James Toney Cruises Past Damon Reed At San Manuel Casino

ToneyHolyfield4Stubborn fella, that Toney. He weighed in at 257 pounds, the most of his career, for the Reed fight, yet still insists he is after the crowns of the Klitschkos and Haye.

HIGHLAND, CA.-IBA heavyweight titleholder James “Lights Out” Toney carried extra baggage but it didn’t slow him down in cruising past Damon Reed by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Thursday.

After nearly two years away from the boxing ring Toney (73-6, 44 KOs) came in weighing the most of his career but still won every round against the constantly running Reed (45-15, 32 KOs) at San Manuel Casino. Fans were not pleased at Reed’s shyness toward combat.

Fans wanted a knockout but got a unanimous decision instead.

Reed might have figured that if he ran Toney would chase. He thought wrong. As the Kansas heavyweight moved quickly out of range, usually going as far away as possible, Toney ambled toward him nonchalantly then would fire a few body blows before Reed scootered away again.

Reed used the first three rounds to entice Toney to trail him as he scooted around the ring seldom firing punches. The champion scored with some blows to the body as Reed frantically moved away from getting too close. Toney motioned to Reed several times to engage as the crowd booed the lack of action.

The fight slipped into another gear in the fifth round as Reed stopped moving. Toney fired several combinations that landed through Reed’s gloves and four body blows that all connected.

Reed finally struck back with a strong counter right that connected flush in the seventh, but he absorbed several left hooks and overhand rights during a busier round. The eighth was a carbon copy of the seventh with Reed landing some rights in close and moving out of range.

Toney, who weighed in at plus-250, advanced forward in the ninth but Reed seemed unwilling to trade with the champion. Moving side to side and occasionally moving in for a jab was all the Kansas heavyweight seemed willing to do.

In the 10th and final round Reed opened up with some combinations with 10 seconds left in the fight and it was the only aggressive action he administered. Toney smiled at the effort but was disheartened at Reed’s lack of heat. All three judges scored it 100-90 for Toney.

“Thanks everybody for your support,” said Toney who was not surprised by Reed’s constant running.

Toney, who trained with Buddy McGirt for this fight, said it’s just the beginning for a run at winning the other heavyweight world titles.

“I want all of the titles,” Toney said.

Fans shouted their displeasure at Reed, a few at Toney, but most were there to see the legendary fighter ply his trade. He won easy.

Other bouts

In fight that looked lopsided on paper a fighter with no wins beat an undefeated fighter when Alfredo Rivera (1-7) took a majority decision from San Diego’s favored Angel Estrada (5-1) after four rounds of a see-saw junior welterweight clash. Right from the opening bell Rivera bored in with heavy blows that seemed to catch Estrada by surprise. He never could gain momentum against Rivera who never stopped winging big shots. One judge scored it 38-38 but the other judges had it 39-37 for Rivera. It was his first pro win after eight tries in five years.

Rivera had lost to several very talented fighters, including Cleotis “Mookie” Pendarvis.

Fresno’s Mike Ruiz (7-0-1) out-hustled Tijuana’s Daniel Modad (2-4) after four rounds of a featherweight bout between southpaws. Ruiz was shorter but quicker and fought most of the fight inside where Modad’s longer arms were not effective.

Heavyweight Enrique Lobatos (2-2-1) of Bell used two looping left hands to drop debuting Granson Clark (0-1) at 55 seconds of the second round. Lobatos and Clark exchanged feverishly in the first round but those left hands proved too much for the Fresno fighter who was counted out by referee Jack Reiss.

Despite dominating for three rounds Edther Arvizu (1-1) lost by disqualification after he and Shawn Wate (1-5) tangled up and Wate was tossed to the floor. Wate could not continue and referee Tony Crebs called the fight off at 27 seconds of the fourth round. The referee had warned Arvizu twice for holding. Wate was taken by stretcher for further evaluation.

New York City’s Jorge Teron (25-2-1, 17 KOs) scored a technical knockout win over Mexico’s Jose Soto Karass (19-16, 17 KOs) in a lightweight bout. Teron opened up a cut on Soto Karass’s left eye and it became worse by the second round. After a ringside physician evaluated the eye the fight was called off by referee Jack Reiss at the end of the second round. Soto Karass was unable to see out of the injured eye.

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-Radam G :

Danggit! The ex-superbad lights out man makes you wanna keep those lights out or break the bulbs. His fat arse cannot be in missed, but in the very black of the night. If I would have been at San Manuel Casino, I would have sneak up on the power circuit and KABOOM! Every dang light on that reservation woulda, coulda and shoulda been out. KaPOOP, like a double muthasucka, hehehehehehe! JT looks and sounds like a reincarnation of Tony Galento. WTF! A bronze TG! Where in da double heck is the reincarnation of the "Brown Bomber?" He would "murder da bomb." Holla!:D

-Radam G :

*Or that murda' da bum!" Holla!

-Robert Curtis :

LOL. Why are you using a skinny picture? Find the fattest one possible. Anyway, here was my take from an earlier post: They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing again and again and expect a different result. Well, I drove out to Highland, California to watch James Toney fight with the hopes of seeing a trimmer Toney getting a swift, early knockout over ?Dangerous? Damon Reed. Instead I got the usual, clinically-obese Toney waddling his way through a glorified sparring session. I knew the night would be a dud the moment I watched James make his entrance. He had an ample green and white robe that fit him like a muu-muu borrowed from Mo?Nique. When Toney took the robe off, he was big as a house, maybe the fattest I?d ever seen him. He had the athletic build of Curly Stooge. Toney?s trunks would make a good tent for a den of cub scouts if you waterproofed them and had some aluminum poles to prop them up. I learned later that Toney had weighed in the day before AT 257 POUNDS! Damon Reed was in fair shape, but you could see that he wasn?t a natural heavyweight. Reed looked like a small man beside the bloated Toney, kind of like Ricky Hatton?s grandpa. At 216, Reed looked husky, short-armed and every one of his 39 years. 42 year old Toney?s arms and upper body were much thicker than Reed?s, but not enough to distract from the massive gut and love handles jutting out beneath. The first four rounds were lifeless. Toney finally did break a sweat in round three. Why, I have no idea. All Toney did was circle and poke at Reed. We in the audience were bored and restless, but the beer helped. At the end of round five, there was one snappy exchange that made you hope that JT might soon live up to his ?Lights Out? nickname. Alas, it was not to be. Two Ton Toney cruised and snoozed his way to a one-sided victory over a journeyman cruiserweight. Damon Reed wasn?t half as game as he talked himself up before the fight. This moonlighting restaurant owner was about as tough as a half-empty can of corned beef hash. Reed kept complaining to the referee about Toney?s roughhouse tactics, which didn?t amount to much more than the occasional slap on the back of his head, and maybe an imaginary low blow. There was more drama out in the audience. San Manuel?s Indian Police ejected one rowdy drag queen and escorted a few shouting drunks out of the arena. On the flipside, there was one great undercard bout between Angel Estrada and Alfredo Rivera, two truly tough and game junior welterweights. Angel had a huge posse in the audience wearing T-shirts bearing his name. But all their love couldn?t stop a determined Alfredo Rivera from winning a gutsy, aggressive victory over Angel. Neither Angel or Alfredo were particularly good prospects. I do not see brilliant careers in their futures. But they were in shape and totally determined to win. Their four action-packed rounds were worth the price of admission. When it was done, they brought the audience to their feet for a standing ovation. Alfredo did a full backflip before the announcer proclaimed his victory. This was Alfredo?s first win after seven straight losses. Despite my disappointment with Haystacks Toney, I?m glad I drove out to see this night of live boxing. Good seats came easy with this silly card. I know I?ll never get that close to Manny Pacquiao, not with my cash flow. A friend of mine is bringing me a Manny T-shirt back from Manilla though, size XL. It won't fit Toney, but it might fit me.

-the Roast :

WOW! Great ringside coverage by one of TSS pound for pound best, Robert Curtis. Reading that made me feel like I was there. Kind of glad I wasnt, except for missing out on the crowd action and having a beer with the great Bobby C.

-brownsugar :

Ditto,... Rob C is the best,.. keep it comin.

-the Roast :

"Ricky Hatton's grandpa" LOL! Hey B-Sug Who is that in the pic? He's on the tip of my brain, failed heavyweight from the '90s, former NFL guy? Highsmith? I give up.

-brownsugar :

Oh, that's Odlanier Solis of Cuba,.. he's going to be the first guy to give a Klitschko a decent fight on March 19 (I think).. don't miss it.

-the Roast :

Ah, Solis. I'm used to seeing him much fatter with dreadlocks. I hope he takes it from Vit. Time for a change.

-FighterforJC :

I gained probably around 20% more weight since I graduated from high school (I'm 35 in case you're curious), with some of it being natural growth, some muscle and definitely some fat. Had I known then how much weight I would gain in the next 15+ years, I probably would've done things a little bit differently but ultimately I'd be fine with it, I don't look too bad or anything today weight-wise, I'm not out to win beauty contests. However, if I ended up gaining weight in the same fashion as Toney did from the time he was a cruiser (forget middle, even at cruiser he looked fine and athletic) until his most recent fight, and if I would've seen myself in a crystal ball back in high school, I probably would've stepped in front of the first speeding bus I saw.

-Robert Curtis :

Thanks so much, the Roast, brownsugar, Radam, EM and all the writers and supporters of TSS. I'm not checking in enough. Miss you guys. I'm not following the game close these days. I plan to see more local cards in So. California. I'll give my honest assessment. I'd even go see James again. I have a feeling a few more small casinos are in his future, but not many more.

-brownsugar :

we just call it like we see it... drop in anytime.