The wheels of justice often grind very slowly. The system gets clogged and overwhelmed, sometimes underfunded bureaucracies allow matters to drag on for years and years before an issue is resolved.

The wheels which are spinning Floyd Mayweather to a resolution in the assault charge levied against him after an altercation with the mother of his children back in September are no exception. At an evidence hearing in a Las Vegas court, the AP reports, Mayweather's attorney asked for more time, to allow co-counsel time to get up to speed on the case. The judge allowed the request, and set a new date, March 10.

Boxing fans hoping that Floyd gets his legal matters sorted out in a timely fashion, so the avenue to a fight with Manny Pacquiao can be cleared have that much longer to wait before they get their wish, or perhaps, there is more clarity on Floyd's availability to box in the near term.

Mayweather faces 34 years in the clink if convicted on all the charges, which include domestic battery, larceny, coercion and robbery. He would be 77 years old if he was sentenced to the maximum term, and even with skills like his, well, Floyd's run would over.

Mayweather is also dealing with a pending case against him stemming from a late December altercation with a security guard employed by Mayweather's gated community. Additionally, in mid November, Mayweather got in a beef with another gated community guard; the guard said Mayweather poked him in the face after the boxer saw him writing parking tickets for vehicles in front of Mayweather's house.

TSS hopes Mayweather finds some serenity, and maybe a new residence, since it seems like he and these guards don't click.

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-FighterforJC :

It's funny and sad how Mayweather's fear of manny Pacquiao has caused Floyd's personal life to spiral downwards.

-Radam G :

Wow! Those are just jealous, hateful guards who want 15 minutes of fame. So these suckas pick on somebody with a famous name and a lot game. In the end, their arses will be the ones left with shame. They'd luv for da Man to move away, and have people to believe that they had their way. Money May is fine. All da haters should quit acting so devine. Because Money May is so famous, everything that he does will be exaggerated and magnified. He won't spend a day in jail. All these outrageous claims against him will not sail. His babies' momma is full of jive and doesn't dig the honeys who're now in his B-HIVE. If she were the modern-day Delilah, and if he were the modern-day Samson with a full head of hair, she would have drugged his arse, put Rev. Jim Jones's koolaid in his eyes and shaved all his hair off. Sammy May -- I mean Money May -- would be weak and blinded like a mutha, lmfao! Nobody would go to any arena that he was fighting in, because he may just pull that sucka down! KaBOOM! All of you Romanish fanfaronades would perish -- go down like the implosion of the old New York Madison Garden. Wow! Ducking is a long historic part of the sweet science. Money May is the Sugar Ray Robinson of this era. The Sugarman ducked so many pugilists in his days and had a bad temper and would go upside a woman's or bellboy's head in a New York Minute. Holla!

-Isaiah :

There once was a coward with all kinds of boxing talent, he called himself the greatest ever, but after looking up with a terrified face of fear, CLUCK! goes the chicken! There once was a time, he faced live opponents, but not since 2002,.... ever since a man named Castillo was robbed blind, and then CLUCK! goes the chicken! Little Floydie looked to his left, "Oh goodness there's Kostya Tszyu!", little Floydie looked to his right and saw a man named Hatton,.... "CLUCK, CLUCK, CLUCK, At 147, I'll fight you!" Little Floydie was getting tooooo the end of 2000 and 7, saw Cotto, Margarito and Paul Williams to, guess what he said next, "Oh, looks like my career is through!" Little Floydie comes back in the year of 2000 and 9, beats on a lightweight and then says, "Oh, I'm the greatest of all tiiiiiime!" In the year of 2000 and 10, beats on an older man he's been ducking for YEEEEAAARRRRSSS!!! He gets super mad when he finds out, Manny Pacquiao will do it far better AGAIN and get MORE cheeeeeerrrrrssss!!! The Pacman is staring him down to his face. There's no where left to turn. All the excuses have been used up! All the bridges have been BUUUUURRRRRNNNNEED!!!! The fans keep asking, "Floydie, why are you such a BI##H?!! At least your dad and your uncle fought and lost to the beeeeeessst, but when it's time to put or SHUTUP. you hang your head in shame, turn and run! CLUCK, CLUCK, you are done!" (Song sung to the tune of ::Pop goes the Weasel::) Song title::CLUCK, GOES THE CHICKEN!::

-brownsugar :

honestly,... a grand larceny charge(for a cell phone that he offered to replace and probably gets for free anyways as a promo gift), coersion, ...kidnapping his own son holding them hostage etc..etc......and all the other trumped up charges the prosecution is throwing Mayweather's way is like children throwing cooked rice against the wall to see how much sticks... Theres' a lot of women out there whose concept of love is so distorted,.. they refuse to believe that you love them or bother to care,.. unless they can provoke a man into a bestowing them with a black eye (so they can go brag to all their friends)... That's why I wrote the Poem... "Turn the other cheek,. so I can Slap you Again"...drama,.. calamity and pain can be a surrogate lover for those famished souls who have never seen the perfect example of love... This foolishness between these 2 kids (Floyd and Babies Mama)who met and had kids of their own(having never grownup themselves) will get worked out one way or another.. because just like TMZ-gate... most of this mess has no substance. ,.. (I mean did you see how she was trying to hold her weave in place and straighten out her sunglasses as a team of paramedics jogged her around on a gurney as if it was life and death??) Everybody knows that the link between a man and his baby's mamma never goes just grows more fierce, untill the kids hit puberty (then they need him again)...actually I have to wonder how devoted a father Floyd is because his kids don't act like they know him too well on 24/7 or maybe their just shy.......Anyway.... I hope we do get to see Floyd back in action again soon... don't know how much he has left to offer with all the inactivity... but I'd bet that it's more than one of my other favorites has (Holyfield) I wish REALTALK were here to put things in perspective.

-FighterforJC :

Just a reminder folks, Fight Night Champion has a brand new mode called "Champion Mode," which is a linear, story mode that features a fictional fighter named Andre Bishop. Part of his tenures is PRISON FIGHTING. Yes, he goes to jail early in the story and fights in prison! How fitting!

-Toby :

Floyd should have taken the Pacman Bout right after he beat Mosley. Now Floyd is 34 years old, in trouble with the law once again and looking at some time in the LV HOC. Manny is not getting any younger either plus he took some serious punishment from Margarito so who knows how much long he will remain an elite fighter. I predict that this fight will never happen. They had their window of opportunity and for whatever reason could not strike a deal. Everyone loses on this deal including those of us who are true boxing fans.

-the Roast :

Floyd has become a disgrace to our sport. It's sad.