Two undefeated Americans getting it on. It shouldn’t seem like such a big deal, frankly. It shouldn’t be such a novelty. But it is. It happens much too rarely in this day and age. So the hype surrounding the Tim Bradley/Devon Alexander clash on HBO has been heavy. Expectations might be a tad high for two men who haven’t shown to this point that they deserve to exit the category of lesser light stars. Neither man is a superstar. But that could change come Saturday….

Now, some of us don’t neccessarily believe that the guy who exits Detroit the winner on Saturday night is the man at 140. Some of us think that Amir Khan will separate himself from this pack in 2011. But that doesn’t mean TSS Universe isn’t psyched to see the two undefeateds clash.

Editor Mike, as is his way, leans to the more experienced of the two. But I’m more curious to hear what you think. Can Alexander shrug off that so-so outing the last time he gloved up? Is Bradley a bit too rudimentary, too formulaic for the slicker southie? Will this one live up to, surpass or fall beneath the weighty expectations? Weigh in! If you haven’t signed up for our Forum (, please do so immediately. I promise you, it isn’t too much of a hassle. If you have trouble, send me an email, and I’ll give you a hand. (

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-brownsugar :

anything,.. and I do mean ANYTHING can happen in the ring. I hearby acknowledge that my peers RG and the ROAST, could be absolutely correct in their analysis by proclaming Devon Alexander to be the better man. That nothwithstanding... I'm going to join Isaiah and all the other TSS members in making my selection Timothy Bradley. Just because he's a go getter, he can counter, and he never gives up. at any rate I'll just be satisfied if it's just a good and entertaining fight... and Mister Lee knows where to send the bill if I end up ordering a family sized Bucket of Crow.

-FighterforJC :

I want Alexander to win because Bradley talks too much. I don't know these fighters enough to make an intelligent analysis, though. By the way, Timothy Bradley will be in Fight Night Champion, coming out march 1st for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

-The Voicebox :

I'm gonna have to go with Bradley on this one. I've never watched any of their fights live, instead playing catchup on YouTube, but I think Bradley has the edge on conditioning, versatility, and balls. I don't mean to take anything away from Alexander, he's a fine fighter with many natural gifts and highly developed skills, but Bradley's maturity and pit bull mentality is gonna turn this into a dogfight that Alexander can't win. My guess is a hard-fought 12 round unanimous decision where Alexander seizes an early lead only to give ground in the middle rounds as Bradley's sharp counter punching and pressure cause him to make mistakes and lose momentum. Alexander has a slight edge in power, just not enough to deter the Desert Storm. I'm looking forward to this one, guys, and I think we're in for a hell of a fight.

-admin :

Here is what I wrote when polled by a PR person, asking for my pick: Will styles make this fight what it is? Will Alexander be able to smack and move, rinse and repeat, his way to a win? Or will Bradley just get in his face, stay in his face, and windmill his way to the win? Or…will experience win out? Bradley’s been on bigger stages for longer. And I’m having a hard time getting past the fact that Alexander was life and death with Andreas Kotelnik. He’s tough, and talented…but no superstar. Was it just an off night for Alexander perhaps? Too many questions, too little clarity. This is a 50-50 affair. I am going with the experience edge; I’m picking Bradley, because I think his pressure will be too much, and I see his right counter bothering Alexander. Bradley, unanimous decision, by two-point margin. --Editor Mike

-MisterLee :

3-4 rounds of feeling out, Bradley takes over the mid rounds, builds sizeable lead, wins down the stretch, working the head and body, Kevin Cunningham curses a storm. Mr. Lee serves crow Sunday morning.

-Radam G :

I rarely pick a winner. I'm just often accused of picking one, because apparently readers don't clearly read what I post. Once again, I'm not selecting. But I'm saying that Alexander Da Great is the best. For him, the Desert breeze should be no contest. No sweat! Behind the ears, Bradley is still quite wet. On dat motormouthed Dessert Salad, Alexander Da Great should stab, jab, spoon whip, slice and dice and pick apart. I see this being from the start. Bradley is not coming to this dance with a game face. He's coming with a mask. Da sucka is feelin' so outta place. And is not readly for this task. He will probably be worn out, if not knocked out, by round eight. As a pro, he's never seen or felt the speed of the kind of Alexander Da Great. The Desert mini wind will be easy to checkmate. He may as well forget about his dreams of a PacFight. With Alexander Da Great, hypermouthing Bradley is probably not going to have a good night. Unless sleepy is one, that will be his only fun. Holla!

-Radam G :

Bradley is a New Jack-type of pugilist. The media are in luv with these bums. I guess you can call it bumming down of pugilism. Not one correct or single legal punch does Bradley throws. His best shot is the throwing of his noggin, but Devon got an answer for that. As a pro, nobody has gone up and down on Bradley. He's been able to get boxers out of their game by using that shinny dome, and making them slow down and think about getting cut. The way you handle a headbutter is to slip and slide and hit 'em in da gut. THEN! It OOPS! Upside da head! Bust 'em up in da ear! Then da sucka won't be able to hear! His head won't be clear! He will panic and his best punch of the headbutt will deappear. Expect for Bradley to have a 2011 Egyptian Night -- end of that reign of perpretrating a fraud. Go Alexander The Great! Go Egypt! It's TYME for CHANGE! [Magingat kayo sa Misr, lalo ang mga kamag anak ko.] Holla!

-FighterforJC :

I think I may have just had a change of heart regarding Tim Bradley. I read a couple of short interviews and the guy seems to have good character beneath that cocky veneer. He's humble enough to look to other fighters who have accomplished more than he has for inspiration, like Hearns and Pacquiao. Bradley seems to be geniunely aspiring for greatness. I believe he has taken the first step by becoming part of the roster of Fight Night Champion, coming out on March 1st for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

-brownsugar :

I don't think that Bradley or Alexander represent the best technical skill, boxing ability, or pure entertainment value available today. But they do represent and excellent competitive spirit and that rare willingness to challenge themselves against the best. .... Bradley scares me sometimes when he calls out guys like Amir Khan, Pacman,.. and Mayweather because I don't see him winning those fights. But Bradley calls them out anyway (it may be possible that he knows something about himself that we don't know). And if Bradley and Alexander keep fighting the best they can eventually become the best.....Bradley didn't hesitate at the chance to prove himself against Holt,. Witter, Abregu, Cherry, Campbell, he even called out Vallero, Ortiz and Maidana while they were still considered red hot commodities..even though he knows that his chin isn't the best.....He walked it like he talked it and didn't dodge a single soul........This is why the media and fans are excited about Bradley and Alexander... fighters who actually act like fighters... that aspect of their character alone is enough to get me hyped..... and whoever loses doesn't become "exposed" or "ruined" overnight, any other sport it just presents another opportunity to reclaim victory. I totally expect the loser to rebound and resume his quest for greatness in the tradition of guys like Wlad Klitschko and Tommy Hearns

-the Roast :

I think this will be a great fight. An edge of your seat fight. Fast hands flying. Feeling out for the first 4 rounds. Who will establish the jab? Who will dictate? Devon is the harder puncher. Remember how Bradley crashed down those two times vs Holt. Now remember it again in slow motion. Devon will get TB in trouble in the 8th or 9th and the ref will stop the bout.

-the Roast :

Fight time gettin close!! He who lands the jab wins. Devon by KO. Crow for the losers!!!