Dear Floyd Mayweather, Ditch The Gambling, And Do What You Say You Do The Best…Box!

Floyd MayweatherNo one is asking you to follow in Pacquiao's foot-steps. That'd be impossible, as Manny seems to be a once in an era sort of icon. But if you lose the gambling, the partying, all that, and get back to what you do best, box, then we think your legacy will be substantial. As of today, we are not so sure of that…(Hogan Photos)Dear Floyd Mayweather:

Hope you had a fine birthday on Thursday.



Hope you don't mind me saying, that's sort of old for a boxer. Even an ultra special one like you.

Hey, I'm 41, I mean no offense. But I'm in a business, where in theory at least, I get better as I get older. Makes sense..with age often comes wisdom, or at least, accrued experience and knowledge.

But as I get older, Floyd, I realize that the adage “with age comes wisdom” is flawed. That isn't the case much of the time. I know too many elders who by virtue of their years, should be rivaling Confucius with their wisdom. Yet they cling to antiquated notions, dispelled myths, tired ways. It saddens me when I see this nation and its citizens pursuing paths that bring them farther away from peace, serenity, happiness, and instead see people seeking to enrich themselves by acquiring, and earning their way to the promised land.

Hey, I'm no commie, Floyd. I see the bright side to the capitalist system, but as currently practiced, with the kingpins on Wall Street calling the shots in DC, our nation has by and large gone off the rails. We bail out the racketeers who boldly, without thought of the welfare of any but themselves, engineered schemes to enrich their bottom lines with a zealousness for excess that rivals Charlie Sheen. And though the crews at Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, Citi etc all engaged in book-keeping tricks which should land their shifty showrunners in prison, all have gotten off scot-free, and continue to engage in their systematic campaign to pillage, plunder, cheat and loot every dollar bill that isn't nailed down. Yes, the smart ones in those outfits knew damn well that they were selling oregano to dopey buyers, but shrugged off the shifty deals with a shrug of the shoulders, a reference to “caveat emptor” and a quote from Ayn Rand. Even if their conduct doesn't meet the definition of felony, at the very least, their ethical and moral boundaries have been proven to be wickedly off kilter, or absent.

Oops, sorry for the digression Floyd. I do have a point to my rant…and it does involve you.

I've been following your arc for years now. And I have to say, by this point in your life, I figured that you would have “got it.” I would have figured that you would have wised up. Floyd, you may well be the most talented pugilist of this, and maybe a few other generations. (I use the word “pugilist” deliberately, as in my mind, there is a clear difference between a “pugilist,” who engages in combat in a manner which the term “sweet science” is applicable, and “fighter,” who brings a whole different set of traits, mostly of character, to the table.”) But Floyd, on a daily basis, you fritter away your claim to greatness.

I'm not sure what you did for your birthday on Thursday, but judging by your social media output, I'm guessing it involved no boxing, or training. There was probably gambling involved, though, and I must put it out there, this gambling jones of yours worries me.

Hey, you might be saying aloud right now, I don't need you to worry about me, Woods. I got my stacks, Jack. What you got?

Well, I have some insight into human nature, especially in the area of addiction. I had a much misspent youth, when I went down paths in search of happiness, and serenity and fun, paths which proved to be hardcore dead ends. And to be frank, I see in you–and forgive me if I misread you and your situation, I am admittedly taking stock from afar–some really, really troubling behavior.

I'm not even talking about the brushes with the law, the fights with the security guards and the mother of your kids. Those are well documented, if slightly glossed over by enablers and fightwrite media who don't want to rock the boat of access.

I'm referring to the gambling.

Many of us became aware of your fondness for rolling the dice when in April 2010's Mayweather-Mosley 24/7, we saw you referring to winning $30,000 betting on basketball.

Back in December 2009, you admitted that you'd lost, as well.

“Two weeks ago I won like a million (dollars),” said Mayweather to Joe Buck on his HBO show, “that was across a week of games, Monday night, Sunday, and Thursday. I didn’t lose a million (this week), but I lost a couple hundred thousand.”

Lately, you've taken to putting snapshots of his winning tickets on Twitter. Your followers see your winning ticket from the Feb. 10 Mavericks-Nuggets game, on which you won $45,000-plus, after wagering $50Gs.

“Why would I ever show a losing ticket when I'm 41-0,” you wrote after a follower asked you about those bets that you lost.

Now, what you do on your own time is your business. Of course, you are a public figure, so your conduct is fair game for folks like me to assess and comment upon. Especially considering you are the man who purports to be the greatest of all time.  Remember when you said, “In my era, it's totally different. It's pay per view now, so things change. It's out with the old and in with the new. Like I said, Muhammad Ali is one hell of a fighter. But Floyd Mayweather is the best. Sugar Ray Robinson is one hell of a fighter. But Floyd Mayweather is the best.”

That may be so. I don't personally think so, but Floyd, you'd better make your case for your fabulousness if you spent more time boxing, and less time bragging about your gambling prowess.

Floyd, it may be cool in the circles you run in, but the “I'm an ace gambler, look at the piles of loot I won because I guessed which basketball team would win their game” thing really doesn't resonate with most of us. I'm not Dr. Drew, but having spent a fair amount of time delving into the nature of addiction, whether it be to drugs, booze, food, or gambling on basketball games, it looks like maybe you are trying to fill a void, and flood your brain with happiness chemicals thru gambling. I get it…it's a thrill when you win. But the pleasure is short lived, and you are on a never-ending treadmill following that high. You fool no one, except perhaps some impressionable kids who are entranced by your blingy existence, and your boasts that you never lose gambling. Everyone does. Everyone. You are a special boxer, Floyd, but in the gambling realm you are one of a billion. You win some big, and you lose more, but you just don't brag about the bum picks.

That bragging, and that throwing money up in public places and watching the ham 'n eggers dive for bills, and the flashing of the wads of bills, and the birthday cake in the form of a stack of greenbacks, it all makes me sad. You could be doing what you do best, and try to bolster your legacy by making that Manny Pacquiao fight happen, but instead you are posturing, and trying to make an impression on people with your supposed fortune. While Pacquiao sends a message with his service, as a Congressman in the Philippines and his desire to lift up the impoverished in his nation, you advertise your net worth. And the kids eat that up. Just like they eat up the lifestyle of the Wall Streeters who brought our country to the economic brink, and then needed taxpayer money to get bailed out, so they can rinse and repeat, and start up the whole greedy exercise again.

Floyd, you could be an antidote. There is still time. Ditch the easy thrills of the gambling and nightlife. This country is in a major league state of unease. You might have heard about the issues in Wisconsin. The Governor there wants to abolish the right of public sector union members to bargain as a collective. He says his state's budget is in the dumps, and that teachers, cops, firefighters should sacrifice for the cause. He suggested this right after he handed WI corporations a sweet tax break, despite the fact that 2/3 of them pay no taxes. It is time for leaders, in all walks of life, to fight for regular folks. Floyd, I'm not asking you to run for Governor, or Congress. But I see you, and what you could be, and I get bummed out.

I realize this could all come off as a self righteous rant. But as I said before, I've been no angel. I think I sort of get where you are coming from, believe it or not. But I also get where you are capable of going, and root for you to get there. Put the kibosh on the gambling, and the partying with the posse, and the silly nickname; that stuff is fun, but what it feeds you is false. Those are momentary thrills, lacking in substance. You are capable of much, much more.

Good luck.


Michael Woods

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-Radam G :

That was COLD, Editor M. What is this? In last week of this month of luv, put da SLAMMY on my favorite pugilists. Masterweaver F-Lo got up into Da Manny's grill. All because Da Manny is the world's most popular THRILL. When the world was smaller, Irish GOAT Ali was certainly at the top of the hill. But in this day and time, with social media outlets on 90 percent of the globe and population growth, the GOAT Ali popularity has stood still. He has few new non-boxing fans or even the fanfaronades under 30 years old. That is very easy to check out with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YourSpace, real space and any other type of space. The fans of Da Manny are 3 years old to 113 years old. And, once again, those who are 30 years old and below, who never been around boxing, don't know of and/or never heard of GOAT Ali. But they have heard of Da Manny and know exactly what he does and where he is from. Ask them who GOAT Ali is, and they will tell you somebody from "Arabia or Africa." Older peeps are dead wrong for assuming that youth know and think what the elders think. There are a lot of readers up in da hizouseee tranferring their thoughts and perceptions on the youth. Just based on the amount of peeps who have been born -- about 4bil and have died 2.5 bil -- common thought should tell a person that Da Manny is more known and popular. Of the people of the world who has never expressed much interest about boxing, they don't know who in the heck is Jack Johnson or Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Robinson or Jack LaMotta. Enough of that. When it comes to Money May, don't believe da HYPE! As his father and uncle are, so is Money May -- a straight up bullspitter! If he bets 3,000 bucks, he is going to exaggerated it to 30,000 or 300,000 for the shock value and amazement of his groupies and fanfaronades. Sometimes when he is letting it rain -- like at one his WWE fake beatdown of Big Hurt [or whatever dat joka's name was -- the 1,000,000-dollar bills, the 100,000 ones and the 10,000, 1,000, 500 and 100 were FAKE! Money May is a showman and a showoff and stingy like five bugabears and 30 muthasuckers. C'mon! Money May luvs to play games. You already know. The dude will get 15-20mil in a bout, but will holla to everybodeee, dey momma, dey brother and sista, that he made 40 or 50mil. Money May, after burning up and wasting so much of his money when he was 24 years old and up to 31 years old, is now tightwad and fibbing about big spendin' and sendin.' It is all called BIG IMAGE building because that is what the fans want to hear. Tons of fighters lie about how much money that they made and gambled. Money May is not a high risk taker in squared jungle or in the gambling culture. He won't ever be on skidrow from gaming gambling. Remember how people use to say that Micheal Jordan was gambling away all his money. Dude would do $10,000 but let the media say hundreds of thousands. Oh YUP! Money May is getting long in the tooth, but is stay deep in the pockets and has a lot of ZEROES behind the ones and twos on his Bankrolls. Money May got the PRIZES of life on lock. The PRIDE is for another day. Holla!

-PacquiaovsMosley :

Happy Bday Floyd. We want you to fight Pacquiao.

-brownsugar :

personally I still can't understand the compulsion to gamble... I can understand why people want to fill their crackpipes,.. heroin syringes and liquor glasses,.. but gambling... I just don't get it. Yeah Mayweather has gotten into some precarious situations with his sometimes buffoonish behavior... but compared to the likes of Linsay Lohan, Sheen, and many other so-called elite celebrities he's a boyscout. ...And Manny is not a good standard to hold Mayweather to because he has enough skeletons in his closet to fill a small cemetary too. The will to complete is not anything that we can browbeat into a fighter... if he doesn't have the will,.. or desire... which he has said oft times to various confidants who leak this info on the web... then he should just quit.

-brownsugar :

I beg to differ RG,.. The reason why Pacquiao is not even a distant 2nd to Ali as far as fame and historic relevance is concerned is because Ali had the misfortune of being born into an era of tumultuous strife and social upheaval. the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing and would continue to cascade around the globe to places as distant as Russia, Bosnia, China, Mindanao and eventually South Africa (and hopefully Dafur).....continuing up to our present times (look at Egypt) ... President Ferdinand Marcos asked for the Thrilla in Manilla to take place in Quezon City because he thought it would help quell the growing unrest in Mindanao...later the first multilevel Mall in the Phillipines would be built in Quezon City and named the "Ali Mall".... so saying that Filipino's didn't know who Ali was is like saying that the Filipino people were so primative that they didn't know what "fire" or the "wheel" was either...... Is Manny the current P4P #1 Yes,.. and is he currently and immensely popular fighter... Yes again, absolutely... but Pac never had to face one single day in jail,.. or go on trial for what he believed in,.. that's the difference between Ali and Pacman... If the times were different and Manny was forced to make a choice between boxing or fighting for his civil rights... I'm sure he would have made the right choice.... but it was never an option.....But it's those choices that has placed Ali into a completely different stratophere as far as his life having a global impact outside the ring..... in addition to Ali being added to elementry and middle school history books so that the younger generations who came after him could know what he stood for. And it's those choices that have endeared him to multiple generations worldwide... it's also the reason why 8 DVDs have been released about Ali in the past decade...I'm still looking for first Pacman DVD that I don't have to special order.....the only other athletes that I'm aware of making it into a Public School History book is Jack Johnson, Jackie Robinson...and Marciano If you google "the worlds most famous boxer",.. Manny is listed around 9 or 10 on several lists with Tyson always coming in at a close second.

-isidro :

happy bithday Floyd... The cake is can't have it and eat it too. "money" spells incorrectly [might spoiledyour special day.Notice it even during the day of your celebration,an invitation to fight him in the ring was sent.seemingly true .How come no candle/s on it? just a precautionary thinking it might get burnAgain share your cake among the boxing people and the hardcore andnot with your fansonly...KINDLY PLEASE FIGHT IT NOW IN THE RING ./ B]

-aragornn23 :

@brownsugar You're correct on most of what you said about the comparison between Ali and Pacquiao. They are in totally different situations and Pacquiao doesn't have to make choices like Ali did. But then again, they are in very different situation. How are you going to expect Manny to be at par with Ali in terms of opportunities when Ali is an American in America where everything is almost possible in a whim. Manny came from a Third World country with widespread poverty and he has to work his way up from practically nothing and then work his ass off to penetrate a country where Ali was born and lived. They both have their own huge struggles but the mention of the DVDs is kinda LAME though, you had a very good argument until you mention that. Once again Ali is an American in America and Pacquiao is a Filipino from the Philippines. Got the difference now? But both are absolute Greats in their own right for sure..

-Radam G :

I expected for you to differ, as my Pacland kakabayans expected, B-Sug. [You are an ex American military man who was fed the Armed Forces status agreement pact made with the Marcos government and tons of propaganda about clans and tribes of the Philippines.] The truth is not always easy to accept. But I'm going to throw it to you. Even in Muslim Quiapo City, adjacent to Metro Manila, ninety percent of the Muslims there didn't know Muhammad Ali, the American boxer. They had not ever even seen a boxing match. [Besides doing the 1970s, 80 percent of the Philippine Islands did not have electricity, telephones or any form of communication, other than word of mouth by boat and ship travelers. Back then one area of greater Metro Manila would be modern and up to date, but next to it -- places like Tondo City and Quiapo City -- the population would be in the 17 century. The Marcos government use to hide areas of dirt, poor Manilans by having high walls built around them, and corrupted militias restricting them from mingling with and/or being seen by tourists and American GIs.] The other 10 percent of Muslims didn't accept GOAT Ali as a true Muslim. Don't believe the propaganda of his world-wide heroism and visability. The Ali Mall in Manila is named after the great Mohammed Ali Akbar al-Mu'Barak. He brought Islam to the Philippines from modern-day parts of Pakistan/India/Afgahnistan/Bangladesh. Rumors and propaganda fly strongly by American GIs of color that the mall was named after the GOAT Ali for having boxed there. Who told them that? Did they check with the Pinoy Muslim autonomous athorities? Or any Filipino government officials or builders. I doubt it, strongly. Rumors and myths are formed from any assumption. And when it is good publicity, the powers that be like believers of it believe it. Especially if the bucks are rolling in. Ali Mall has made mad moola from Americans because of a Myth. The AmerKanos never asked why a single photo or merchandise of GOAT Ali were never found there. You fail to realize, that Joe Frazier was the Manila fan favorite. Holla at the old films and see how the GOAT Ali was booed when he was introduced to the crowd. But for Smokin' -- soon in that match to chokin' on his blood -- Joe Frazier, the crowd wide ballastic. If you have ever been to Metro Manila, you noticed that Golden Dome Mosque in Quiapo City. I'm not going to get into my esteem Filipino-ness. But at the time, that GOAT Ali fought in "The Thrilla in Manila, he was a member of the American Nation of Islam, a racist cult that Filipino Muslims had zero tolerance for. The vast majority of Filipino Muslims did not accept him as a brother in faith, and saw him as "a CIA agent with cover as a boxing champion" to help uplift the image of Marcos. Just so you will know. A large Muslim community was adjacent to Olongapo City/Subic Bay. Hajar al Abyad is what the Filipino Muslims know it as. You GIs called it White Rock. You are probably well schooled about your country, people, tribes, dynasty and origin. So am I about my mine. The whole area of greater Manila was a Muslim stronghold until the Spaniard conquered it. They renamed the Muslim city "Mamahallah" -- meaning "That Which Belong To God" -- Maynila. The birthplace Island of Da Manny is Mindanao or what the Muslims/Moros call Min Din Nabi -- meaning "From the faith of the Prophet." Let me break it down. On the island of Luzon, where Manila and Olongapo City are, a South Asia Muslim brought Islam to the P-Islands. In southern Philippines, Moors/Maurs from modern-day Mauritania and Morocco brought Islam there. The Greatest of All Times Muhammad Ali is accepted world-wide by Muslims now, because he has converted to Sufism. But during most of the 1970s and early 1980s, he was shunned because of his strong belief and commitment to the African American cult of race-bait Islam. I'm a protege of GOAT Ali. And will always give him the maximun luv and mad respect. But he told to always tell the TRUTH. Da Manny is a BIGGER draw than he was by almost double, because that is the increase in the world population and it has 98 percent global communication. During the active boxing era of the GOAT Ali, the world was local based and with only communication to 40 percent of areas of the globe. As late as 1981, 60 percent of the population didn't even know that the world was round and had other people outside of their ethnicities, tribes and regions. If you could have only understood what Pinoys from the provinces and mountain were saying when they saw AmerKanos for the very first time in the 1980s. Holla!

-brownsugar :

thanks for the comments aragornn33,.. like you say a good percentage of the best fighters come from third world countries and impoverished areas all over the world....Pac has found monumental success in the U.S. and commands huge turnouts in the largest venues in the country...while enjoying a paycheck that most fighters can only dream about.... All because he's an all-out all-action warrior who brings it all to the ring... you should be proud if your Pinoy... and happy if your a boxing fan... but nobody expects Pac to duplicate the things Ali times it seems like Fate...History... God... or whatever you want to call it picks certain people and puts them into extraodinary circumstances.......circumstances that eventually embellishes them in history forever... Ali was just one of those people.. if anything... Pac is enriched... not dimmished by the life of Ali.

-the Roast :

My stance on Floyd is simple. He's not an active fighter. It's over. We all have to move on.

-brownsugar :

Well said Roast.... and happy birthday to you too Floyd... you non-fightin mutha f@%#!*.....

-brownsugar :

Thanks for the comments RG, I did see the booing at the beginning of thefight and wondered why..but the audience was digging Ali after he started "performing" . Good comments

-Fe'Roz :

I enjoyed reading your post, Radam. Very informative. I do agree that Manny is better known by more people in absolute terms. The internet allows for far greater access, depth and reach of information and knowledge. But I must submit that all things are relative and that fame today is by definition far more global. Ali, I think you'll agree, was pretty damn famous for any man in his time. He did not have the benefit, thought, or need...of any further media to extend his already prodigious noteriety and fame. I say noteriety because he was indeed loathed in many quarters despite his achievements in the ring. As for Manny, he is a true star and, yes, a global phenomenon. The Filipino internet audience alone is arguably greater than all who even followed boxing in Ali's times. And his character and demeanor outside of the ring has won him fans from the smallest villages to the White House. Not bad for any man let alone a little man who boxes. He is special. we should all enjoy and appreciate his presence as long as he stays on the stage.

-Radam G :

I'm glad that you like it, Fe'Roz. But holla at us more often so that we can appreciate ya witty posts and wisdom. Man, we were gettin' ready to send the bloodhounds and special forces to hunt for ya! Hehehehehe! Holla!

-khoy :

It's really funny when someone is trying to be smart or something...ali mall is named after Ali the boxer not someone else.. after Ali commented that Philippines has no major shopping mall govt built this mall and named it after ali the me my grandfather is part of the project that time...

-khoy :

Don't be fooled by the informations given to you...

-Radam G :

The info is not hard to find in the age of rapid, reliable info and WiliLEAKS. Nobody needs to listen to manufactured nonsense or glorified propaganda in person or on the web nowadays. Don't be fooled by someone trying to impressed upon you that the Philippines did not have a major mall [palengke] in its major city until the late 1970s and named after an American boxer. {Next they will try to convince you that every Filipino Muslim with the name Muhammad Ali got it from GOAT Ali.} That would make absolutely no sense, since the Philippines have been an Asiatic shopping mecca for tourists long before "The Thrilla in Manila," and in the smallest of Philippine cities there are malls. Tons of tourists and business people come -- and have been coming -- from all over the world to buy Pinoy rare clothing materials of silk and pina, hand-weaved rug, all types of human hair to make those $5,000-dollar weaves and hair extentions worn in the U.S.A., Lazy Susans and just plain-old various types of woods, stones and medals for building and making carvings, houses and coffins, materials for making false teeth and implants, etc., etc. [I didn't want to say this, because we try not to speak badly of the dead or embarrass the living. But Marcos would not have ever allowed a Mall named after the GOAT Ali in Mandinao, less alone Manila, Luzon. As many Americans did not like the GOAT Ali for refusing the draft to fight in Vietnam, the Manilan power that be and most of the middle class hated him too, especially since Filipinos were serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and dying in Viet'Nam. I'm sad to say this, but you have a large, large group of Pinoys on Luzon around Manila who are straight prejudice to African Americans, though we have Pinoys who are considered black, especially by Arfican Americans. A reader posting "trust me my grandfather was a part of that time," is a properly [sic] a fake. If it (sic) were true, he'd have post to me in Pilipino, then went to English. We Filipinos -- in this Universe and the ones visiting it -- speak to each other in our native language, dialects and/or in code all the time. And just as every ethnic group on the planet, we have a couple of bigoted, racist knuckleheads flying through this new frontier of cyberspace to spit untrues and instigate. Besides money for modernizing the Ali Mall was provided to the Philippines by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. Next that reader may be posting that when Da Manny was working in construction as a young teenage, he worked on grandfather "k" project at that time.] What is the definition of a "shopping mall," anyway? A "palengke," as called by Filipinos. A "bazaar," as called by Middle Easterns and Arabs. Or it must be called "Mall" to satisfy enthnocentricism of busters and faders who didn't "modernize it, or pay one penny for its construction and believe that any Ali, who's spoken about in the Eastern Hemisphere must be the one born in the Western Hemisphere. Just holla at all the well-versed occupiers and/or foreign GIs, students and tourists who have been visiting, shopping, studying and/or residing in the Philippines --especially MANILA -- since the 1500s. That is how long Palengke ni Ali has been sitting in Manila. [Don't let somebody fool you into thinking that the Philippines is the Asian's Haiti --SUPER POOR, and needs to be saved from itself.] In this new world of cyberspace, you will have people popping up trying to slam selected countries as being backward and empty of any process and in need of foreign heroes. IMHO -- and in knowing my Pinoy-NESS -- they attack the Philippines because they cannot stomach the TRUTH and the pugilistic dominant of Da Manny. People have traveled from all over the world come to shop at and tour the "shopping malls" -- ancient and/or modern ones -- of the Philippines for ages. Clutter in cyberspace is no safe butter. Don't put it on your bread of thinking. Somebody may be giving you stuff that is stinking. I know what is a FEINT. And I know the veracity of a Pinoy SAINT. Movin' On! School is closed on this subject. Those who know the truth can tell it. And those don't, can't tell it. Holla!

-#1 PacFan :

The whole problem with Floyd is that the man is excessively jealous over Pacquiao in terms of fame. Can't anyone get the picture yet? He will never fight Pacquiao as I've said from the beginning. Everytime Manny Pacquiao's fight is announced Floyd tries to steal his limelight. I mean can't the man just grow up already cause he is acting like a child. If you aint going to fight the man then stop talking about the man it's that simple.

-brownsugar :

#1, nothing could be further from the truth... to suggest that Floyd was run out of the ring for fear of Pac is ludicrous at best...If anything he's just tired of the grind.....according to another site Floyd has been in discussion with Nelson Mandela's grand daughter. ...Nelson being a former amateur is a huge fight fan and has invited Floyd to his 93rd birthday party..(I'm sure Pac got an invite too). Nelson is very intent and adamant on seeing the fight made...... you never know.

-ultimoshogun :

I read that same article, brownsugar...Uncle Jeff also states in that interview that Team Mayweather still intends to make the Pacman fight happen, but I think a tune up fight this summer would be good for Floyd.

-brownsugar :

that'd be awesome!!!!!!!

-Radam G :

For a couple of years now, Uncle Jeff has been saying that Money May was ready to fight Da Manny. Uncle Roger have been saying that Money May would fight and beat Da Manny's arse. "I don't care what type of syet he got in hisself (sic)," Uncle Roger screams and cusses. "My nephew will kick his muthafu**in' a$$." [Not even in a dream.] Pops Joy May is the honest Mayweather to a degree. "My son will beat him easily," Joy says, while looking like a drug pusher who's makin' da BIG SCORE -- I mean looking like a scary pops telling da BIGGEST FIB of his life. "But I don't want my son to fight him. And I've told my son that....How in da F*** is midget-a$$ PacCow (sic) knockin out all these big mans (sic). Cause dat muthaf***** is on sumptin. And I'm concerned about my son's life. Fu** PacCow (sic)! Ain't gonna let dat sumabytch take my son's life!" [Danggit! CHILLAX, Joy! I nominate you for next year's Oscar. Good acting! I guess Joy must be getting into character for his upcoming reality show.] I'm with Joy. Da Manny is on serious whup-arse. And the Mayweather fam is on a serious Pink Elephant that they keep seeing the few times that they go to sleep. Most the time, they don't. It is probably because a serious case of oneirophobia, chariatanism and catagelophobia. With all that said, I hope that Money May has a good time presenting a good boxing show to Nelson Mandela. Holla!

-Bruidodow :

hi,i'm new here,so much need to learn