Next Big Thing Alvarez Is Overweight

AlvarezHattonFinalPC_Blevins12ACanelo is nearly two, count 'em TWO, pounds over the limit for his bout with Matt Hatt. This doesn't reflect well on the heavily hyped prospect. (Hogan)Weigh to go, Canelo.

Saul Alvarez weighed in at 151.8 pounds, with the contracted weight for his Saturday battle with Matthew Hatton set at 150 pounds. Alvarez was given two hours to peel off the weight and came back about an hour later weighing 151.4 pounds.

It is unclear whether he did much more than use the urinal a couple of times.

The fight, for the WBC's vacated 154 pound crown, will go on, with Alvarez (35-0) having to give up a portion of his purse to Hatton (41-4), who weighed 149.6 pounds.

Hatton will get an extra $35,000 from Canelo's $350,000 purse, the LA Times reported, and the California Commission will retain $35,000 from Alvarez' take.

We shall see how using this page from the Floyd Mayweather playbook works for the 20 year old Mexican, who has been hyped to the heavens by his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya.

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Radam G :

Hum! We Be Conning -- WBC -- is in full of effect. And GBP is gettin' on it feature Hollywood-like movie special effects. Get more butts in those seats and eyeballs watching the tube by making Matthew Hatton look like he has a chance, because the most dangerous red head on the planet got a weight problem and thus, has given the Redcoat bald head a chance in this one-sided dance. Hehehehehe! Lmfao! RIGHT! The Cali commission should have staged this bout on the upcoming Pops Joy May reality show against Pops James Mosley. Holla!

teaser :

that is so unprofessional....looks like he did not even try to lose that 1.5 lb can spit that out in 2 hrs... what a lack of respect ...kid needs to smarten up ....more weight problems are coming for him in the future ..first time i saw him i thought he didn't look "lean enough" ....

brownsugar :

one thing the young can't stop.....growth spurts. Alvarez has been struggling for the last year and a half to get down to 147, least he didn't try to starve himself unnaturally like DLH and Cotto did. Hatton won't be a problem, he's not even on his brothers level as far as skill and conditioning is concerned. However juniormiddle is going to be an extremely dangerous place for Alvarez to be.. I heard rumors that he wanted Cotto... bad move as Cotto still has plenty left and possesses far better boxing ability. It's going to take skillful management to keep Canelo around in the 154 picture without a loss, too many talented boxers there... but there is a paper champ or two Alvarez can be safely matched with like Bundrage. Best thing GBP can do for Alvarez is to set up an all Mexican Showdown with Chavez Junior...that could be a huge PPV event.... but Chavez has been reluctant to fight Alvarez even at his own natural weight of 160 Canelo has been extremely verbal in his scathing criticizm regarding Chavez Jr riding his dads coat-tail......Personally I'd like to see Berto vs Alvarez at 154,.. I know it sounds off the wall but Berto had to lose some of his muscular bulk just to stay at 147,... and he's been challenging Cotto at 154 anyway. a Berto/Alvarez fight should be a natural.

the Roast :

I read somewhere that Promoter Ricky Hatton(there's only one) was gonna pull his bro outta there if the kid came in over 150. I guess in this case money talks and bullshit doesnt walk.

brownsugar :

the fight is on Hatton agreed to take the money.