Adamek Takes Pre-Klitschko Warmup With McBride

ArreolaAdamek_PerezDon't forget McBride retired Mike Tyson. But, that was five and half years ago, and he has lost four of his last five. (Hogan Photos)It's official, Adamek-McBride will take place at Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. Rumors were flying that, Tomasz Adamek, Jersey City, NJ, 43-1, 28KO's, would be fighting in Poland this April. Kathy Duva, Adamek's promoter and Main Events CEO, confirmed that the Polish boxing star will instead return to “The Rock” on April 23rd to take on Irish born, Kevin McBride, Brockton, Massachusetts, 35-8-1, 29 KO's.

“There were a lot of things taken into consideration when choosing this fight. Overall, though, Tomasz was just more comfortable staying at home for this fight,” Kathy Duva, CEO Main Events and Adamek's promoter said. “We'll now focus on McBride, and then focus all of our efforts into the big one in September,” said Duva. “I think that his fans at Prudential Center will give Tomasz a great sendoff to Poland in this fight, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some of them in Poland in September.”

Most famous for his sixth-round knockout victory over Mike Tyson in '05, McBride will be the largest man that Adamek has ever fought. Adamek will be happy to give his “hometown” fans an opportunity to watch him fight before his scheduled September Klitschko fight.


brownsugar :

I don't know how fighting McBride will benefit Adamek except for going thru the 6 week training ritual. Too bad they couldn't organize a title eliminator with Adamek and Povetkin or maybe Tyson Fury before undertaking the suicide mission of fighting Wlad K.....(but some fighters are like that, some fighters HAVE to share the ring with the best in the business even if the odds seem insurmountable) I'm looking forward to Solis vs Vitali... I think this is the first time in 5 or 6 years that we'll get to see a Klitschko in a real fight.. Some say he's nothing but an eating machine a fat shark on 2 legs.. a closer look at Solis reveals a heavyweight who's been on the fast track for the title since the inception of his career...he's fought only big men with winning records... so while his diet may be questionable, Solis has only dined on a lean selection of the better heavyweight opponents. don't miss it. I personally guarantee that Solis will not be stopped and fight will be close and competitive.

the Roast :

McBride isnt much of a tuneup. Adamak's people must have dug him up from the same cemetary they got Michael Grant. I agree with B-Sug. Vitali-Solis could be good. Solis seems to have good power. Vitali is getting up there in age.

brownsugar :

just saw where Solis is flying David Price to Germany to help him with sparring. Price is a 2008 bronze medalist who is 6'8". he's built like a basket ball player and light on his feet. He towers over his opponents and patently picks them apart with his size and good boxing skills.... check him out on youtube... amazing...They're going to have to create a new division for all these supersized heavyweights... maybe somewhere around 250 and above..