Shall We Dare To Compare?

Donaire_Montiel_110219_005aFeb. 19, 2011, Las Vegas,Nevada — Hall of Fame Top Rank promoter Bob Arum (ctr) congratulates Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire(R) and his trainer Robert Garcia (L) after Donaire stopped  Fernando Montiel in the 2nd round to win theWBC/WBO bantamweight belts  Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.   — Photo Credit : Chris Farina – Top Rank

Nonito Donaire may be even better than we thought he was. Comparisons to that other Filipino guy were already being made before Saturday night, but they will certainly grow louder now.

Donaire (26-1-0) left Mexico's Fernando Montiel (44-3-2) twitching on the canvas with a left hook, with a little over 40 seconds to go in the second round. Referee Russell Mora (perhaps unwisely) allowed Montiel to continue on shaky legs, but called things to a halt after he took just one more punch, another devastating left hook.

Donaire is now a legitimate top five pound for pound guy, if you're into that sort of thing. He is a truly massive bantamweight, with skills, power and speed. It's difficult to imagine either Abner Mares or Joseph Agbeko, the finalists of the Showtime bantamweight tournament, posing him any problems.

Truth be told, it's difficult to see anyone in the neighbourhood who could give him problems. A rise in weight may be on the cards, possibly leading to dream matches with Top Rank's other big little guys, Yuriorkis Gamboa and Juan Manuel Lopez.

The Pacquiao comparisons are also sounds increasingly legitimate. The left hook knockdown was Pacquiao/Hattonesque, though Montiel managed to beat the count. And Montiel is a better, more experienced guy than Hatton ever was.

Saturday night in Vegas, Donaire looked like a scary, scary guy. Luckily, he's also an articulate, English speaking Filipino. Pacquiao doesn't have that many fights left in him. What could be better for the sport than what happened Saturday?

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-Radam G :

It is BIG TIME human nature to compare. But people should get it right. But they won't. Legit brains of the game will, though. Da Manny is GREAT because of his TSUNAMI effect. Nonito will be GREAT if he doesn't let personal family problems and creeps and groupies get to him because of his continuing evolutiion. Holla!

-Radam G :

The Filipino Flash will bash and smash Yuriorkis Gamboa. Talkin' about another HYPE! Gamboa is so superhype that his hypers have blinded many into not seeing how he is getting knocking down all over the place before he will finally get da double fudge knocked out. His style is tailor-made for Nonito. Gamboa is still amateurish. It appears that he won't be able to crossover to rumbling like a pro, because he keeps stumbling like an amateur. JuanMa would also kayo him in my opinion. Also, at this time, JuanMa is a bit too powerful for TFF. Styles make fights. Smallish Evil Vic and smallish Montiel were the perfect styles for TFF. Against JuanMa, he will not be able to jump straight back or pop straight in. JuanMa has awesome power in both hands. And he is just fast as TTF. Besides knocking out smallish guys with their chins straight up in the sky while coming in is not the same as dancing with a tucked-chin-in killa, who is the same size or bigger than you. JuanMa is as BIG, TALL and QUICK as TFF. Gamboa is similar. But Gamboa doesn't turn his punches over, he fight with his chin up and has very, very bad balance. Holla!

-#1 PacFan :

I knew this Gens Filipino Flash was going to be something special. Donaire has great skills who is willing to put on a show for the fans. That's how a boxer with those kinds of skills should be in the ring. Showcase his talent and take out his man if possible. Many great technicians have done this present and the past(Marquez, RJJ, SweatPea, and the Great Ali). I see Donaire going up in weight as high as 140.

-FighterforJC :

Maybe in at least a year, if Donaire can move up and be comfortable at 126, he could beat Gamboa. But Gamboa is not overhyped. He's an exciting fighter because he takes risks, although he's taken a more cautious approach over his last few fights. To his credit, he's only been legitimately knocked down I think once or twice and all the knockdowns he suffered were the result of his recklessness. Gamboa's been clipped a few times and his chin has held up. One thing we don't know about Donaire is his chin. We don't know how he'll react to Gamboa's punch. The thing with Gamboa is that he's so strong that he doesn't need Donaire's precision to hurt his opponents. Donaire is hittable and needs to tighten up his defense a bit. He's cautious but he still needs to work on his defense. Gamboa's just as quick as he is and naturally stronger. Stylistically, a fighter like Gamboa is tailor-made for Donaire, but realistically, the size and strength advantage gives Gamboa the edge, at least for now.

-brownsugar :

when it comes to the P4P lists,.. it's usually full of boxers who are at the end of their careers or fighters who haven't fought the best in the division because whole continents have been ignored while its creators focus only on familiar names. (remember Paul Williams) I've been saying that Donaire is one of the most deceptive, smart and technically inclined of boxers of this generation. Smooth as butter inside the ring and even smoother outside of it.........He's a far better boxer than Pacquiao. and I also think he's every bit as good as a young Floyd jr ... and he's carried his power with him since moving up from 115lbs. While I do believe his is a P4P boxer in the making, two wins can't possibly put you there (Montiel and Darchinyan). I have no doubt that he'll rise to the top if he can remain consistant. ...don't worry Gamboa and Lopez, they won't be anywhere near Donaires wieght class by the time he puts on 8 more solid pounds. It'll be a while before Donaire want's to mess with any Featherweights anyway. There's still a lot of work for him at 118 -122, I think he could dominate there indefinitely. ...Currently I don't consider Floyd as being on the list at all as he may never fight again.

-Radam G :

Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donairey is no doubt -- fast and dangerous. In all actuality, he moved up all the way to lightweight. He made the weight of 118, but at fought at 134. Kabayan ko ay lightweight, gayod. The only fighter who can handle him up to that division is JuanMa. But all the other dudes are in TRIPLE trouble NOW! Especially hyped-like-Long-Tall-Paul-Williams, short-in-skills Gamboa. I'm from the REAL SCHOOL of old school professional and amateur boxing. I know hype from fyght. And I've been RIGHT 100 percent of the time. Maybe Gamboa better hurry up and call JunJun out. Because sooner before later, Gamboa will be double EXPOSED. Some chump will kayo him before he gets a shot at JuanMa or JunJun. This is why Bobfather had a change of heart in letting him go against JuanMa. JuanMa would put the hype double delyght too sleep EARLY and EASY. I can see TFF now -- champion at 112lb, 118lbs, 122lbs, 126lbs, 130lbs and 135lbs. Watch OUT! Here comes another TYPHOON steaming and beaming straight out of the Southern Philippines and blowing away the contenders and pretenders on the U.S. mainland. Somebodee oughta recognize da Tyme and get off those delusions and that cheap wine. From the 8,000 islands of Republica ng Pilipinas, sweet science pugilists SHINE! Don't let me started naming da names! Because we have a LONG ruling history in this GAME! Holla!

-AlfieMD :

Donaire has to move up and fight boxers his own size, then he'll be able to prove himself...Montiel may be good, but he's 5'4" and has a short reach, we cannot compare Donaire with the Pacman who take on bigger guys and humbles them, Hopefully he'll get to Featherweight and Super Featherweight then we'll see if he really got it.

-FighterforJC :

Actually Donaire weighed 126 on fight night, Montiel 134.

-Radam G :

I defect that someone is being seriously perfidious. Everybodee and dey momma can go to Youtube and/or can holla at the reruns on HBO and/or hit up on their DVRs and hear that on the night of the fight, "The Filipino Flash" was 134lbs -- he started camp at 150lbs and is already walking around at 144lbs -- and Montiel was clearly 128lbs. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see and hear the truth and admit to it. But if one possibly has epistemophobia, atelophobia and phronemophobia, you can expect shots at deception. Like with my boy, Money May. He has serious atelophobia and kakorrhaphiophobia and will not fight Da Manny or anyone else who he believes will take away his goose egg. Talk and scribbling are not reality, and reality is not always talk and scribbling. Holla!

-Canal de Boxeo ( :

Nonito Donaire may be even better than we thought he was.

-Radam G :

*I detect...126...

-Radam G :

FJC was 100 percent RIGHT! The HBO Chart did say that Donairey was 126lbs and Montiel was 134lbs. Balikuko sila. Huwag mo akong sisihan! Even with 20-5 vision I couldn't see the chart the way it was. I just know how it was supposed to be. FJC, on this you DA MAN! Ole Eagle EYES! Hehehehehe! Holla!

-brownsugar :

it's hard to argue with the often cryptic,..mesmerizing,..and enigmatic Radam G.. but a majority of boxers weight 2 or 3 weight classes above their regular fighting weight when they're in between fights...a brief example being Cotto weighs about 165 between fights, and Pavlik is said to weight up to 192 after a middleweight fight. And I'm sure the same could be said about Gamboa and Juanma,... If Donnaire is in fact that heavy,.. then I'm sure featherweight is inevitable.. for now my argument isn't about Donaires skill level... we all know Donnaire has the goods... I've been screaming it all year... but he looks too small to compete with the likes of those 2. If I'm wrong,.. I'd welcome the matchup between Donaire and either one of those 2 because it's these type of fights that help grow boxing. I guess more will be revealed further down the road to greatness.