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Arum And Mayweather At Super BowlLook at those gleaming choppers. Why, these three folks, Floyd Mayweather, Bob Arum, and entertainer Jamie Foxx seem like they are the best of friends as they get their party on at Super Bowl 45 in Dallas on Sunday.You all recall that Arum promoted Mayweather, until they parted ways in 2006 with some acrimony, after Floyd turned down a then career best payday to tangle with Antonio Margarito. But a deal is a deal, and money is money, and the prospects of Goldman Sachs-y pile of green can make old grudges disappear. So, shall we rejoice because this snap by Chris Farina/Top Rank indicates that Mayweather and Arum are on the same page, after last year was wasted with endless “non negotiations” negotiations which resulted in arbitration, but no meeting of the minds to bring Mayweather and Pacquiao together in a ring? Not so fast.

Everyone was on their best behavior here, apparently, but until we get word that there are no lawsuits, or countersuits, involving Team Pacquiao and Top Rank, and Team Mayweather, and Golden Boy Promotions, we think it is unlikely that the two best boxers on the planet let pride and lawyers fall away, and get it on. If Mayweather is unwilling to part with Golden Boy, with whom he has been partnering with lately on a fight-by-fight basis, it seems an even dimmer possibility. But hope continues to simmer, if not bubble. Yep, if this picture featured Floyd, Ross Greenburg, Matt Blank, Leonard Ellerbe, Al Haymon, Richard Schaefer, Oscar De La Hoya, Michael Koncz and Pacquiao, then we'd be at boil…

Readers, please drop a comment in our Forum, predicting when if ever Mayweather and Pacquiao glove up.

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