A CUT ABOVE Manny Unveils A Beiber Bob In Cali

Pacman showed off a Beiber bob in CaliDig that 'do. Pacman showed off a Beiber bob in Cali on Thursday. Will Mosley have any luck getting to the Congressman's head when they clash in May? (photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank)BEVERLY HILLS-If fan popularity can be judged by a press conference, then Manny Pacquiao’s WBO welterweight title defense against Sugar Shane Mosley is going to be a blockbuster.

Several hundred members of the media converged on the Beverly Hills Hotel to watch the kick-off press conference for Top Rank’s May 7 fight between Pacquiao and Mosley at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.

Showtime pay-per-view will be televising the event.

Fresh off a tremendous victory against Mexico’s Antonio Margarito, the Filipino super star Pacman is raring to go against Mosley, who’s suffered a draw and a loss in his last two fights.

But that doesn’t mean a thing.

“This is definitely not an easy fight,” said Freddie Roach, one of the more honest prognosticators in the sport. “He’s been there many times and this is a dangerous fight.”

That’s what many in the media who have followed Mosley’s career realize and they consider the Pomona speedster a sure thing to go the entire route against Pacquiao. Mosley is nobody’s kicking stool.

“This is very big and I’m very excited to be able to show my stuff,” Mosley said in his typically nonchalant manner.

Mosley had been chasing Pacquiao for two years and felt he would get the shot after surprisingly knocking out Margarito two years ago. It didn’t happen.

Then after he lost to Floyd Mayweather and then drew with Sergio Mora this past summer, most pundits and fans relegated the former lightweight, welterweight and junior middleweight champion as an also-ran.

“Styles make fights,” said Mosley. “Those other guys were defensive fighters. Pacquiao comes to you. He likes to fight. I like to fight.”

Pacquiao was last seen beating Margarito over 12 rounds and nearly stopping the rugged Mexican last November. Mosley had enough power to stop Margarito. That fight remains the barometer to this fight. Or does it?

“This is a going to be a good fight on May 7,” said Pacquiao while in front of the podium, sporting long hair and looking like a 1950s beatnik. “I hope you train hard. I will train hard too.”

Bob Arum, the president of Top Rank, ingeniously enlisted the help of Showtime and CBS to promote the coming fight and also plans to showcase further boxing cards in the near future.

It could be the boon to boxing that the sport needs.

“It’s now our job to take it to the next level and bring it back to the masses where it belongs,” said Ken Hershman, the Showtime honcho.

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-Isaiah :

You could call the Margarito matches against Mosley and Pacquiao a good barometer for this fight, but I also think you could more than not compare their performances against Miguel Cotto since I still considered Cotto an elite welterweight with only one loss going in against Pacquiao and Cotto was great in edging out the win against Mosley a few years ago. They also have Oscar De La Hoya as a common opponent but that one is too unfair a comparision considering Oscar being past his prime in the Manny fight at 35. The funny thing is, even with Mosley's age of 39, I still consider Sugar Shane a far greater threat then De La Hoya at 35 because we all know Oscar late in his career wouldn't dare throwdown with a Cotto or Margarito like warrior Sugar Shane. (Say what you want about the irony of that statement because Oscar fought Pacquiao who beat those other guys, but at the time, the Pacman didn't have a win against a welterweight yet and Oscar thought he was cherrypicking a man who was barely a lightweight.) Plus, the meshing of Mosley and Pacquiao's fighting styles seem to make a good fight for as long as it lasts. I predict a few dangerous rounds for the Pacman before Manny can finally take over and win this fight by a wide margin. It would have been different if Shane was 10 years younger, but it is what it is and like I said, for as long as this lasts, it'll be a barnburner. As far as Manny sporting a so called Beiber haircut, please don't insult a warrior like Manny with a no talent little sissy like Beiber who throws up the 666 occult signs on a regular basis. Wish people would study up on this stuff and see that it's true instead of just blowing it off. Ask questions like... why do hardcore rappers, rockers, goth kids, etc. support this punk kid who seems to have just popped up out of nowhere not even a couple of years ago? It's because they're all on the same team. I prefer to think of Manny channeling a Bruce Lee like haircut. That just sounds WAY better.

-Radam G :

Naku -- wow! PREDICTION RIGHT UP FRONT: Long-in-da-tooth Sugar Free -- I mean Sugar Shane -- is gonna be workin' like a beaver. But the Pac-SPEED is gonna be like a meat cleaver. Sugar Shane, with those snail-fast legs, is gonna get caught in a speed trap. In round seven, it will be over. For Da Manny is going to knock da Sugarman into a deep nap. Like Ricky Hatton, SSM will be laid out on the energy drink ring cover. SSM's chances of winning is not one scintilla. For seven rounds, he is gonna get an arse-whupping thrilla. All the PPV records and network records will be smashed. Da Manny has charm. Da Manny has dash. Too bad on da Sugarman, Da Manny is gonna put a lot of harm. But da fight fans are gonna come runnin' with dat cash. HBO is GONE! With da Manny, they didn't wanna get alone! Now it is SHHHOOOOWWWWWWTIIIIIIMMMMMMEEEEEEEE! Holla!

-Radam G :

Ya got ta believe in somethin!' Da Sugarman believes that he punches "heavier" than Da Manny. Hum! I don't know his definition of heavy. But with the lightning and rain of punches that Da Manny is gonna storm him with, heavy won't help. A lightningbolt -- fast or slow -- will fry dat arse. SSM keeps talkin' about how styles make fights. And it doesn't matter about an African American. Well, DUD! Why mention it than? I guess da Sugarman is already feeling some type of pressure of representing some dumb-arse myth. Whatever! It doesn't matter, anyway! Da Manny is going to beat da sweet outta da Sugarman. SSM will be sugar free and kayoed from lightning body shots and a few head ones for good measure. You heard it here, first. I just had to bit dat phrase off Da Don. Whaddup, Don. Holla back! Holla!

-FighterforJC :

Definitely, Manny's hairdo reminds me of the 70's Kung Fu hairstyle, kinda like that main villain from Drunken Master. As for the fight, I already blogged my thoughts on this. Mosley is NOT going to engage Pacquiao. He's all talk trying to throw off Manny's game plan. Mosley will grab and wrestle and hold and hit to wear Manny down, like Mosley did to Margarito. I hope Roach is anticipating this.

-Blair :

I don't know his definition of heavy. But with the lightning and rain of punches that Da Manny is gonna storm him with, heavy won't help. A lightningbolt -- fast or slow -- will fry dat arse. SSM keeps talkin' about how styles make fights.

-brownsugar :

Shane is perceived as having more Offensive tools than Manny's previous challengers... Shane has a good chin,... packs a good punch,.. and knows a little bit about ring generalship as he's no stranger to fighting out of various modes of attack(grappling).. Mosley's legs are not young enough for him to use his reach while circling Pac and strafing him from the outside like Morales did in their first encounter...In fact Mosely is going to be heartbroken to find out that Manny is not just a one dimentional punching machine (THERE WILL BE NO STANDING AND TRADING WITH MOSLEY).. Manny is very observant and knows how to strategize... He'll pick his shots carefull while watching for signs of Shane slowing down... at which point he'll start unloading more frequently until it becomes a massacre. Roach was wise to steer Pacman clear of Mosley 2 years ago because I believe that SugarShane would've had enough left to get the job done... Presently Shane is on the decline while Pac is still standing on the plateau of his prime....