In one swoop via a left hook Nonito “Filipino Flash” Donaire ripped the WBC and WBO bantamweight world titles from Mexico’s Fernando Montiel (44-3-2, 34 KOs) by technical knockout on Saturday.

A hard core boxing crowd saw Donaire (26-1, 18 KOs) win the battle of pound for pound fighters in electrifying fashion at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Montiel was good, but Donaire is great and showed it.

Immediately Donaire set the tone with some leaping lefts and rights that caught Mexico’s Montiel blinking from the suddenness of the blows. Every time the Mexican speedster tried a move it was beaten by Donaire. The lanky Filipino from San Leandro won the first round handily.

“I wanted to see how his body was,” Donaire said after.

A small conference in Montiel’s corner before the second round resulted in the long-time champion looking to press forward and closer with feints, head movement and jabs. Donaire readjusted his bomb sights and slipped into a counter-punch mode.

The effects were immediate.

Montiel looked to power through with a right and delivered one through Donaire’s gloves, but was wide open for the counter left hook. The impact from that single punch sent Montiel to the canvas with his legs struggling to move while on his back. Referee Russell Mora began the count and Montiel rolled around and suddenly leaped up to beat the count. Though seemingly steady, Montiel was still lost in a cloud. When the fight resumed Donaire leaped in for the kill and busted a right and left that forced the referee to stop the fight at 2:25 of the second round.

“I knew exactly what was going to happen and where he was going to be at,” Donaire said.

Donaire is the new WBO and WBC bantamweight champion.

“I just came out there believing in this talent God has given me,” said Donaire, who is a former flyweight world champion. “I predicted this eight months ago.”

The new champion indicated again that he would like to be the unified bantamweight world champion perhaps signifying that he will fight the winner of Joseph Agbeko and Abner Mares in April.


It was a rematch between skill and will and skill won as Mike Jones (24-0, 18 KOs) used his footwork, jab, crisp combinations and strategy to beat the Los Mochis fighter Jesus Soto Karass (24-6-3, 16 KOs) by unanimous decision.

Unlike the first fight, Jones didn’t blow his load trying to knock out the stone chin of Soto Karass. He had never fought a Mexican before especially one from Los Mochis, and learned from their first fight that guys from that region are known for taking a punch.

Boy did he learn.

Jones used the jab like a rapier and kept circling left all night long. It was plan A and it worked to near perfection as Soto Karass never cut off the ring and allowed the Philadelphia boxer to stick to game room strategy.

Mexico’s Soto Karass worked the body continuously and was intent on firing punches in-between Jones punches. It worked but he never had an answer for those jabs that kept winning points for Jones.

Round and round it went with Jones hitting and moving and Soto Karass pressing to attack and not finding enough moments to take advantage of his body attack. Then, ironically, Jones pressed the attack to the Mexican fighter’s body and that seemed to slow down Soto Karass even more.

Of course Soto Karass was not about to give in, despite various moments in between rounds when doctors, his trainer and the referee offered him to take a stool, he was not about to surrender.

Jones kept boxing adeptly absorbing a shot here and there but more often jabbed, sliced right hands and uppercuts in convincing the judges he was the clear winner 115-113, 116-112, and 117-111.

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-Fe'Roz :

Nonito's highlight reel is going to look like the Texas Chain Saw Massacre trailer. he has them twitching, dancing like chickens, and more. The man is IMO the second best active pound for pound fighter in the world.

-the Roast :

RADAM! It is Pinoy time!! What a shot! It's always the punch you dont see and Montiel never saw that hook coming. Donaire proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the KO of Evil Vic was no fluke. The Flash has really arrived now. That was very impressive to say the least. I must compliment the ref. THAT is how you stop a Championship fight. When Montiel crashed down he could have stopped it right there but he didnt. He did his count and somehow, Montiel got up at nine. He could have stopped it ther also cuz Fernando did not step to him as he asked but he didnt. As a Champion Montiel has earned the right to go out on his shield. A lesser fight, stop it. A Championship fight goes on. At this point with Montiel on his feet but clearly in danger, The ref gave the champ a chance. I thought for a second that Montiel was gonna go out like Milt McCrory but after two hard shots the ref jumped in a saved the champ to fight another day if he choses to. Perfect stoppage. No question.

-brownsugar :

been trying to tell everybody for over a year now that Donaire is one of the best boxers ever of this generation. Don't know where he gets the power from but his reflexes, technique and awareness is top notch. Hope he can get the winner of the Showtime tourney. (although there could be some promotional conflicts) Donaire vs Agbeko would be more competitive than what we saw last night. Jones did what I expected... could've had a KO if he had enough stamina to assert himself a little more. but still a good showing. There's no reason why he shouldn't be matched with Berto on his next outing.

-the Roast :

Sug, is that Lupe Pintor in the pic? Love that guy. What a warrior. Gomez-Pintor is one of my all time favs.

-L.C. :

Time to update p4p ranking #1 Pacman #2 Donaire #3 Martinez #4 Floyd (Semi-retired) Yup two great filipinos on TOP.

-MisterLee :

I disagree, I don't know why the announcers and others feel that the right hand "hit" Donaire. He obviously saw it coming, and rolled with it while delivering his counter. This was no less impressive than pacqiuao's right hook counter and duck under hatton's left hook. Man Donaire has speed! He makes Pacquiao and Khan look like slo-mo! the extra foot speed and overall speed was impressive!

-FighterforJC :

Come on, couldn't we have gotten a more exciting write up than this??? Finally, boxing can celebrate Nonito Donaire. I know that despite his impressive showings over the last few years, there are those who feel that Donaire got lucky with Darchinyan. But Donaire's been knocking them out in quite spectacular fashion since then. He's one of the best counter punchers I've ever seen. He's calm and has matured a whole lot since the Darchinyan fight. His style is in complete contrast with Pacquiao's but nonetheless very exciting and entertaining to watch. Plus Nonaire's cautious approach could mean that he could be at the top for the next 5 years or more, especially if he doesn't get over ambitious and try to climb the weight divisions just for the sake of moving up. He seems comfortable at 118, he should let his body dictate the weightclass he should be in and not be tempted to fabricate a steady weight climb. Also, one key advantage Donaire has over Pacquiao and other top fighters from other countries is that he speaks English. P.S. I found it rather insulting and downright desperate on Max Kellerman's part to include Sergio Martinez when he spoke of Donaire, Pacquiao and Mayweather immediately after the knockdown right before the stoppage. Martinez is an above average boxer who beat two overrated fighters on the decline, looking for that retirement paycheck and doing everything he can to get noticed, hurling insults at Pacquiao while kissing Mayweather's arse hoping he could win Mayweather's affection and become Mayweather's next opponent.

-Radam G :

Ditto the Roast! He already said it for me. Yall kno' what tyme it is. But I must remind my countryman of something very important for a sec. Kahit ano, kadugo ni tatay mo sa amin lahat ang mga Pinoy at mga Pinay. Kalilangan mo mag-isug tungkol tatay mo. Basulon mo siya para ang magaling boksidor saiyo. [You are the BEST because of what he did and knew para sa iyo.] Tahimik mo tungkol sa kanya sa publica. Pamilya ay Pamily. Alaga-an natin ang ating sarilii isa lang ang buhay natin. Paki huwag biyaan tatay mo. Gagawa mo peraho kay Manny. Huwag maging bukon o buang na binata. Sa hinahirap -- maraming basol kay kasi ang mundo ay daotan, dilikado at bakakon. Tiwala mo any kamag anak, di mga iba. Sila ay dalo, gayod! Ikaw ay "the best right now! But will this crowd be there for you when all your talent and greatness is no more? Mga ganti mo ay taka ni tatay mo. Huwag kalimutan o mga tao magdeboto sa iya. Hindi talaga malaman kong anong mang yayari;Tanggapin natin lahat at ating pasalamatan anyg Dios. With all the above said! Well! Here come the mighty now known Pinoy typhoons! The night of the bout, Donairey came in at 134lbs. So don't be surprised to see him move up to at least three or four weight divisions in the next couple of years. And there are plenty more of these Pinoy typhoons on the way to attacking the mainland of the USA. Also expect for the first Asian heavyweight champion to be crown in the not-so-distant future. Please! No nonsense about Pinoy A-side meth or steroids. Enough said! The security guard who would not let JunJun's wife into the ring after the bout was over should be FIRED! This was totally unclassy. She shoulda put da whup-arse on him with her martial arts skills. Danggit! There is always some jealous CHUMP trying urinate on somebodee's parade. Holla!

-ultimoshogun :

That was a sick left hook! I'm already excited bout the idea of potential future match ups between the Filipino Flash and the Cuban sensations, Rigondeaux and Gamboa...maybe even Juanma..hopefully we get to see these fights in the future!

-Radam G :

Mike Jones still does not impress me. I don't dig all da buzz about him. Dude's trips over his feet. He doesn't turn over his punches. He slaps -- instead of digs -- to the body. He musta' got mucho advice from Tim "Desert Storm" Bradley, because he adroitly tricks of the trade got his intentionally butting on six times. The bout should have been stopped in the third round and called a no contest. As Nate Campbell did against Bradley, and Hisham Rahman against James Toney, Karass should have ceased and desisted fighting after that third round. The wonderful recording of video would have shown no doubts about cuts being caused by Jones's headbutts, thus NSAC would have eventually reversed any decision lost that Karass would have gotten the night of the bout. Holla! The Karass corner should have taken charge and not let him not go out because of the blinding from the blood. I will remind anyone this is not the business of pridefighting, but da bitnezz of prizefighting. Now dude won't be able to fight for a long times because of needed plastic surgery to fix his mug. A good, smart corner is a great part of getting an edge, justice and more opportunities. There have been tons of fighters not getting that belt or the BIGGEST of purses because of negligence by the cornerpersons. And there have been tons of fighters getting the BIG WINS or out of loses because of the cornerpersons. Example are: Ricky Hatton's shoelaces automagically becoming untied; GOAT Ali torn glove; Panama Lewis giving Aaron Pryor the water mixed of water-on-water; the "little black bottle" that Dick Sadler gave Leon Spinks to sip out of the night that Leon beat the GOAT; and one more -- to holla about -- was Dr. Dean putting da double wammy on Ken Norton, and making dat sucka believe that he was part Superman and part Mandingo warrior, turning him in to a GOAT-Ali-jaw-breakin' sucka! Holla!

-brownsugar :

@Roast....I knew you'd catch it..Pintor was on tv almost every single month back in the day.

-Shlomo :

Darchinyan was a much more dangerous guy as a gatekeeper than Montiel ever would be as a belt holder and Nonito handled him easily. Even with Agbeko and Lopez milling around the edges, I don't see anyone capable of beating the Filipino Flash until he moves up at least two divisions.

-#1 PacFan :

:cool:Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire will carry on the torch for Philippine Boxing.

-#1 PacFan :

come on Lee, Donaire makes Pac and Khan look slow-mo? Did you see Manny's speed at that weight class? I think Manny was a much faster puncher at that weight compared to Donaire. I do know that Donaire is a far better boxer than Manny. That left hook is deadly.

-Toby :

Nonito reminds me of a young Roberto Duran. The new pride of Panama has all the tools to become the next Pacman if the promoters make the fights we want to see. Can't wait to see Nonito's next fight. Love the name "Nonito Donaire" as in No Nonsense Nonito.

-brownsugar :

No Doubt #1,.. Donaire is a Beast!

-astro :

Donaire looked like he could go again this Saturday