AVILA RINGSIDE: Alvarez Plows Through Hatton


AVILA RINGSIDE: Alvarez Plows Through Hattonphoto courtesy Paul Gallegos

ANAHEIM-Mexico’s Saul “Canelo” Alvarez plowed through England’s Matthew Hatton to win the vacant WBC junior middleweight world title by unanimous decision by pounding the body on Saturday.

Hatton (41-5-2, 16 KOs) showed he could take a punch but he couldn’t hurt Alvarez who simply walked right through the British boxer’s arsenal before 11,674 fans of mostly Mexican fans at the Honda Center.

“I knew he would give me trouble,” said Alvarez (36-0-1, 26 KOs). “He’s an experienced fighter.”

Hatton may have lost but what a chin.

From the start Alvarez proved the naturally stronger fighter. The Mexican’s first punch sent Hatton across the ring from the mere force.

Alvarez was always moving forward against the gliding style of Hatton who never stayed in front of the heavy-hitting Mexican if he could help it. An exchange of punches resulted in a bloody nose for the British fighter in the second round.

In the fourth round a body attack via left hooks to the liver forced Hatton to retreat and seek a moment. Alvarez jumped across the ring sending more blows to the body that nearly buckled the younger brother of Ricky Hatton. Hatton returned to the corner with a cut over his left eye.

Hatton stepped on the gas in the fifth round with some good combinations right after another. But Alvarez walked through them and delivered his usual amount of left hooks in a close round.

After not much luck fighting outside Hatton moved into clinches. On one occasion he hit during a clinch and when the referee stepped in to break it up Alvarez fired a right. He was deducted a point. When the fight resumed an angry Alvarez went for a knockout. Hatton’s chin withstood the test.

The 10th round saw Hatton hit Alvarez with a severely low blow. Alvarez returned the favor by hitting on the break again but was not penalized.

Alvarez continued the bludgeoning but never could drop the sturdy British boxer despite a rifling right hand that stunned him near the end of the fight. Hatton survived. All three judges scored it for Alvarez 119-108.

“I want to fight the biggest and the best,” said Alvarez. “I want the biggest names.”

Hatton said he’s returning to welterweight and gave credit to Alvarez.

“He’s an intelligent fighter,” said Hatton.

Other bouts

Undefeated prospect Adrien Broner (19-1, 16 KOs) beat former junior featherweight titleholder Daniel Ponce De Leon (41-3, 34 KOs) of Mexico by unanimous decision after 10 rounds of a junior lightweight match.  The crowd was vocal in its disappointment after the decision was rendered. One judge scored it 99-91 for Broner.

“He was a great fighter so I had to respect him. I stayed true to my plan and listened to my coach,” said Broner. “He had power but everyone can punch with 8 oz gloves on. I’ll fight anyone next.”

The fight was actually a very tight struggle with Ponce De Leon doing most of the early scoring to the body. Apparently the body shots didn’t score according to the judges. There were no knockdowns.

“There was a big difference in weight I could feel it but I didn’t feel his power,” said Ponce De Leon. “I’m going back down to featherweight.”

Rising American heavyweight Seth Mitchell (21-0-1, 15 KOs) dropped Charles Davis (19-22-3) four times in two rounds before the fight was ended by referee Wayne Hedgepeth at 1:02 of the second round. Mitchell fired a right-left hook combination for the first knockdown in the opening round. A right to the body scored the second drop, a looping right to the stooping Davis floored him a third time. Finally, a left uppercut ended the fight in Mitchell’s favor.

Brooklyn’s Danny Jacobs (22-1, 19 KOs) dropped Minnesota’s Robert “Sweet Dreams” Kliewes (11-13-2) twice with counter right hands in the first round. Referee Ray Corona stopped the fight at 1:44  as Kliewes was nearly comatose. It was Jacob’s first fight under new trainer Freddie Roach.

James Kirkland (26-0, 23 KOs) looked as if he was looking to make up for lost time and destroyed Ashandi Gibbs (10-3, 4 KOs) in 34 seconds in a fight held at middleweight. Kirkland jumped on Gibbs with vicious combinations including a left uppercut that started the end for Gibbs. Soon a left hand ended the night for the New York City boxer. It was Kirkland’s first pro fight in two years since serving a two-year prison sentence in Texas.

Super middleweight prospects Cleven Ishe (2-0, 2 KOs) and Northern California’s Jason Montgomery (2-1-1) entered undefeated, but it was Long Beach, California’s Ishe who left with zeros on his record. A counter right hand scored a knockdown for Ishe who went on to win a unanimous decision after four rounds 39-36.

In a middleweight bout Venezuela’s Alfonso Blanco (3-0, 2 KOs) floored Puerto Rico’s Pablo Ruiz (0-3) three times in the first round for the win. A right to the body and left hook to the head dropped Ruiz for the first knockdown. A right hand to the body sent Ruiz down a second and third time. Referee Pat Russell stopped the fight at 2:55 of the first round.

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-Radam G :

The red-headed warrior is quite green. He had a hard time gettin' his shine on. The Redcoat baldy refused to take a spit shine on his noggin. He fought in such slow motion that it made Canelo miss a lot of shot. Canelo needs to relax a bit more and quit trying to be and fast and deadly, instead of just letting those punches naturally flow fast and deadly. I give his performance a C. I bet Canelo is looking forward to rumbling with a changed-his-style James Kirkland. Thirty-four seconds were enough time to see that he needs his old trainer, Ann Wolfe back. Nothing against new trainer Adams. Enough said! Holla!

-brownsugar :

My 16 year old p4p beauty and top student Grand daughter thought Alvarez was cute enough to watch the entire fight. ..personally I can't see it but Alvarez obviously has appeal. could you believe the way they booed Ricky Hatton when they put him on camera??... he seemed to take it well and laughed it off. The Brittons got a moral victory by Mathew surviving the entire 12 rounds.

-the Roast :

@Brownsugar, I think I've changed my mind after last night. The kid may still have a bright future but I don't think he can beat Cotto or Margarito at this point. Those two would make him go to war and I dont think he could hang. Maybe Clottey but only cuz Clottey doesn't throw enough punches to win on points. Matt the Hatt was not really trying to win that fight. He was just trying to go 12 but I think Alvarez should have knocked him out.

-Radam G :

Ditto the Roast. Matt da Hatt should have used his shiny noggin to blind da kid. Oops! My bad! I musta fo'got dat da noggin blinder is da Desert Storm, not Magic Matt. But Matt may wanna get out of doing magic. He's terrible. The red-haired Canelo wasn't fooled by a single optical illusion of the Redcoat baldy. Dude shoulda used his head -- one or two times. The referee probably would called it accidental headbutt. Didn't some lady get accidently butted in the audience? Hehehehehehe! The Roast is quite the comedian. Holla!

-Fe'Roz :

Verdict: Not impressed. Hatton was a 'name' only opponent. Matthew is an entirely undistinguished pro who posed zero threat to Canelo and the kid did not finish him off despite trying. Impressed by his own thudding blows, he failed to capitalize and in truth never really had Hatton in what you can call serious trouble. With no head movement at all, the kid is an accident waiting to happen. A seasoned pro with power will reveal whether the now most hyped kid in oxing is the real thing or the next Victor Ortiz or Devon Alexander; men who when push came to shove, went back, not forward. I think we may be looking at another Fernando Vargas, which for now at least, will be an exciting prospect turned star to watch.

-brownsugar :

Roast, Canelo looked like fine wine knocking out the large and previously dangerous Baldomir,..giving the world the perception that he was a beast... it was a little surprising watching the lesser Hatton take his beating with so much aplomb and congeniality for twelve rounds,...plus he was savvy enough to fake a knockdown after getting hit on the break..he went down like basketball player trying to draw a foul.... is this going to become the routine go-to move for desperate boxers lol??.. The fight made me wonder how many 154 pounders M. Hatton could last 12 rounds with... Mayorga,.. Martinez,.. William...Dzinz.... Kirkland?? lol... not trying to be too critical of the kid Alvarez but managment will obviously have to take it real slow untill he grows into a true 154lb frame and develops into his "Man Strength".

-brownsugar :

There... he said it (Fe'Roz),.. without an ounce of sugar coating or unnecessary fillers.... sometimes the truth is best served RAW! .. yep it's going to be a full time job keeping this kid protected outside of his native country. (harder even than keeping Berto away from meaningful fights)

-the Roast :

They are gonna have to follow the Berto plan. Dont fight anyone good.

-Radam G :

I didn't wanna be a buzz-killing skeptic. Ditto to Fe'Roz for having my back on this. Canelo's pugilism has absolutely ZERO pimp. [In boxing Hip-Hop slanguage, pimp means impressive, showy game style.] But a lot of limp. [Boxing Hip-Hop slanguage for "falling way short of pimp."> Canelo is headed toward being a flash in the pant with a flash career. I'm reminded of another 20-year-old national Mexican-star hype from back in the day. Dude was a heavy-set short-in-height baseballer for the LA Dodgers. I don't recall his name. He straight-up fizzled because of the rushing of him to be a megastar. I see the same thing down the road with Canelo. One cannot drive a human like a sports car. Somebodee oughta step back and teach this kid and let him grow, then da sucka will be able to glow, and then know how to close a show. He needs a trainer of the likes of Nacho Beristein or Robert Garcia. Fading boxer Juan Manuel Marquez has already started trashing Canelo. JMM is such a jealous arse-hole. He didn't get the memo that boxers are supposed to be gentlemen and mentors to the newcomers. Da sucka doesn't understand the distinction between constructive criticism and being a punk-arse buster. JMM has lost his moral compass, and is overtrying to be the next opponent for Da Manny. If JMM doesn't chillax, Da Manny will once again ignore him for a third dance. At the most, boxers are frenemies of each other -- not jealous, trifling haters and braindead busters. JMM really needs to quit chugalugging his peepee. The sucka oughta get himself some detox sublingual liquid and some mountain ginger tea. They will clean up his psychological blindness and make him to better see. Hehehehehehehe! And that is REAL TALK! Holla!