Healthily Dubious Tessitore Tells Haye He Hopes Klitschko Fight Actually Occurs

Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas welcomed WBA heavyweight champion David Haye to Friday Night fights, ringside at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida.  Haye said June 25th or July 2nd, he will fight Wladimir Klitschko, venue TBD, though he hinted Germany is in the lead.

Tess said many fans won't believe that this thing will go down until the bell rings for round one, and Haye acknowledged that is a fair judgment on the part of the dubious.

He also said contracts have been signed, and that the purse split will be 50-50. I'm surprised he didn't ask for a 60-40 split in his favor, frankly, because I think part of him just doesn't want a piece of a Klitschko, and Wlad couldn't have taken the smaller slice of the pie. Really, I don't think Haye deserves parity with Klitschko, but I think Wlad just gave in to 50-50 because getting a pound of the Brit's flesh is more important to him than an extra couple mill.

Haye said he wanted Wlad more than Vitali, because Wlad talked more. “If I beat his brother, everyone would say he's too old,” Haye stated.

Atlas told Haye he thinks Wlad is the weaker mentally of the brothers. “I've seen him mentally quit on someone and I'll definitely bringing out those feelings (in him),” the fighter said.

Haye said he'll need to come out and press Wlad, take away his jab and “land my trademark Hayemakers.” He said his mobility, his speed, will make things hard for Wlad.

Haye came off humble at times, to be truthful, as he agreed that he is taking a large leap, from Audley Harrison, John Ruiz and Nicolay Valuev, to Wlad.

The Brit said he thinks Odlanier Solis is carrying ” a lot of excess around the midsection” so that lessens his chances against Vitali Klitschko. He also said he'd like to tangle with Atlas' student, Alexander Povetkin and the trainer/analyst said if Haye beats Wlad, he'll do his best to hook it up.

Tess, who pressed hard in this session, to his credit, said, “I hope this fight happens.” “It will happen,” Haye said. “Everyone wants to see this happen,” Tess continued. “Me more than anyone,” promised Haye.

We shall see. I still would lay a healthy bet on an injury causing Haye to put off a Klitschko fight, again.

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-brownsugar :

Hard to say with Haye (whose credibility has become somewhat suspect after several pullouts),.. But the Kbrothers are not blameless either with their endless lists of substitution clauses,.. revenge clauses,.. fight my brother if I'm hurt clauses,..percent demands..hometown venue...etc...........For a fighter that betting and boxing pundits have rated a heavy favorite.... it's kind of strange that the Kbros are adding all manner of rematch clauses in the event that W Klitscho loses or "can't proceed with the fight"... But Now that Haye claims he's agreed to all their preferences and a contract has been reportedly signed.... If the fight doesn't happen...I don't even want to know what the excuse is ... having grown weary of the entire affair. least we can watch La Sombra (the Shadow) vs Doctor Iron Fist tomorrow in what should be a competitive bout.

-Radam G :

I'm wordless about the division of bums, fragile bones, fat arses, double bellies, cloud touchers, heartless souls, stool-sitting quitters, china chins, peepee hand-wraps users and toxic-vaseline-on-the-body-stopping-a-giant-from-breathing numskulls. Boxing is the "theatre of the unexpected" for certain with a heavyweight division of phat passive pugilism. Holla!