The other shoe has dropped. We're not suprised to learn David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko are close to getting the contract finalities hammered out, so the Brit who holds the WBA belt can tangle with the Ukrainian who owns the IBF and WBO versions. Klitschko dropped out of his April bout with Dereck Chisora, blaming his tender abs, and many figured this Haye deal was a strong contributor to the pullout.

Let me urge caution here..if we actually see this fight happen, actually see the bell ring, then I will finally breathe a sigh of relief. Haye has ducked and dodged and slithered with great skill these last two years as he's teased both Klitschkos. We shall see if he goes thru with it. We can hope.

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-brownsugar :

quote from Haye " I have the heart of a lion where Wlad has the heart of a hyeana, he cries and queals and slips thru the woods at the first sign of danger".... we'll see who'll be looking for a place to hide on fight night... itsabouttime.

-Radam G :

"The public be fool." "The public be damned." Great promoting by whoever is promoting this jive. The problem of three heavyweight pugilists is not worth "a hill of beans." But it is worth a mountain of moola. Chisora did well with his staging to be da British MAN, who was going to get the dance. This fronting and going on by da Hayemaker and Doc Ironfist has been one heckuva romance. And for da luv of da sweet science, they are paying Chisora BIG BUCKS for being the odd cat out. All the way to the bank, he will be gettin' on his shout. This coming together of da doc and da Hayemaker has been staged like a fairytale. In a few days, the tickets to get butts in those seats will go on sale. Holla!

-the Roast :

I hope this fight finally happens. Come on already.

-Isaiah :

I can only think of one other fight in boxing that hasn't been made yet, that is as big or bigger dissapointment than this charade... Enough with the games. Enough with the money talks, the injury talks, the whom's messing with whom's mind games... JUST SIGN THE CONTRACT, GET IN THE RING AND FIGHT! This is for the heavyweight championship of the world! That's supposed to be the king of the ring, the sultan of swing, the pope of pounding and the president of pummels! The heavyweight champ who is supposedly Wladimir Klitschko is starting to irritate me like Haye has been and is supposed to be the baddest man on the planet! So... come on!

-donputo69 :

Finally is gonna happen...I wanna see Haye ko this statue already...And then WTF the media is gonna say when he KO'S Wladimir?...Exactly...Nothing...Holla back!!!

-mortcola :

Hi Donputo. That statue has one amazing jab, footwork, defense, the ability to hook off the jab, and to come back and KTFO guys who beat him before...for a statue.

-the Roast :

What up Mort? Lookin good. Haye is gonna get what he deserves. If he runs, he might go 12. If he fights he might go six. I just hope he shows up.

-mortcola :

Thanks Roast! I'm trying to be realistic. Haye IS a speedy banger, and his power can be an equalizer. People make too much of Haye's "boxing skill" and "athleticism", though. He moves smoothly, but his boxing toolkit doesn't have much in it except for those raw virtues. If Wlad is on his game, every lunge will result in a cannon-jab or counter cross or hook to the face. If Haye does not land a nuke, he will be punished cruelly by a fighter with a complete offensive arsenal and proven ability to compensate for his vulnerable chin without losing his ability to dominate his foe. I seriously doubt Haye's ability to adjust to compensate when plan A fails. But this is heavyweight boxing. Renaldo Snipes, Earnie Shavers, Henry Cooper, Mike Weaver, they all had their moment. It just isn't usually enough. And the size disparity between these two is huge, as big as when Wlad fought Chambers, who has much more developed boxing skills than Haye. Haye's power makes this interesting. But the smart prediction is that Haye gets jabbed into a confused and/or increasingly wild approach, at which point he gets dropped violently.