Showtime boxing analyst Al Bernstein called the Miguel Acosta-Brand Rios WBA Lightweight Title match  “a classic, fought in a weight division that could produce other classics in the coming months and years.”  He added, “That was our kick-off Showtime Championship Boxing match of 2011 and it turned out to be one of the most skillfully fought and most exciting matches the lightweights have seen in years.”

Bernstein was at the mic for what many call the greatest lightweight title match of all time, the 2005 battle between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo. “I received tweets and e-mails from many people comparing this match to Corrales-Castillo,” Al said, “and this one also ended by stoppage in the 10th round.”

On May 7th Bernstein will be at ringside to call the rematch of what many thought was the fight of the year in 2010—when WBC Lightweight Champ Humberto Soto defends his crown against Urbana Antillon. That fight is part of the Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley Showtime Pay per View.  Soto’s decision win over Antillon received a number of fight of the year awards. “The lightweight division is one of the best in boxing,” Al concluded.


Fans can now find Al Bernstein on twitter. Go to @AlBernstein and get Al’s behind the scenes tweets that give you up to date inside information on the boxing world.  “It’s a great way to instantly communicate information and ideas and I love the interaction with everybody,” Al said.

A special preview show of the March 12 Miguel Cotto-Ricardo Mayorga Showtime Pay per View event will debut on on March 7. The show will include predictions from major boxing personalities, interviews with Cotto and Mayorga and Al Bernstein’s keys to victory. Al will be ringside to call that March 12 card on Showtime PPV, along with Steve Albert and Antonio Tarver

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-Isaiah :

Hey, someone has to take over the lightweight division since Juan Manuel Marquez's days in it have to be seriously numbered whether it's due to age or weight which are guaranteed to both increase. By the way, after a few entertaining rounds and Pacquiao finally becomes the first one to stop Shane OLDsley making him finally irrelevant, who has the better odds of being Manny's next opponent, Andre Berto or Tim Bradley? Both names don't thrill me, but at least they're relevant. Of course, I still have all kinds of respect for Sugar Shane and wouldn't put it past the man to shock the world because he's at least a warrior through and through unlike some divas we know of in boxing.