Shane Mosley appeared on ESPN's Friday Night Fights, in a taped session with Brian Kenny.

Mosley was asked about fighters who kept going when they didn't have a lot left, and what he'd need to feel to know he didn't have it anymore. He said he'd need to lose his desire to fight, that would would make him exit the game.

Mosley said Pacquiao has good hand and foot speed, and he likes it that Pacquiao will come to him.

Teddy Atlas weighed in, and said that Mosley isn't even close to being the faster guy in this ring. If he has a chance, Atlas said, it'll come via the right hand, and if Pacquiao comes in a bit overconfident. Atlas indicated his chances are slim.

I'll go with slim, closer to “none” though. Manny is at the peak of his game, as strong and as fast and as confident as he'll ever be. Mosley, age 39,  might unleash a couple nice combos, dig in with a showy body shot, but I see him getting battered in the manner Oscar De La Hoya did when he tested the 32-year-old Congressman.

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-Radam G :

YUP! Da Manny will be coming to da Sugarman. Coming to knock his arse out. I'm reminded of the old movie, "Cotton Come Harlem." By Da Manny, straight out da Sugarman is gonna get laid. But at least, he'll be righteously paid. Da sucka knows JACK. Of course that's his dad. But a plan to beat Da Manny, they lack. And dat sugar sucka has an ole, wise genie in his corner, so all ain't bad. But I'm gonna try to sneak up in Camp Mosley and snatch genie Naazim's bottle or lamp or ring -- or wherever that darn genie sleeps. His fancy wits give me the creeps. There will be no Sugarman "swimming without gettin' wet." Sugar dissolves when it gets wet. Hum! I got it! That is why the genie Naazim wanted the Sugarman to swim without gettin' wet. WTF! Genie Naazim is too darn slick. He is a brilliantly burning sphere, not a flick. I may just bring a bucket of Mindanao seaweed water and splash the Sugarman's arse with it. Hehehehehe! I bet he would probably melt like the Wicked Witch of the West did when Dorothy inadvertently doused her with aqua. It won't be any "Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!" Or any "Bang, bang, bang, bang!" Or any fading after landing a Money-punch sneak-right hand that went awry. It will be Sugar Shane saying, "I'm meltin,' I'm meltin!" KaSPLASH! Leakage of the Sugarman all over dat squared circle. It's THC PacMan TIME! The Sugarman is all wet, and is fastly dissolving. For Sugar Shane, there is no more boxing heaven, he will be down and out by round seven. But being a man of my word, I believe that the fight will be over in the third. With that said, I've simply given SSM a courtesy seventh round. But I seriously doubt if he can hold that ground. Holla!

-the Roast :

Hahaha! Thats some good stuff there Radam. I still cant see Pac KOing Shane but he is gonna get hit alot. Maybe a late TKO with a busted face.