Here's Hoping July 16 Cotto-Margarito Rematch Lands In NY AreaMight as well get a jump on it, TSS Universe. It's going to be water cooler talk in a couple months anyway…Who thinks Margarito was cheating on this night, the night he beat Cotto to a pulp? (Hogan)Let me be clear and up front about this, so I don't act in any way, shape or form like those cads in Washington, whose existence relies on obfuscation…I am now putting on my lobbyist hat.

OK, ready to spout.

Miguel Cotto will meet Antonio Margarito, probably on July 16th, which is the working date for the much anticpated rematch between the Puerto Rican superstar and the Mexican baddie who was busted for trying to use loaded gloves against Shane Mosley when they fought in January 24, 2009.

You'll recall that when Cotto met Margarito, on July 26, 2008 at the MGM Grand, he absorbed his first loss. More than that, he absorbed a terrible helping of punishment. Cotto had good luck early in the fight, popping, moving, using superior skills to get the better of Margarito. But as the rounds passed, Margarito, in the fashion of the Terminator, refused to be dissuaded. He advanced on Cotto, and his launches began to tag the then-WBA welterweight champion by round six. He was relentless, and in round eleven, he finished his prey. He dropped him to a knee with 1:20 remaining, and then followed him into a corner, forcing the Cotto team to stop the fight with 55 seconds remaining. They saw their guy bleeding from the mouth, eye, nose, and wanted to save him from further damage. 


Half a year later, when the California commission found hardened hand wraps and plaster of paris components in Margarito's mitts as then trainer Javier Capetillo got his hands ready, that Margarito win over Cotto was cast into doubt. If Margarito was going to cheat against Mosley, what are the chances that he did cheat against Cotto? Real, real good, most fight pundits and fans admitted to themselves. Cotto after all looked like he'd been punished with a razor-tipped mallet on July 26, 2008. The beaten boxer has always been classy since then, refusing to outright accuse Margarito of being a serial cheater, and using foreign objects to aid him when the two scrapped. But many if not most in the fight game suspect that there is a real good likelihood that the gloves were loaded when Margarito pummeled Cotto.

We can presume that everyone will be fighting fair when the two fight a rematch this July, in a bout that will have the juiciest backstoryline attached to it of any this year, or maybe next. Wherever the fight takes place, we can be sure Cotto fans will be jammed into the joint, to the rafters, leaning in to the ring, aching for their guy to extract his deserved pound or two of flesh.

But this bout belongs in New York. (Here is where my lobbying kicks in, where I become Michael “The K Street Kid” Woods). Bob Arum can make that happen. Of course, the logical home for the event is Madison Square Garden in NYC. Lord, the vibe in there would be electric. Sad to say, because the building will undergo substantial renovation after the Knicks finish up another disappointing campaign, MSG will not able to host Cotto-Margarito II. Plan B would be to have the rematch in New Meadowlands Stadium, the East Rutherford, New Jersey stadium which houses the New York Jets and Giants.

“Definitely that fight belongs in New York,” Cotto's trainer Emanuel Steward told me. “It's the biggest drawing base for Miguel. He's an East Coast fighter. He set a record at the Garden. Another fight against Margarito at the Garden would break the record.”

But we'd all settle for the Meadowlands. What about it, Top Rank? Can you hook us New York-area folks up with this tussle?

“The stadium is possible,” said Carl Moretti of Top Rank. “It's between that and Las Vegas. It'd be better knowing we'd get thirty thousand people there for the fight. We'd like to think we would.”

Almost 21,000 people paid to enter Yankee Stadium to see Cotto fight Yuri Foreman last June; I'd bet the most majestic sum in my checking account now that an extra 9,000 would go to the stadium to see Cotto exact revenge on Margacheato. If I were Rudy Guiliani, I'd be so crass as to play the 9-11 card, but I like to think I'm better than that. No, there will be no outright begging. But what say, Mr Arum, you defer to the wisdom of Steward here. He's right. I'm right. Let's do Cotto-Margarito II at the  Meadowlands, please.

Gosh, I'm glad this article is over. That hat was giving me hives…

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-Isaiah :

Was Margarito cheating on the night of his win against Cotto? Let's see here... After being caught in his next fight with Mosley in trying to cheat, you could see that Margarito's handwraps had old blood on them from previous use. In Margarito's match with Cotto starting about halfway through the bout, Margarito's punches seemed to be doing A LOT more damage to poor Cotto's face making Miguel look like he got thrown through a car windshield from a few floors up. Before that in the fight, Miguel seemed to be clearly outboxing Antonio until just "all of a sudden," Miguel starts getting seriously hurt. HMMM......... OF COURSE ANTONIO WAS CHEATING! Now, not only does Antonio get to get a beatdown from Shane Mosley and Manny Pacquiao, Cotto gets to have some well deserved revenge. Serving karma on the buffet again for thirds soon.... Eat up Antonio!

-Radam G :

I understand Editor Mike's passion for wanting the bout in NY. But because of wanting-to-get-paid-to-the MAX, neither Team Margarito nor Team Cotto, and especially da Bobfather and Top Rank, want that bout there. NY is broke, and the state government won't relax its state taxes' rule. [Same jive in Cali. WTF! Coast to coast broke states like a muthabankrupt.] Superfighters always get a monster cut of their purses in Nevada, Texas and Florida. These states know what time it is and don't do the tax things. Superfights that draw supermoola don't want anything to do with states that won't wave taking a state-tax bit out. Lobby on, Politican Mikey, lobby on! Hehehehehe! For NY, the days of the super-mega bouts, i.e., "Fighter of the Century/Ali-Frazier" are long, long GONE! Sorry! But I hope to be proven wrong. Holla!

-Robert Curtis :

Little doubt that Antonio was always taking an edge for himself until he got caught. Cheating is still an exaggeration, I think. Folks are making it sound like he had lead in his gloves. At any rate, Antonio paid a big price after Genie Nazim disclosed his peccadillo. This is the best ticket available in all boxing as far as I know. We've waited too long for this rematch. Just another example of how the current business model of boxing continues to line the same old pockets and frustrate PPV audiences with mismatches and terrible undercards. Wherever Cotto and Margarito fight, this should be great! I don't want to choose. Both men have so much to prove: to each other, to themselves and the fans.

-Real Talk :

I agree an it's been a long time coming for sweet redemption, Looking forward to Cotto getting that eye and that body of Ole Chester Cheato. Cheato's punches have about half the crack they used to post plaster(Radam won't like this LOL), but it is what it is. I think Cotto will have to learn to tie up Cheato to slow him down an box smart like he did against Mayorga an improve his counterpunching. Make Cheato think twice about letting his hands go. Cottto ate a lot of rights from Mayorga. I don't know if it was his style or is Cotto a sucker for an overhand right. Time will tell. Cotto TKO stoppage cuts or UD although I'd love to see it stopped on a wicked hook to the body. Dueces

-the Roast :

Good to see Bobby C and Real Talk. What up gents. Manny Steward will have Cotto ready for the fight of his life. Not everyone gets another chance like this. Cotto is full of confidence with Manny in his corner. I'd love to see Margarito catch a huge beating. Bob Arum should steal King's idea and load the undercard with rematches. Chavez-Randall 3?

-Radam G :

Wow! Mythology has become reality. Margarito is not a Cheato -- he is an arse-kicko. Nobody ever caught him fighting with loaded gloves. So-called catching in the dressing before the bout starts is the way the game suppose to flow. Before the bout with Mosley, Margarito was caught with "illegal hand wraps," so says the corrupted CSAC. And in the end, officially after a protracted investigation and examination, only "elements" and "traces" of "Plaster of Paris" were found in his handwraps. YUP! RIGHT! I found the same elements and traces in some of my balut. WTF! Who put dat jive up in my Pinoy food? Danggit! Somebody is trying to mess up my grill. Hehehehehe! Maybe it is dat darn ole, wise Genie Naazim. WTF! How can a genie be jumpin' outta bottles and lamps and finding full-blown syet that shows up as "traces" and elements" later. All the bottles near the Genie should be checked for Genie-side Meth. "Swimming without gettin' wet" is suspicious as heck when you suppose to be hitting without gettin' da jive knocked da fudge out. Holla! Miguel is lucky to have GBG Manny S. Just maybe Miguel won't do all that excessive movement, styling and profiling and LOSE -- fair and square. Until the truth is told by CSAC, I'm sticking with the TRUTH! Using old, lucky gauze is as old as da game. And this continuing nonsense about loaded gloves is a da*n shame. Miguel is in dangerous waters, because he knows the truth. And Margarito does too. So he is looking to win again by KNOCKOUT. The BIG difference, though, is that Miguel didn't have an effective corner in the last bout. Now he does. If Miguel completely gets over his pugilism PTSD, he has a strong chance to win. IF NOT, Margarito will completeo another KO. Holla, TWICE!

-ultimoshogun :

Looks i'm one of the few who's willing to believe the Mosley fight was an isolated incident...sure, Cotto looked like he was put through the meat grinder after the Margarito loss, but he looked just as bad after the Pacman one seems to be raising a suspicious eyebrow over Pacquiao..Cotto is at his best when he dictates the pace and gets overwelmed and gasses out when he fights guys with high motors like Pacman and Margarito. This fight should answer all the speculations, but I doubt Margarito will get his vindication from most fans if he wins..Unless Cotto learns to tie up Margarito to stall his attack as Real Talk says, I think Margarito stalks him all night and beats him again.

-Fe'Roz :

No evidence but what I saw with my eyes. And what Manny Steward saw and said that night at ringside. Pressure from a tall fighter, especially a volume puncher with a wicked chin, was Cotto's worst nightmare. Moguls troubles started way before any elements may have come into play. His eyes told the whole story. Like Butch Cassidy and Sundance being pursued by the , Miguel was left after each round to say: Who is this guy? Margarita beat Miguel Cotto that night because he was more prepared and capable of weathering Cotto's arsenal before delivering his whole payload. If Cotto plans to fight that same fight, I predict a knee much earlier. And the same result. Both men have now lost two times since that night. Both have been beater badly by Manny. but unless Tony has sustained career changing injuries and a greatly reduced punch tolerance, look for Margarito by stoppage. as for venue, Steve Tisch was in Dallas with Arum, Jones, and duBouf the night Manny beat Margarito. I know he liked what he saw in Jerry Jones Deathstar Stadium. Don't be surprised, taxes aside, if big stadium boxing returns in the Meadowlands.

-the Roast :

So if the wraps were legit, whats the story? Was it a witch hunt? Was it a Sea Hunt? The commish just wrongfully accused poor Antonio? Funny how Mosley just beat the crap out of the most avoided and feared Margarito that night. There must have been some magic in those old hand wraps they found, cuz when they took them off his hands, he began to flounder around. Poor Antonio. The Man took a year away from his career for no reason. This is clearly an outrage.

-Condor :

Had Margarito been innocent, he would have "vehemently" protested the accusation and suspension. At the very least, he would have borrowed Clinton's Lewinsky statement: "I want to say one thing...I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again: I did not attempt to load my gloves against Mosley...I never loaded my gloves, not a single time in my career, NEVER! These allegations are false! And I need to go back to work and get back in the ring. Thank you." Instead, he said nothing. His actions reek of guilt. And let's not forget that 1 year suspension. They don't hand those out without reason. That said, it's an interesting fight that would certainly sell and carries a compelling storyline. I would take Cotto this time around by 116-112 type scores.

-FighterforJC :

I'm sure the handwraps will no longer be an issue this time. So if Margarito loses does that mean he cheated the first time? And what if Margarito wins again? Does that mean he was clean the first time as well? Like I've said numerous times before, I don't believe for one second that Margarito cheated against Cotto nor do I think whatever bogus substance they found on his wraps could've turned him superhuman. Marg was the perfect scapegoat and ruining his reputation means resurrecting the careers of the potential cash cows he destroyed (Cotto and Cintron). It worked, didn't it?

-Radam G :

Ditto FJC! Holla!

-Radam G :

Some boxers just can kick other boxers' arses 24-7. Since nobody can apparently recalled that I post that Sugar Shane Mosley was going to probably kayo Margarito in about seven rounds. The old TSSU's typical busters, haters, fakers, faders, lack of money makers and nutcases called me every racist insult and every rude word that they could think of. Editor Mike was busy, BUSY knocking down those sickling comments. And I believe that I had mentioned that Team Mosley would be using sometype of psy-ops and black ops to get into Team Margarito's head. Just as I figured it could be, it was. The darn wise, ole Genie Naazim got to wildin' and workin' dat magic and fudged up some jokers and turn them into some confused pokers. He shook up the corrupted Cali State Boxing Commission. So @ the Roast, in game "the most feared" always get taken out. For the most feared is only BIG-TIME media build up and promotion. No real fighter believes da hype. Go back in the day, Big [Rev.] George Foreman was considered more awesome and feared of a fighter than Sonny "Night Train" Liston. To the people that be, at time, Big Georgy was going to tear up, fudge up and put down the GOAT Ali. But it didn't happen. Then da cry went up about the magical loose ropes and the make-you-dizzy drugs in the water bottles in BGF's corner. And the REALLY CRAZIEST MYTH was the one about the midget, cock-eyed African witch doctor putting a jungle hex on Big Georgy! OMFG! Bottomline, there will always be myths that get started in the game. And myths will live forever. Don't believe the hype. And don't believe the myth after the hype goes down. [Danggit! Those jive-time myths stay up FOREVER.] I told ya, the ROAST! Da game is full of magic -- BIG TIME optical illusions. Jack Dempsey didn't fights with brass knuckles, thought the myth lives on, and everybody and dey mommas and grannies were shock when Gene Tunney put it on the Mauler. The fanfaronades and boxing scribes of those days couldn't accept that arse thrashing, so here comes and stays the forever-living myth of "The Long Count." The only thing in that bout that was long was that arse whupping. Hehehehehehe! GOATT Angelo Dundee didn't have magic cissors in the corner to cut GOAT Ali's glove, thus saving the GOAT from getting kayoed after getting knocked down at the end of the round Henry Cooper. But the myth lives on. Iron Mike Tyson had nothing for the Real Deal Holyfield! OOPS! I musta fo'got! The Iron one had a grill, and da sucka got himself a thrill. WTF! CHOMP! CHOMP! IMT bite off Holy's ear. Dat was coldhearted like a muthabite! But the IMT nutthuggers excuse it away by saying that the ref kept letting Holy get away with butting. [What a bunch of crap! Nowadays dome blaster of disaster Tim Bradley is the greatest headbutter of our time, and he has both ears. Hehehe! No pugilist could bite him anyway. TB will headbutt ya in da mouth and loosen up the whole grill. Maybe you can gum dat sucka.] Ricky Hatton didn't have magic shoestrings untying themselves to save his arse from getting kayoed by the "Hispanic Causing Panic." But the myth lives on. @the Roast, I could go on and on. But hopefully you get my point. The game is all about doing the magic, starting bullsh*t and bullsh*ting to make dat MOOLA! The best magic in the game is the formula of getting those paying butts in those seats and those eyeballs behind those PPV small screens and nowadays also those big-ole silver screens. Holla!

-donputo69 :

Yes...Make it happen in my town NYC...How about yankee stadium?...Anyway...WHO CARES...For me they can fight in the parking of Duane Reade...OOOPS...That wont count...ONLY CHAVEZ JR FIGHTS PARKING LOT ATTENDANTS & DUANE READE SECURITY GUARDS...Lmfaoooooo...That wont look good on Cotto's resume...lmfaooooo...All jokes aside...Make the fight in either yankee stadium or the JETS stadium...YEAH I SAID IT...J.E.T.S STADIUM....Anyway...i hope my boy Cotto destroy that cheater....And to answer the question....YES...MARGACHEATO CHEATED WHEN HE FOUGHT COTTO....Holla Back!!!

-brownsugar :

Cotto has basically said he wants to fight Margarito and then Pac... so Sergio, Chavez, Canello, Bundrage, Dzinziruk, Williams,Lara and Berto need not apply. Two more big money fights and Cotto rides off into the sunset after having avenging the dirty fighter Margarito and having had a distinquished career and a bank full of cash... Hey I want to see the Cotto movie.. call it "The Boricua".

-FighterforJC :

How about "The Boricuador"

-the Roast :

I hear what you are saying Radam. I'm sure you know what the farmer said after he kissed the cow. You have been putting alot of information about yourself out of late. I have figured out the true identity of "Radam G." I will not reveal to the public but I am now "in da know." Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.

-Radam G :

The Roast, hehehehehe! You really know how to crack a dude up. Now I know that your Chi-Town boys -- Kenny Gould and Lee Roy Murphy -- didn't rat me out. They are some BIG DUDES, but they cannot handle my Pac-speed. It must be my A-side Meth. But I ready need to get me some of that Illinois-side Meth. I heard dat jive will buzz you up so high that you will know everybody darn secret. But stay away from that Chi-side Meth. I told David Diaz dat jive was weak and Da Manny would knock him da fudge out! BINGO like a muthaplaya! Hehehehehe! The Roast, I know dat "ya are in da not." Holla!

-Condor :

@FJC - Of course the wraps won't be an issue this time. But that's yesterday, and you can't unscramble the eggs. My point is this: If I were accused of the capital crime in my profession, would I roll over, go into seclusion, and meekly accept a 1 year suspension? No way. No innocent person would. I'd go on a Charlie Sheen like media offensive and let the world know that the CSAC scapegoated me for beating Mosley (or being born Mexican, or being 5' 8" tall, or whatever). Please refresh my memory on WHY they targeted Margarito? Whose wife on the commission did he sleep with? Who did he piss off? And has Margarito looked good to you since he committed the crime?

-amayseng :

no there is no doubt margacheato used illegal concrete doubt..its a tragedy in this great sport such a criminal is allowed to continue to not only compete but to make millions off of it. i dont think cotto should give margacheato the time of day, he doesnt deserve the payday or the gift of competing... if i was cotto i would only sign the concract if he was able to use "special wraps" this time and see how margacheato likes getting smashed with concrete for a change....thank god for shane mosley and his destruction of this cowardly cheater...

-FighterforJC :

@FJC - Of course the wraps won't be an issue this time. But that's yesterday, and you can't unscramble the eggs. My point is this: If I were accused of the capital crime in my profession, would I roll over, go into seclusion, and meekly accept a 1 year suspension? No way. No innocent person would. I'd go on a Charlie Sheen like media offensive and let the world know that the CSAC scapegoated me for beating Mosley (or being born Mexican, or being 5' 8" tall, or whatever). Please refresh my memory on WHY they targeted Margarito? Whose wife on the commission did he sleep with? Who did he piss off? And has Margarito looked good to you since he committed the crime?
He didn't beat Mosley, I'm sure you meant Cotto or someone else. Marg is no Charlie Sheen. He denied it the best way he could. Marg is an easy target and the perfect scapegoat. He's also a perennial spoiler and never had the star quality promoters are looking for. Boxing also wants to show the world that it's trying to fix itself, and it does so by destroying its life source--that is, the fighters. Latest example is Pacquiao, a once in a lifetime phenom who's carrying the sport on his shoulders. How is he rewarded? By being accused of PED's.And Marg not looking good since Cotto has no significance. The simplest explanation is wear and tear along with inactivity. Marg took a beating against Cotto. Neither fighter was the same afterwards.

-Condor :

"Marg is no Charlie Sheen. He denied it the best way he could." He denied it the best way he could? Seriously? The Charlie Sheen reference is merely an example of getting out there and telling one's side of the story (I'm not equating the two or endorsing Sheen). He should have sat down with Brian Kenny, or someone of that ilk with a platform, and said 'ask away. I'll answer any of your questions.' Instead, he denied nothing and meekly accepted his suspension. Those are NOT the actions of an innocent man. If someone accused you of something as sinister as this -and you were innocent- how would you respond? Like Margarito? Ask yourself that. And why would the CSAC have such an axe to grind with Margarito? His reputation is DESTROYED. What motive did they have to completely fabricate the incident and destroy this man? To resurrect the careers of Cotto and Cintron?? Really? And by the way, if Margarito was a victim in this great conspiracy against him, why hasn't he sued the CSAC? However, I do agree with you that Margarito lacks star quality. But to believe they wrecked this man because of his lack of marquee appeal is just asinine.

-FighterforJC :

What possible options does Margarito have when they found a foreign substance in his handwraps? It caught him off guard, he doesn't have the brains, the time or resources to get a dream team to put holes in the fantasy accusation. Everybody reacted emotionally and gave in to the moment and accepted the accusation as fact. Margarito denied any involvement or knowledge. What more does he have to say?