WBC Will Strip Pacquiao's 154 Pound Belt

Pacquiao with WBC 154 Pound BeltThe WBC doesn't always make sense. But since Pacman won't defend that 154 pound strap (above), the sanctioning body will declare the belt vacant. Saul Alvarez has taken a fast track to the No. 1 ranking, while Alfredo Angulo is No. 2.The WBC is in the process of declaring vacant the super welterweight championship, which is currently held by Manny Pacquiao, if the voting of the WBC Board of Governors returns a 2/3 vote in favor. Pacquiao has expressed that he does not want to defend the title and prefers not to fight in that weight division in the future. Rule 1.24 b) gives double-division champions 15 days to decide which title they want to relinquish. The WBC, as a courtesy, waited 87 days after Pacquiao’s fight against Antonio Margarito.

The rule has always been respected in the past by double champions, like the recent WBC Emeritus champion Sergio Martínez, as well as Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather, Wilfred Benitez, Alexis Argüello, Terry Norris, and so many others after winning their second championship in different weight divisions.

The WBC, after knowing the result of the voting, will present a program to fill the vacancy of such an important WBC title that has been held by some of the greatest fighters in history, like Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar de la Hoya, Floyd Mayweather, Tommy Hearns, Terry Norris, and of course, Manny Pacquiao, who will always be treated with respect, pride, and honor, as we have always done for all of the other historical WBC champions in the super welterweight division .

Manny Pacquiao, from the Philippines, which was one of the founding countries of the WBC  which stands as tall as a tower, has had an outstanding career as a WBC champion for 12 long years, first winning the WBC flyweight world title on November 4, 1998, in Thailand. He also won world titles at super featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, and won the super welterweight title on November 13, 2010 – 12 years with five of the premier WBC titles. He is also the only fighter in the 49-year history of the WBC to ever win its absolute highest title – the Diamond Belt, which is only given to the greatest fighters of our time.

Manny Pacquiao also had 12 championship fights of the WBC International title in his career, as well as two of the OPBF (Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation) title. The OPBF was also one of the founders of the WBC.

Manny Pacquiao will be always remembered as one of the greatest champions of the many legends that the WBC has had, like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Julio Cesar Chávez, Sonny Liston, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Lennox Lewis, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Carlos Monzon, Wilfredo Gómez, Alexis Argüello, Salvador Sánchez, José Nápoles, Flash Elorde, Vitali Klitschko, among many other greats that have written their names with golden letters in the history of WBC boxing, at their times, which Manny will also leave, without a doubt, when he retires.

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-FighterforJC :

This could be a blessing and a curse for Saul Alvarez if he ends up facing Angulo at this stage of his career. If Cotto's brother put him on queer street Angulo could very well finish him off.

-Radam G :

Will be collecting -- WBC -- is peepeed off because it needs those sanctioning fees to stay afloat. WBC is still waiting for Business Pacquiao to pay it six figures for that Lgtmiddle belt and the welter diamond one. Holla!

-Editor Mike :

Manny should pay those bills

-Isaiah :

@ Editor Mike. Did the Ring Magazine demand Muhammed Ali "pay those bills" for the TRUE world championship? No? How about Willie Pep or Sugar Ray Robinson? Nope, it's one less crappy alphabet title to worry about in a weightclass Manny shouldn't be fighting in anyway. Manny can do just fine defending that other alphabet soup WBO title at 147 or just maybe he can earn the REAL LINEAL belt again at THIS weightclass. Do you know a little one called the RING MAGAZINE strap that's been around since 1922 first held by Jack Dempsey which can ONLY be won or lost in the ring? No sanction fees from the alphabet soup boys or stripping of the title for any reason needed. It's not a perfect system, but it works. Pay those bills Mike, as in, the cost of living increase bills I bet your employees have suffered under your Hitlerlike dictatorship. Naw, we're good man, but seriously, "pay those bills?" F those sanction fees man!

-Radam G :

Why ole why should he pay those bills? Tons of people are making moola because of his skills. Maybe those fighters who keep getting big purses off him should pay. Maybe HBO should pay. If you play, you pay. Da Manny bought the fight fans running HBO's way. Ths moola-producing champion has now gone away. Back in the day, the promoters and the television networks, including ESPN, paid the sanction fees. Hot diga-d-dawg! The networks even had their own no-sanctioning-fee title belts. IBF Robert Lee learnt what time it was when he came in bullying everybodeee and dey mommas to pay for a ranking and a sanctioning title belt. Nobody in my posse paid dat joker crook a penny. We sued and made him a He-she in da pen washin' Big Bubble's boxerdrawers. [Sanction fees are kind of New Jack, not Old School. Imagine Jack Johnson or Jack Dempsey gettin' JACKED for a darn title belt. Matter of fact, it was because of "The forgivable Blackness of Jack Johnson" that started tons of corrupted sanctioning organizations. Oldtimers, who are long up in heaven and my jolly old Unc, who is still kickin' at 108 years old spitted to me about some jive known as "The White Heavyweight Title of the World." Promoters and the Ring Magazine and other sanctioning criminal rackets were proud to give away a free belt back in da day. Yall musta' fo'got how California, Texas and New York use to have their own individual world champions. Besides, they didn't wanna jive with movin' in on the Mafia Dons' terrorities.] WBO should go after HBO or Top Rank, not da Manny. The new Sheriff in town -- SHOWTIME/CBS -- may show appreciation and paid that ole jive-turkey fee, HOPEFULLY! Holla 4 a dolla! Jive 4 a five! I'll sell ya' a hen 4 a 10. Give me some Benjamins. And I'll ask Rev. [Big] George Foreman to pray for the ______ to forgive you of your sins. Lmfao! Holla!

-donputo69 :

Oh well....Pacquiao would just have to move back to 147...And after he beats mosley, he should fight bradley...thats just my opinion...holla back!!!