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Sergio Martinez knocked down Sergiy Dzinziruk three times in the eighth round, forcing referee Arthur Mercante to stop the feature bout which unfolded at Foxwoods in Connecticut, and ran on HBO.

The 36-year-old Martinez, the Argentine who scored the KO of the year over Paul Williams last year, showed his oomph again with a straight left, the third of the fight, with 1:50 left. He got up, ate another left, and again arose. On weak legs, he asked for more, showing oodles of guts. He got it, about six more clean shots, and Mercante waved off the battle of southpaws as the 35-year-old Dzinzi hit the deck again. The time of the halt was 1:43.

Now living in Oxnard, CA., Martinez (47-2 with 26 KOs) edged the 37-1 Ukrainian, 226-593 to 161-413 in punch stats.

After, Martinez said when asked by Max Kellerman if he thinks about being the top pound for pounder that he will attain that status. “I want the best rivals, I want Mayweather, I want Pacquiao, I want them in front of me,” he stated.

Roy Jones said we're not likely to see those bouts. Geez, if Floyd Mayweather thinks of himself as an all-time great, you don't think it makes sense for him to test Martinez?

Kellerman said he thinks we'll be more likely to see James Kirkland fight Martinez.

Jim Lampley sounded like he'd like to see Martinez meet up with Andre Ward. Not sure Team Martinez would put their 5-10 guy in with the 6-1 Ward, asking him to add eight pounds and meet maybe the best 168 pounder out there. We shall see..

Check back for George Kimball's ringside report.

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