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The wheels of justice often grind very slowly. The system gets clogged and overwhelmed, sometimes underfunded bureaucracies allow matters to drag on for years and years before an issue is resolved.

The wheels which are spinning Floyd Mayweather to a resolution in the assault charge levied against him after an altercation with the mother of his children back in September are no exception. At an evidence hearing in a Las Vegas court, the AP reports, Mayweather's attorney asked for more time, to allow co-counsel time to get up to speed on the case. The judge allowed the request, and set a new date, March 10.

Boxing fans hoping that Floyd gets his legal matters sorted out in a timely fashion, so the avenue to a fight with Manny Pacquiao can be cleared have that much longer to wait before they get their wish, or perhaps, there is more clarity on Floyd's availability to box in the near term.

Mayweather faces 34 years in the clink if convicted on all the charges, which include domestic battery, larceny, coercion and robbery. He would be 77 years old if he was sentenced to the maximum term, and even with skills like his, well, Floyd's run would over.

Mayweather is also dealing with a pending case against him stemming from a late December altercation with a security guard employed by Mayweather's gated community. Additionally, in mid November, Mayweather got in a beef with another gated community guard; the guard said Mayweather poked him in the face after the boxer saw him writing parking tickets for vehicles in front of Mayweather's house.

TSS hopes Mayweather finds some serenity, and maybe a new residence, since it seems like he and these guards don't click.

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