Klitschkos To Decide Who Gets Adamek In Weeks Ahead

Tomasz Adamek will challenge one of the world champion Klitschko brothers in Poland in September. The final decision whether it will be WBC Champion Vitali Klitschko or IBF/WBO/IBO Champion Wladimir will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Tomasz Adamek is 34 years-old and lives in New Jersey (USA). Adamek was a cruiserweight and light heavyweight champion before he moved up to the heavyweight division. He won all his five heavyweight bouts, amongst which were his strong performance against former world title challenger Chris Arreola.  Adamek's fight record is 43 (38 KOs) wins in 44 fights with just one defeat.

Before the scheduled Adamek clash both Klitschkos will defend their titles. Vitali Klitschko fights WBC #1 ranked Odlanier Solis in Cologne (Germany) on March 19. His younger brother Wladimir will face off with British and Commonwealth Champion Dereck Chisora in Mannheim (Germany) on April 30. Also Adamek plans a fight in April. If both Klitschkos were to lose, the deal with Adamek would be dead. If one loses, Adamek would face the other brother. If both Klitschkos win, the choice of Adamek's opponent would be decided by the Klitschko side.

Klitschko vs. Adamek will take place in a newly built soccer arena where the UEFA EURO 2012 will happen. Poland and Ukraine are both organizers of the European soccer championship. Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are already Friends of EURO 2012 and thus official ambassadors of the tournament. Vitali is also a member of the local organizing committee of Ukraine.

“A fight in a soccer stadium needs a lot of handling time. Therefore we cannot wait until all three have done their fights. We will start negotiating with TV station in Germany, Poland and USA in the next weeks to find a suitable date quickly”, says Bernd Bönte, Managing Director of Klitschko Management Group.

“Adamek is very experienced, fast and a hard punching opponent. Whether it is Wladimir or me, we have to be very concentrated during the entire fight. It is fantastic that a Polish and a Ukrainian boxer will be together in the ring to set the first sports highlight in the run down to the EURO 2012”, says Vitali Klitschko.

Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions, “We have promoted Klitschko fights in the highest profile arenas throughout the world, from Madison Square Garden in NY to Staples Center in LA and the largest soccer stadiums throughout Germany.  Klitschko fights are huge events on the world stage and we are excited to bring a heavyweight championship fight to one of the new soccer stadiums in Poland, it should be a great atmosphere.”

Tomasz Adamek said, “I am very happy. I would like to thank the Klitschko's for being very generous with the percentage offer. I am looking forward to this fight.” He acknowledged, “It doesn't make a difference to me which Klitschko I fight. Right now they are both the biggest stars in the boxing world and I want to fight the biggest stars. I'm grateful for the opportunity.”

Kathy Duva, Main Events, CEO, “We are extremely excited that Tomasz Adamek will not only get the opportunity to realize his dream of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion and the first man ever to win the Light Heavyweight, Cruiserweight and Heavyweight crowns in September, but that he will do so in his native Poland. Klitschko-Adamek will be Poland's first ever Megafight.  I can't wait to start working with the Klitschko Team on what will undoubtedly be an historic promotion and a spectacular event.”

Ziggy Rozalski, Tomasz Adamek co-promoter, Ziggy Promotions, Inc, “We are very happy with this deal. The Klitschko's were very generous.” He added, “I am shocked that the Klitschko's agreed to do this fight in Poland, but it's in the middle of Europe. Obviously we will have many Polish fans, but a lot of Ukraine people live in Poland and all the Klitschko fans that live in Germany will also come see the fight. It's a great deal for everyone.”

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the Roast :

I hope Adamek gets a fat check cuz he is gonna catch a massive beatdown from the K Bros.

brownsugar :

Wow so they made it happen... from light heavy to Klitschko... amazing. Adamek may have more guts than he has skill,.. but I like to watch him work.

Phil W :

I am already starting to hear people talk about Klitschko-Adamek around western Germany, so this should be a huge fight, whichever brother ends up fighting in September. The Poles I talked to are all big Adamek fans, he may be more popular there than the Klitschkos are here, and whether or not Adamek actually has a decent shot he is perceived as a serious contender by Klitschko fans. I am hoping to get to Adamek's April encounter for a preview of the scene, but if the German stadium fights are any indication, the fight in September will be a major event.

admin :

Wooly in da fabulous Forum people!

MisterLee :

I feel Adamek's fight agst Jason Estrada was a lot tougher than pple would like to say. Estrada has skills, and looked like heavyweight Floyd Mayweather for 6 rounds before he gassed out and let Adamek take over. Estrada doesn't blink when he fights, was razor fast and accurate when countering, but probably didn't do any roadwork. Though he probably ate roadkill. Adamek boma ye!!

admin :

Ate roadkill. That's mean. But funny. Because he could use a nutriotionist

Radam G :

I'm not going to keep buzzkilling the K'Bros/Docs and catastrophizing their skills. They are AIGHT!!! I'm never said that they cannot fight. They're the greatest heavyweight B+ -- bums -- fighters of all times in the weakest era of all time for that division. But I ain't hating 'em. To each his own about the way he gets paid. On their across-the-pond fanfaronades, they're using great optical illusions to automagically clean out all the fatties, lazies and now a Polish Billy Conn-type in this pathetic, sad, tally/fatso division. The only interest that I have in this tangle is that which one of the K-bros/docs is going to be the 2011 Germanic resident Joe Louis, lmfao! I heard that history always repeats itself. Now if Adamek turns into a Polish Jack Dempsey and whichever K-bros/docs goes Jess Willard that would be a nice repeat of history, and da BOMB to watch. WTF! I was nodding off. Later for da heavies. Back to da pit for a few more winks. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Holla!