DZINZIRUK Says Martinez “Nothing Special”

Quotes from today’s media conference call featuring Sergiy Dzinziruk

NEW YORK, NY (Mar. 1, 2011) – Today’s media conference call featured WBO Jr. Middleweight Champion, Sergiy “Razor” Dzinziurk  in advance of his “Diamond Elite” clash with Middleweight Champion, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez on March 12 from the MGM Grand Arena at Foxwoods, airing live on HBO World Championship Boxing. Also on the call were Dzinizruk’s co-trainer, Buddy McGirt; his advisor, Harry Kazandjian; Josh Roy from Banner Promotions, his co-promoter; and Lou DiBella, the promoter of the event.

Below are quotes from the call’s participants:

WBO Jr. Middleweight Champion, Sergiy “Razor” Dzinziruk:

“It makes me very excited to know they think that highly of me. I want to thank HBO for making this fight happen. It’s a lifetime opportunity for me. I’m looking forward to fighting Sergio Martinez.”

“So far, no problems with my weight, and I feel comfortable with this weight. I’m fighting big sparring partners. Yes, I’m a 154-pounder but I’m going to fight at 160 and let’s see what happens. I feel very confident with this weight.”

“I’ve mentioned before that 30 is just a number. I feel like I’m 20 years old and I want to keep fighting and winning titles. I’m very comfortable at my age.”

“I don’t do anything out of the ordinary except live a clean life. I’ve had the same training regimen and have just added to it with experience. The main thing is discipline. If something is not right, I don’t do it.  Fighting is my life, my world. All I know is how to box. I make sure my lifestyle – my health – I take care of. I’m healthy. I love fighting and want to win a few more titles. I have great discipline.”

“We have watched (tapes) in the past and more recently of Sergio’s fights. He is a great fighter and a great champion, but there’s nothing special. He is just another fighter in front of me and I hope to win.”

“With Buddy McGirt we have our game plan. We’re not thinking about what Sergio can do, we’re thinking about what we can do. There will be a lot of surprises, lots of pressure on Sergio, (for me) to win the fight.”

Dzinziruk’s Co-Promoter, Josh Roy of Banner Promotions:

“Lou and Team Martinez have reasons to be worried. Everybody knows Lou doesn’t say something like that lightly. Sergiy is the best junior middleweight in the world. He is 37-0 with 24 knockouts. He’s never lost; he doesn’t know how to lose. And it’s not like he’s been protected, he’s 7-0 in world title fights. He has made a concerted effort t to come here (to the United States).”

“I want to credit Lou, Team Martinez and Sergio. He didn’t take a soft touch after fighting Paul Williams. He’s going all out.”

“We have complete confidence in Sergiy. He’s bringing his A game; it’s all he knows. HBO will be pleased with the outcome, how it looks, and it’ll highlight Sergiy as a star.”

“I want to thank HBO, Foxwoods and DiBella Entertainment for the opportunity to get Sergiy this fight, on behalf of Banner Promotions and Gary Shaw Promotions.”

“A lot has been made of weight because Sergiy is a junior middleweight. Sergio was a junior middleweight until (three fights ago when he fought Paul Williams (in their first fight). Essentially, they’re the same weight and have been for most of their careers. It’s not like Manny Pacquiao fighting Oscar de la Hoya.”

Dzinziruk’s Advisor, Harry Kazandjian:

“We’re very excited to be on the air with HBO. As Josh and Lou mentioned, it’s a tough fight for both fighters, Sergio as well as Sergiy. Sergio has proven that he’s the man in the (middleweight) division. We have all of the confidence in Sergiy. There will only be one winner at the end of the night. We wish both, good luck. “

“We hope to win. Sergiy has trained hard and March 12th American fans will see where he’s been all these years. Today is Sergiy’s birthday. We’ll celebrate that a little later, He’s turning 35. A few days ago it was Sergio’s birthday.”

Dzinziruk’s Co-Trainer, James “Buddy” McGirt:

“I want to thank Harry, Sergiy and his camp for bringing me onboard. I respect Sergiy. He said that he wanted to maintain his trainer for the past 37 fights (Olesksander Polishchuk). I said I was here to help, not take anybody’s job. I have no ego and it’s an honor for me to work with guys like him. At the beginning (training together), they looked at me, but as time went on they picked-up everything. I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to work with Sergiy.”

“He (Sergiy) is down with precision punches. You’d think he was a typical European fighter but he isn’t. He has a phenomenal jab and a better left – the difference in this fight. You see guys sparring, no, they’re more awkward than Sergio. It took them a round to figure them out and then Sergiy was dancing to his beat.”

“Sergio Martinezx is a great fighter with great hand speed. We’re working on certain tools to eliminate his speed and make our game plan better than him.”

“The key to defending an opponent with hand speed is to nullify it, not out-speed ‘em. Sergiy has the perfect punch to nullify – his right jab. I heard about it but didn’t believe it until I saw it. The jab controls the temp and makes him (opponent) think and then, it’s a whole different ball game.”

Promoter of “Diamond Elite”, Lou DiBella:

“We have a great event March 12th at Foxwoods. The undercard is terrific with HBO televising the fight between Andy Lee and Craig McEwan in ‘Celtic War’ – top Irishman versus top Scotsman prospects. There’s some tremendous talent on the undercard with Javier Fortuna fighting Golden Boy Promotions’ Derrick Wilson; ‘Boo Boo’ Andrade is one of the best prospects; Thomas Dulorme is one of the best young fighters out there.”

My champion, Sergio Martinez, is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters. He has another beast in front of him for the fifth time in a row. Since the beginning I’ve said I didn’t like this fight. Technically, he (Dzinziruk) is one of the best I’ve seen. The kid is very sound. This is his toughest fight and probably the toughest fighter Sergio has faced.  Sergiy isn’t well known here but he is the top ’54 pounder. It’s a terribly difficult fight for Sergio but it’s what he wants. HBO has very good fight. I’m worried but I have faith in my champion who understands the challenge.”

“The $50.00 tickets are completely sold out. Affordable $75.00 tickets are available but I’m anticipating that they’ll be going fast. Tickets are going well.”

Tickets for “Diamond Elite: Martinez vs. Dzinziruk” are priced at $450, $250, $125, $75, and $50 and are available now through the MGM Grand at Foxwoods box office. Tickets can be purchased online at, by calling the box office at 1-866-646-0609, or in person at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods box office.

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SuzanDishongc :

I was searching about this as well. Would like see more thoughts about this issue from you guys.

Radam G :

There is still a very BIG question mark about Martinez. He's aight! But don't forget that 2010 was his BIG ole FRIEND. He caught 25 percent of the real Kelly Pavlik. Seventy-five percent of KP was drunk like a mutha and getting a BIG BUZZ from juicing on wine and beer. With Paul Williams, everybodeee and dey mommas shoulda saw his arse-thrashing coming. Dude had looked like crap in his previous two bouts. Not that he was ever that sharp anyway. I would not be surprised to see Sergio Martinez get a gift or straight-up, easily beat. Holla!

AlleneTulli :

Hey,man. Nice post. I have read a number of your informative post, thanks for sharing.

Isaiah :

You all know Sergio Martinez is the REAL deal. Don't be surprised if this 36 year old man takes over on top of the pound for pound list. Sergio has skills to spare and hasn't had a so called "soft touch" in a long time. What does the man have to do to get some respect around here? He knocked out and outpointed Kermit Cintron in the same fight and still could only walk away with a draw due to corrupt judges. Sergio than gets robbed in a close fight with Paul Williams, moves up in weight, takes the title from the legit champ Kelly Pavlik who NO EXCUSES are needed. Don't start making stuff up after the fight about Kelly wasn't at his best. Waaah! He lost fair and square. After that, Sergio cuts through former "conquerer" and SERIOUS THREAT Paul Williams like he was butter in 2010's best knockout! Now, instead of going after a soft touch in his first title defense, Sergio is taking on a top ten, undefeated junior middleweight. Add that with Sergio's fighting style which is an entertaining blend of slick boxer with explosions of brawler and what's not to like? Don't be mad when Sergio puts another threat to shame. He's just that good and has only truly been beaten by Antonio Margarito. Now, who would you all favor in a Martinez/Margarito rematch? Thought so... Manny better watch out because Sergio's shooting for the top.

the Roast :

We have a Suzan in the house? Let me get my guitar. (clears throat,sings beautifully) Just yesterday mornin, they let me know you were gone. Suzan the plans we made put an end to you. Oh I've seen fire and I've seen rain...Ok, I'll stop before everyone falls in love with the Roast. I for one am done underestimating Sergio Martinez. At his age I have no idea how long he can keep this up but right now he's gonna be tough to beat. That speed and awkward darting in and out style cant be duplicated by a sparring partner. I only saw one fight from the other guy but he seems very stiff to me. Sergio will be a tough out for anyone. He must be good cuz I havent heard anyone from the Pacman camp calling for an historic middleweight title try. If he were not all that, Pac would take a shot at history cuz that's how he rolls.

ultimoshogun :

Haha, classic Roast..good to see you got over afisherg! I haven't seen this Dzinziruk fella fight, but I do remember brownsugar saying this fight would be closer than some thought, and DiBella seems to agree so he must be the real deal.

the Roast :

Ahh, the fish that got away. (bows head)

teaser :

i say dzinziruk is nothing special .... i agree looking at him fight he looks kinda stiff and straight forward ....can't see Sergio having a big problem with him