Andy Lee KOs Craig McEwan In Round Ten

(Teddy Blackburn)

Irishman Andy Lee bounced back from some flat early rounds, and finished off a drained Craig McEwan in round ten. A power left crushed McEwan, as ref Steve Smoger stepped in, at 56 seconds of the final round.

Lee, now 25-1, had the Scotsman McEwan (19-1)  down in round nine, and smelling blood, looked to close the show in the tenth. Jim Lampley called the win “career rescuing.” Lee had been getting pasted midway, and this qualifies as a stunning turnaround.

Lee spoke to Max Kellerman after. He said he was disappointed that he tried to load up too much and wasn’t happy overall with his showing. “If he’s going to beat me, he’s going to have to kill me,” he said he thought to himself. The boxer said he knew that his career hung in the balance in the middle rounds.

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-the Roast :

I had a great night tonight. I went to the Golden Gloves quarterfinals with my wife and two daughters ages 11 and 8. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea but they wanted to go so I said OK. I ended up spending 50 bucks for four general admission seats. We ended up sitting second row ringside next to nice guy David Estrada. We split early after watching 9 or 10 fights. The crowd was getting juiced up so I got my girls out of there at the right time. I get home just in time to catch this unexpectedly good fight between Lee and McEwan. I felt kind of bad for the Scottish kid cuz he was winning but you gotta give credit to Lee for hanging in there. Great night of boxing.

-brownsugar :

sounds like a great night of boxing Roach.. I was switching back and forth from the Cotto card to the Martinez fight... We got weary of Lee as he was taking a whipping in nearly every round from McEwan...I wrote him off to concentrate on the barnburning action of Wolak vs Forman. Wolak put an Aaron Pryor style pressure fight beating on Forman.. we said he wasn't coming out for the next round and it was no suprise when he quit on his stool...Maybe Forman was too inactive.. maybe too non violent but he should think twice about getting into the ring again... I was shocked at how wrong I was about Dzinz,.. Dzinz got his shots in at will,.. but Martinez was bigger faster stronger with his punches...Still Dzinz rose from five knockdowns and sacrificed himself on his shield. Then I find out at 5 in the morning that somehow Lee pulled off a KO in the final round... awesome

-MisterLee :

yeah! lee-mcewan was like taylor-chavez, except with white pple, and not as skillful :). I could definitely see around round 7 when mcewan was gassing out, and lee started coming on and was literally taking the life out of him. The corner should have realized that and told him that if he finished on his feet, he'd win the fight. The corner kept giving him all this technical corrections in between rounds and pumping him up, when he clearly should have ran and held, and fight in spots.