Sugar Shane Aims To Dunk Pacman's Win Streak

 Stoudemire, Mosley & Feltonphoto by Chris Farina/Top RankWhile Philippines Congressman Manny Pacquiao was visiting with Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Capitol Hill on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., “Sugar” Shane Mosley was busy appearing on New York radio and visiting the New York Knicks (Amar'e Stoudemire and Ray Felton, right)  on his way to Bristol, Conn., for interviews at ESPN headquarters. Pacquiao and Mosley will battle for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Welterweight world title on May 7 on SHOWTIME PPV® from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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-Radam G :

Sorry! But Sugar Shane Mosley no longer has the boxin' funky funk. So on Da Manny "win steak," he won't come close to gettin' a dunk. Da Manny is simply GREAT, and on that it is bloody hard to debunk. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Shanes got some scarry looking sparing partners... I dont how true it is, but I heard those guys were beating the crap out of him before the Mayweather fight.

-Isaiah :

Sparring partners? I thought these guys were just a couple of associates Shane played basketball with. What's Shane doing sparring with someone that much bigger than him? (on the right of him). I know size isn't much to an all time boxing great like Mr. Mosley, but there's no need to risk his health against much bigger men unless it's a farce like that Shaq O' Neal thing for a friendly exhibition. Geez, and I thought Antonio Margarito was bigger than Mr. Pacquiao. LOL!

-brownsugar :

Thought one of those guys looked like Richardsons nephew, a promising middleweight who was an amateur standout but decided not to go pro. He Helped Shane get prepared for Floyd. but you're right,....those guys are huge...

-miguel1 :

guys those arent his sparring partners those are amare stoudamire and ray felton of the ny knicks. they are basketball players...

-brownsugar :

thanks for the clarification Miguel1

-brownsugar :

that shows you how much basketball I watch....yeouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!