Arum And Mayweather Chummy At Super Bowl

Arum And Mayweather At Super BowlLook at those gleaming choppers. Why, these three folks, Floyd Mayweather, Bob Arum, and entertainer Jamie Foxx seem like they are the best of friends as they get their party on at Super Bowl 45 in Dallas on Sunday.You all recall that Arum promoted Mayweather, until they parted ways in 2006 with some acrimony, after Floyd turned down a then career best payday to tangle with Antonio Margarito. But a deal is a deal, and money is money, and the prospects of Goldman Sachs-y pile of green can make old grudges disappear. So, shall we rejoice because this snap by Chris Farina/Top Rank indicates that Mayweather and Arum are on the same page, after last year was wasted with endless “non negotiations” negotiations which resulted in arbitration, but no meeting of the minds to bring Mayweather and Pacquiao together in a ring? Not so fast.

Everyone was on their best behavior here, apparently, but until we get word that there are no lawsuits, or countersuits, involving Team Pacquiao and Top Rank, and Team Mayweather, and Golden Boy Promotions, we think it is unlikely that the two best boxers on the planet let pride and lawyers fall away, and get it on. If Mayweather is unwilling to part with Golden Boy, with whom he has been partnering with lately on a fight-by-fight basis, it seems an even dimmer possibility. But hope continues to simmer, if not bubble. Yep, if this picture featured Floyd, Ross Greenburg, Matt Blank, Leonard Ellerbe, Al Haymon, Richard Schaefer, Oscar De La Hoya, Michael Koncz and Pacquiao, then we'd be at boil…

Readers, please drop a comment in our Forum, predicting when if ever Mayweather and Pacquiao glove up.

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-Isaiah :

As everyone can plainly see in the picture, Mr. Arum and Mr. Foxx were actually able to get close enough to the yellow streaked backed chicken and gain it's trust just as long as they promised to protect it from it's natural predator and "king of the ring," the deadly force scientifically known as "Emmanulosis Pacquioaosis, crackis your eyesocketis, bada$$iss, makesis Mayweatherisis intois SISSYIS/COWARDIS/FAKE STEROIDIS CLAIMIS." Scientifically, the chicken is also known as SCAREDIS LITTLE GIRLIS/DISRACESIS TO BOXINGIS and MAN.

-brownsugar :

submitted for your inspection: observe as the haters slither out from under their dark dank clammy dens to spit venom at the mere sight of Floyd, even when it's not boxing related,..(Isaiah being only the first so far) but it's alright,.. just shows how much power Floyd still wields even in retirement... Jimmy Jones is a sly dog,.. he knew Floyd wouldn't miss an invite to rub elbows with a galaxy of celebrities who wield as much status, star power, and notoriety as he does. It also shows Mr Jones wisdom and maturity... Jones could have been spiteful and vindictive toward Floyd because of the "Super-fight not Materializing and issued a lifetime ban to inner sanctum, he could have put him in a drafty seat off the kitchen..... But great men have great vision. They live and operate beyond the petty 2dimensional sound bytes,..and sensational headlines manufactured by spin doctored hype machines to see the true picture. Arum has been knowing Floyd for nearly 15 years... Do you think it strange that these 2 men couldn't take off their hardhats and public personas for a few hours,..sit down and enjoy the Greatest American past time this country has to offer???....without once pulling out somebodies fanatical internet statement and making it personal.... Above all they are people first and entertainers second. I read where some folks are upset that Arum didn't whip out a contract and a bag of money right on the spot!!!.... Would you approach your local dope man and beg him for a nickel bag while he was at his family reunion,.. no,.. you'd wait until you caught up with him at 1am sitting in the back of the club.... Would you approach the Judge while he was putting the green at the country club with his politician friends to ask him for a bribe... no... you'd wait until you were both in the washroom facing the urinal before you pitched your deal.... would you ask a hooker at her .... never-mind you get the point... just saying it's way to easy to for fans make primitive charicatures out of people you don't even know or never met... it's a good thing that Floyd and Arum are better than that.

-Radam G :

Between the three of them, there ain't Jack or Jill, but maybe an unpaid bill [grinnin' my arse off] and they ain't tryin' ta climb a hill. Unless, of course, to find dat MOOLA! Moneee, moneee -- MMMOOONNNNNEEEEEEEE! Mooonnneee! Money May earns over $40,000 per punch in dat squared jungle. Jamie Foxx makes $25mil a movie and $15mil per album. And, of course, Da Bobfather makes over a billion dollars in a year in da hit bitnezz promotion and presentations of bouts. Chink! Chink! Or is dat whisp! Whisp! With those paper Benjamins raindroppin' a moolaSTORM! Holla!

-donputo69 :

Look at that fool scareweather...All that $#it he talks about arum and look at his punkass...kissing arum's ass...lmfaooooooooooooo...she needs to man up already and fight pacquiao already...But then again, his name says it all...SCAREWEATHER....lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo.....holla back!!!

-Real Talk :

B-Sug, pound 4 pound number 1 up in the U to date. First thing comes to mind is 3 rich men. I like the looks of this one. Let's hope cooler heads continue to prevail and business gets handle and seperate the ghetto boys from girls lol. Only a few will know what I'm sizzlayin. Pacquiao is a Komoto Dragon like me, but Floyd's got the anecdote. Good boxing fundamentals, stiff jab, straight rights, check hooks, defense, ring generalship an a couple extra three punch combinations ala Marquez when Pac gets a lil too frisky and some good ole jabs to the body will be all that it takes. One thing though...Floyd needs one fight b4 he gloves up with Pac just to keep the skills oiled up. I watch a lot of fights, just watched the Floyd/ Mosley fight and that punch that buzzed May was the result of a lapse in fundamentals. It's no way Floyd was suppose to have his hands down like in the clutch, REAL RAP! Some of what people thought was a buckle was really natural reflexes to duck the next punch. He came back and rumbled like a soldier though an put on a clinic. Pac will bring out the best Floyd we've seen in years because of his style. Pressure but pipes true but pressure also produces daimonds. The fast pace will give the people what they want and the hands will come out...blazing. Dueces

-brownsugar :

now that's some real talk... holla!

-FighterforJC :

Mayweather's just looking for Pacquiao to look bad. The longer the fight gets postponed, the better Mayweather's chances are because Pacquiao's style is heavily reliant upon speed, strength and energy/workrate, things that will only diminish as the months go by.

-brownsugar :

Donputo69 and Isaiah ... 2 of the most diabolical Floyd haters in the TSS universe on the same post....Wow! this topic barely missed being becoming the first TSS "Playa Haters Ball". (welcome back DP69)