Jeff Lacy, younger brother to alleged killer Hydra Lacy Jr., who was found dead after a standoff with police in St. Petersburg Florida on Monday, January 24, 2011

UPDATE 2:30 EASTERN: News reports say Hydra Lacy is dead.

Another day, another account of horrific handgun violence.

Two St. Petersburg, Florida police officers were fatally shot, and a US Marshal was shot and is in stable condition while executing a search warrant at a house  in St. Petersburg this morning. A local news report indicates that the suspect in the shooting is Hydra Lacy, Jr., who is the brother of boxer Jeff Lacy, a former super middleweight titlist.

Authorities, a report on the local Fox news site said, went to the house to serve Hydra Lacy a warrant for aggravated battery.

The scene deteriorated, and gunfire was exchanged. FBI negotiators, the report said,  were called in to try and de-escalate the situation. Lacy, the report says, is currently barricaded inside the home.

The Fox Tampa website says that Hydra is no stranger to law enforcement.

He was arrested in 1988 for grand theft auto, aggravated assault, and resisting arrested, and was imprisoned for more than three years. He was then arrested for sexual battery and kidnapping, and spent over 15 years in prison.

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-Radam G :

Wow! This piece is hard to comment on. I cannot let loose on the Lacy family. I just feel some badly. My deepest sympathy for the lost of all. Holla!

-Editor Mike :

People are noticing now that lots of cops are being shot. Sort of expected this earlier. But this is what happens when there are no jobs, people are despondent, trickle down economics doesn't work...