bout, and was lucky to escape with a draw. He got under Hopkins' skin Monday, and made the vet lose his cool.

Standing on the stage, mike in hand, shouting, with Hopkins five feet away, grinning, Pascal ranted, “The fans are asking are you willing to take the test. Are you willing to take the test?” He was referring to testing for illegal performance enhancers above and beyond what the Canadian commission calls for. The mood wasn't overly heated, as Hopkins smiled and Pascal had a tiny hint of a grin on his face. But as Pascal moved towards Hopkins, and screamed, “Are you willing to take the test?” again, Hopkins, patience exhausted,  put down a folder he was carrying, and shoved Pascal back a few feet, into his promoter, Yvon Michel.

Props to Pascal, he wasn't put off.

“Are you willing to take the test?” he continued to rant. “Not for me, for the fans!”

“You're scared,” Hopkins countered. Pascal then swatted him with his right hand, and Hopkins swatted back with his left. Neither blow was meaningful. Hopkins tried to get at Pascal, who kept on screaming about the test, but order was restored, by and large, as Pascal continued his rant.

“Cheater,” Pascal screamed as he was led outside.

Pascal continued the beef with ESPN's Dan Rafael on Twitter afterwards.

To be continued in New York on Tuesday….


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-amayseng :

pascal threw a punch during a press conference at an unexpecting 46 year old man and still couldn't connect...did he turn and run afterwards like he did for 9 rounds when hopkins was hitting his body? i did hear he gassed though and was slumped with his hands on his knees. pascal's mindset is concerning, if i were in his corner i would be very concerned that he actually thinks he won the first fight...i mean, the guy lost 10 rounds to a 46 year old man, hes 28, that is shameful. worse, pascal was gassed, and running away when getting hit to the body, i have never seen a champion run away when getting hit, he literally was running away....hopkins has him figured out, has his timing, speed and power all down, hopkins by 8th round tko

-Radam G :

Pascal oughta QUIT! B-Hop is a health nut. He doesn't need to take a test. Maybe Pascal oughta holla at da Genie Naazim. He is probably giving B-Hop G-side Meth. I heard dat jive keeps you young for a long time and is better than the mythical Foundation of Youth. Whatever! I saw a gray hair in my bush and sipped me some of that FOY. WTF! It worked on my eyeballs, not my bush. I then saw about 10 BIG gray hairs hiding up in my bush. OMG! My meddling, spying-arse wife saw me hollering at the mirror and got a pair of tweezers. PLUCK! PLUCK! WTF! ZOOM! I took off like a muthabullet to the barbershop! And I got my doo darken. Moral of the story. Hair Color Gel is da BOMB! Holla!

-brownsugar :

..**Funny story Radam,.. if I plucked out all my gray hair,.. I'd be half bald,..but strangly enough the bush has been unaffected by any but as Bhop would say,.. age is just a number ************Listen to these Two masters of rhetoric,.. hyperbole,.. and histrionics. If either one of them forgot thier lines they could just improvise and nobody would know the difference. This is a fighters life,.. whether it's real or make believe..the show must go on.... sounds like Bhop and Pascal are getting the show on the road early to insure a good turnout... the first fight wasn't bad.. if Hopkins wasn't so resilient he would've gotten blitzed.. starched before he even got warmed up... ,.. I did 10 laps at the jogging park today,.. I started out 3 weeks ago doing only 4,... I know what it's like to be "mature" man and feel strong,.. but I still can't pick Bhop to win this fight... Pascal dispatches Bhop with a vengence and then we can see the rematch with Chad (if he gets past the dangerous Diaconu)

-the Roast :

LOL! Plucking the bush with tweezers? And I thought I was nuts!

-kapi :

as i could see it , there was no edge at all to Pascal over Hopkins , what i could see is a man ? almost 20 years younger than his opponent screaming like only an headless chicken could scream if it had it?s head intact in an hypothetical world . Hopkins , the ever clever actor acted as sort of ?code of respect ? thing , like saying : ?do what you wanna do but don?t lay your hands on me ? , it was cool and correct , it did not seem like he was really psyched by the repeated convulsions of Pascal : ?take the test , take the test...? When it comes to the ring it is very possible that Pascal will win the second match up , after all ? he is much younger and he got what it takes to do the job but when it comes to psychological warfare he can be maybe the beginner student in the academy where professor B-hop teaches so i am not really impressed by that show . Regarding the drugs ? just for the sake of saying it ? anything that can be done to clean the sport is good , not just saying for the sake of saying it politically , Boxing should be as clean as possible and if it requires rigorous testing?s from the competitors than it?s ok , these people earn way too much to say No to the needle , But also that would be pathetic on the side of Pascal is to believe OR try to convince us that his lack of ability to finish Bernard was because of illegal substances , if anything ? Hopkins is mostly a chess player inside the ropes and his success comes mainly of his intelligence , sure it?s still a sport where you need your body to be 100 % and more tuned to the best But fact is that Pascal could not have done the job right first time and proved incompetent ? if anything he takes to his next fight , he should jab as many times as he screamed : ?take the test ? and do it with the same gusto and consistency ? We?ll see about that ...

-amayseng :

i agree to above, pascal didnt get under hopkins skin, but hopkins is from the old school, your not gonna put your hands on him and talk down to him without him reacting.. good hopkins stood up for himself. hgh or peds or whatever may be good for mm recovery and strength, but they do not increase your neuro coordination and continued agility is an attribute to hopkins way of life and his genetics

-Bobby C :

Bejeezus, guys! A little too much information about your grooming habits. I believe it's "Fountain" of youth, Radam. If you've been sipping the Foundation maybe that's the problem? Seriously, I am about as certain as I can be without blood evidence that B-Hop would never touch PEDs. At his age, he knows they can do more harm than good. He knows how to care for his body. I saw B-Hop training at the Wildcard years ago. He was calm and in control during his sparring sessions. Immediately after the workout, he layed down on a padded table for a thorough massage. Slim as he was, he looked like a sleeping giant. The guy knows how to relax, not eat too much and just how far to push his body.

-FighterforJC :

I think that Pascal may be on to something, that perhaps BHop is ON something. It's just the way Pascal went about it, came out of left field with that statement makes it seem like he knows something rather than simply playing mind games. He didn't go about it with any tact or eloquence. He just straight up said it.

-donputo69 :

Lmfaooooooooooooo...Hopkins is on steroids...lmfaoooo...Who knows...Maybe he was on something when he beat my boy Trinidad...Come on man...46 years old and he still has a body of a 30 year old?....Hhhhhmmmmmmmmm...Pascal may be right....He's probably on something....Lmfaooooo....Holla back!!!