Philadelphia, PA (February 23, 2011) – Philadelphia IBF #1 heavyweight contender, Eddie Chambers, scored an impressive 12-round victory in an IBF title elimination over Derric Rossy of Medford, New York, in a SHOWTIME televised bout from Bally's in Atlantic City. It was the second win for Chambers over Rossy who was riding a seven-fight winning streak.

Chambers rose to 36-2, with 18 knockouts, in a convincing rebound from his loss to WBO, IBO and IBF World Champion Wladimir Klitschko (55-3, 49 KOs) of the Ukraine.

We caught up with #4 IBF ranked “Fast” Eddie Chambers today and here is what he had to say:

Who would you like to have as your next opponent?

“I'll fight anyone where there is a ring a referee it can be on the moon bring it on lets stop talking and start fighting”.  My history shows that I will get in the ring and put myself to the test against the best.  I have fought (Alexander) Povetkin, (Alexander) Dimitrenko, (Wladimir) Klitschko and (Samuel) Peter.

Is there anyone in particular that you would like to battle?

“David Haye.”  I believe it would be a great way for the winner to then earn the right to fight Klitschko.  Haye is the one I would love to get inside the ring now!

Is this fight in the works?

Who knows how and when it will happen.  These fighters are scared and don't want to fight anybody.   Haye has had his moment of fame but he hasn't done the work. Haye is doing more talking then fighting.  It's a bunch of Haye!

Why do you think he has not called you out?

I can only assume that he doesn't want a real fight.  It's an embarrassment to the fighter.    I have to assume that since he said that he will take on anyone and doesn't do it, the truth comes out by calling out the “right guys” and staying away from someone like me?

Haye wants money and fame but doesn't want to fight.

So you feel that you are the one heavyweight fighter that can take over the reigns?

My trainer (Rob Murray, Sr.) calls it like he sees it.  He's an honest man.  He describes me as a throwback fighter because he knows that I will fight anybody, anywhere.  I have traveled far for my fights and I have battled in my own back yard.  I have that old school mentality.  I am true to my craft.  A fight is a fight.  It's my job, that's what I do.  I'm not going to be picky and choosey about locations or fighters.  Give me the fight and leave the rest up to me and my team.

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-FighterforJC :

Eddie Chambers talking tough. How cute. The guy's more boring than Chris Byrd ever was. At least Chris Byrd took his lumps against the Klitschkos and fought valiantly. Chambers just ran around and did nothing save for the once in a blue moon, hopeless counter right hand that Wlad avoided just for the heck of it. Chambers is one to talk about other fighters not wanting to fight. I'm glad he got savagely KO'd by Wlad. I wasn't about to listen to Chambers' nonsense speech after the fight on how he did his best and yadda yadda, at least he went the distance crap and if it weren't for the broken left hand that he's been keeping a secret for the past three weeks because he's a true warrior with no excuses and whatnot. Puh-lease.

-mortcola :

that being said, I think Eddie beats him. He won't have trouble finding Haye, he shouldn't be a target for Haye's fast but wild shots, and the questionable cruiserweight Haye chin should be vulnerable to Chamber's sharp but not crushing shots.

-brownsugar :

if Haye actually had the cojones to meet Chambers challenge my appraisal of him would fly through the roof...Mortocala is spot on... Haye don't want none.

-Isaiah :

David Haye doesn't want none because SHE's a scared little girl. A slick boxer like Eddie Chambers is quite simply put, too much of a threat to beat him. What was David Haye's excuse for not fighting Wladimir Klitschko this last time? Oh that's right, it's supposedly because Wladimir wanted to honor his commitment with Chisora first, but would have still fought primma donna Haye just 9 weeks later. Oh, poor Haye! Good thing he ducked out of that fight because if he didn't, he would have supposedly had to fight his mandatory Ruslan Chageav next who Wladimir DESTROYED. Wait a minute! Isn't Haye supposedly fighting Chageav next? Why couldn't Haye fight Wladimir afterwards or better yet, paid Chageav step aside money so David would be fresh and Wladimir would be just coming off a fight? After all, seems to me that would have been the PERFECT time to fight a Klitschko... Why can't Haye fight big brother Vitali now since he supposedly wanted to rid the division of BOTH brothers. I mean he's been calling out BOTH of them for a long time now with insults and such and now all of a sudden, we're back to the "Oh, I don't want to fight Vitali, just Wladimir." Now that's funny right there. Big brother Vitali steps up and loud mouth Haye has NOTHING to say. Perfect time to fight Wladimir is when he's coming fresh off a fight and wouldn't you know it? Haye has no "interest" in the fight because how dare Wladimir fight someone first even though when Wladimir didn't last time and was ready to fight Haye, Haye pulled out of the fight. How much you all want to bet Haye won't fight Chageav either? Eddie Chambers? NOPE! Sam Peter? NOPE! Imagine if you will a soon press conference with Haye saying something like this... "Yes, truly boxing fans have been waiting for this kind of matchup for years between the 2 greatest cruiserweights of all time. It'll be an honor to take on a legend such as Evander Holyfield because I know that this is the match you all want to see and I'm doing this for you..."

-FighterforJC :

I'd rather watch a coward like David Haye who actually knocks people out. And again, I side with Haye on the last negotiations with Wlad. Wlad wanting to "honor his commitment" to Chisora is bunch of bull. Wlad could've still honored his commitment to Chisora AFTER he fought David Haye, since that's the fight people really want to see. Haye might've taken the nearest exit, but it was Wlad who conveniently provided that exit. Wlad took advantage of the general consensus that Haye is ducking him and did the ducking himself and made it seem like it was Haye's fault.

-Radam G :

Holy SPIT! Or something that it rhymes wif [sic]. This tyme, I find my going ditto to FJC. Doc Wlad slid outta lettin' dat match with Haye be. Holla!

-brownsugar :

I think Haye could be awesome... but he won't fight anybody with a pulse and his most favorite publicity statement is stating over and over that he's done boxing at the end of the year... not much to hope for...when all the fighter talks about is how fast he's hanging up the gloves. I say just do us all a favor and get the hell out... The void,... if you want to call it that,... will quickly be filled.