Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather's Been Making Bank On Lakers Bets!

Floyd Mayweather's Been Making Bank On Lakers Bets!photo by Chris Farina/Top RankFeb, 15, 2011, Washington D.C. — Superstar and Filipino Congressman Manny Pacquiao (R) meets with Senate Majority leader Harry Reid on Capitol Hill today in Washington as part of a goodwill tour.

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Radam G :

It would be nice if Money May and THC PacMan play against one another in the NBA celebrity basketball game. Da Manny would kick Money May's butt. THC PacMan is superior to Lil' Floyd in any B-sports -- boxing, basketball, bowling, etc., etc. Da Manny is Da MAN at boxin' and ballin' PERIOD! And at lunching with Prez Bam-Bam and First Lady M. Get over it, haters. It's PacTYME. It's A-side TYME! Holla!

brownsugar :

I can understand an athlete gambling on what strategy to use during a sporting event... or a doctor gambling on experimental therapy after everything else has failed, but I could never understand people gambling away money on events that they don't have any control over. It's even harder to understand why someone who already has money needs to gamble anyway. They say Floyd has won over a hundred Thousand on the Heat and the Pistons in recent weeks... but we'll never know how much he's lost.

crottyruh :

This is off topic.... but I do wonder, where is FEROZ?

Radam G :

A super strong belief that you are destined to win, is what makes a Money May or any athlete play. On any thing that he doesn't BELIEVE that he has at least a 85-90 percent chance of winning in, he doesn't play. [It doesn't matter if that belief may be a delusional one.] This is how most fighters roll who are not chancy and use to losing. No way that Money May loses more bets than he wins. Elite -- fully complete -- boxers are mega superstitious [or is that whacky stupidstitious?] and would never engage in a losing effort for long. Money May is not the ONLY BIG SPORTS gambler. He is just gettin' da most ink nowadays. If Money May start losing more than winning, he would quit ASAP, because his superstitions will make him believe that losing too many bets is a serious OMEN that he will lose his next BOUT. As Money May fights with caution in dat squared jungle, he does the same with BIG SPORTS gambling. Holla!

brownsugar :

you might have something there RG.

Isaiah :

You all notice a pattern between Pacquiao and Mayweather? Here's some examples. Manny Pacquiao visits with American PRESIDENT Barack Obama. Floyd Mayweather shows a picture of him with Obama when he was a Senator. On the cusp of fighting Pacquiao, Mayweather finds an excuse NOT to fight him. On the second time to try and fight Pacquiao, Mayweather announces retirement. Upon the Pacman getting ready to fight Margarito, Mayweather throws out a racist video, beats on women and children and pokes security guards in the face. In response, the Pacman wishes him the best. Floyd meanwhile, has no problem with constant legal problems and giving his fans no hope of any future fight. Even as a Congressman, the Pacman still tries to fight on a regular basis against solid opposition. Yep... that Floyd is a real class act.