Pacquiao's Winning Streak Continues; This W Is In Court

PacquiaoMosleyLAPC_Hogan22Editor Mike's take: people with dirt to hide do not usually go ahead with defamtion suits. Pacquiao is showing the same resolve fighting back against what he sees as smears as he does in the ring. But the bottom line at TSS is: we hope the lawyer-stuff finishes up, so Pacman and Mayweather can get in the ring. (Hogan)Today, a Nevada federal district court denied a bid to dismiss Manny Pacquiao's defamation lawsuit.  Pacquiao sued Oscar de la Hoya, Golden Boy's CEO Richard Schaefer, and Floyd Mayweather, and others for falsely accusing him of taking performance enhancing drugs. The defendants responded to the lawsuit by asking the judge to dismiss it, saying their statements were merely opinions. A federal judge disagreed, and the case will now go forward. 

Pacquiao is represented by Daniel Petrocelli and David Marroso of Los Angeles-based O'Melveny & Myers. Petrocelli said, “”We are extremely pleased with the Court's decision. Manny is looking forward to his day in court and to put an end to these irresponsible accusations.”








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