Holyfield-Williams A No Contest; “Real Deal” Didn't Protest Stoppage Real Hard

Holyfield-WilliamsPPVThe cut on his left eye certainly didn't look like the sort of wound that would force a man with the confirmed mettle of Evander Holyfield to stop fighting. But there he was on his stool after the third round at the Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia on Saturday night.

His trainer Tommy Brooks asked him if he wanted to continue, just a few seconds after opponent Sherman Williams blasted Holyfield with an overhand right, which almost sent him to the mat.  Holyfield, a man who in 1997 fought on after Mike Tyson BIT OFF A CHUNK OF HIS EAR, didn't lobby to continue, apparently, because the fight was halted after the third, and declared a no contest.

Without being in the corner, and seeing if he was appraised by a physician, and administered a test to gauge his vision, it's impossible to state with certainty what went on after the round, but at the least, we didn't see the warrior Holyfield on display after he got whacked around by Williams in the third, and a convenient exit route was given to him.

A doctor looking at Holyfield after the fight was stopped talked about an artery being hit, which didn't jibe with the fact that the cut wasn't streaming blood at all after the ref, Dave Johnson, had decided to call the night.

Holyfield mumbled postbout about being headbutted, and his vision being impaired, and basically said he was fine with the no contest because he felt that Williams would continue to head butt him.

Williams (age 40; from the Bahamas; 34-11-2 entering) weighed 258 pounds, while Holyfield (age 48; living in Georgia; 43-10-2 entering) was 224 pounds on Friday. Holyfield's WBF title was on the line in the feature bout on the pay per view event, tagged “Redemption in America.”

In the first, Holyfield showed good bounce in his legs. His body still puts any age man to shame. His volume was weak but Williams wasn't busy either. His mouth, though, worked hard, complaining about Holyfield's head butts.

In the second, Williams looked to land left hooks every so often. Holyfield was the busier of the two, but he knows how to conserve energy, for sure. He did toss a couple combos, however, it must be said. A butt caused a cut on Holyfield's left eye towards the end of the round.

In the third, Williams scored points with an overhand right.  Holyfield worked behind a tepid jab, which did nothing to keep Williams from winging the right. One of those rights almost sent Holyfield to the mat with five seconds to go in the round. Trainer Tommy Brooks then asked him if he wanted to quit, because of the cut.

Somewhat bizarrely, before the main event, a man in a tux whose name wasn't stated sang “Born to Run” while Clarence Clemons, of the E Street Band, sat next to him and blared on the sax. Does Springsteen know about this?

Kevin Johnson (23-1-1 entering), who stepped in three days ago for an ill Travis Kauffman, met 7-1 Julius Long (15-14 entering; weighing 300 pounds) in a heavyweight tangle, set for eight or fewer. Long isn't the most coordinated guy in the game. Johnson slipped smartly most of what the giant threw. Lennox Lewis chatted with announcers Al Bernstein and Benny Ricardo during the second round. As Lennox blathered on, in the manner which forced HBO to let him go last year, Johnson lit into Long.

KJ used a stiff jab to good effect, but neglected the very obvious terrain to mine, the body. Long had a bloody nose, and was losing his battle to scarf enough oxygen to sustain himself by the end of the fifth. But he stayed in the game, mostly because Johnson's power is less than devastating. But it was enough, via a weak right hand, to send a lagging Long to the mat with 1:10 left in the eighth. He did it again, with a left-push, with 40 seconds on the clock. The judges saw it 79-71, across the board for Johnson.

Five months ago, Monte Barrett swore up and down that his next fight, against David Tua, would be his last. But his plans changed. A business deal fell through, and thus, his retirement plan went out the window. Barrett, age 39, coming off a draw with Tua, gloved up against Charles Davis in a fight scheduled for eight. David had his moments;  the lefty shot straight lefts which caught Barrett. Monte perked up in the fourth, after his corner gave him the what for. Davis hurt Monte with a body blow in round five. Monte tried to give a possum look, playing up his what “pain” he was in, but he didn't fool anyone.

Davis was huffing and puffing more in the sixth. Monte's hooks, absent early, were landing and having impact. The seventh was tight and it looked to be up for grabs in the eighth. The judges did indeed have the final say after a round in which Barrett showed fire, and a desire to land a power right. The tallies were 77-75 (Davis), 76-76, 76-76, resulting in a majority draw. You can consider that a loss for the 34-9-2 Barrett. Davis, a loser of four straight entering,  is now 19-21-3.

In the PPV opening bout, unbeaten Detroit middleweight Willie Fortune (10-0, 5 KOs) won an 8-round split decision against Lithuania-native Donatas Bondoravas (10-2-1, 3 KOs) in a spirited bout.

In one of three off-PPV fights, Detroit middleweight Domonique Dolton (10-0, 6 KOs) kept his undefeated record intact, pitching a complete shutout (80-72 three times) versus veteran Marcos “The Terminator” Primera for an 8-round unanimous decision.

 NABA Heavyweight Champion Cedric “The Bos” Boswell (33-1, 26 KOs) successfully defended his title, knocking out Dominique “Diamond” Alexander (19-10, 9 KOs) in the second round via the three-knockdown rule.

Cleveland junior welterweight Miguel “Silky Smooth” Gonzalez (13-2, 12 KOs), 2008 U.S. National AAU champion, dropped Ramon Che” Guevara three times in the sixth round for an automatic knockout victory.


Evander Holyfield: “I’m very disappointed. He fought the way he should have. He understood he would have his head low when he threw the overhand right. If I didn’t move back, we’d clash heads. It was to his advantage to get lower because he’s short. Being that short he had to fight that fight. He didn’t have to, he chose to.”

Stuff like this happens and I’ll shake it off. Hopefully, I’ll get this stitched up and it won’t be a problem. Life goes on, it’s part of boxing.”

Sherman Williams: “I’ve had my own personal setbacks. To get over what I did was a miracle. I trained hard for this fight. I was fighting a legend and I can’t take anything away from him. I feel like I should have won by TKO. I cut him with an overhand right, but I respect him.”

“I root for him. He’s almost 50 and still training and performing. I admire what he’s done but it’s time to let younger guys fight and older guys do television commentary.  He’s not as good looking as I am. You’ve made sacrifices, won 4 world championships and fought in the Olympics. But this is a new time, a new era. Mr. Holyfield shouldn’t be taking punches from younger guys. That’s how I feel. It’s time for him to move on but, if he wants, we can do it again.”

“After the first round he was falling into my trap. When he felt I was in retreat…bang with the overhand right, and that’s when I saw blood.”

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-brownsugar :

I didn't see the fight,... but I have to admit that I was tempted to chip in... mainly because nothing else was on. I'm glad I didn't give into the temptation because nearly every report I read,.. and 100% percent of reader comments said it was one of the worst boxing events put together since Bhop vs Jones..they should have called this event...."RISE OF THE ZOMBIES" because the bouts reeked like a pile of cadavers..... a verifyable stinker. Since when has Holy ever pulled a Zab Judah in the corner?? Said he couldn't see,... or was he still seeing double... he later asked for a rematch after the fight was stopped...although nobody who saw thier original fight would care to see it again. Boxing commissions all over the country should band together and rescind Holy's boxing license. It's quite obvious that he's got nothing left to offer fans or opponents inside the squared circle.... Say goodnight sweet prince.

-Radam G :

The Tank was ready to go to the food bank. Sherman Williams did not come to fight. He was one scary dude. He should've hit Holy with hands instead of his head, then we'd be able to know if the Holy's plight is dead. Because of the way that this bout ended, da Real Deal will be back. It is full speed ahead, for the Holy man is not one, who will never slack. Enough said! Holla!

-Radam G :

No rematch needed. Just as you cannot make a horse drink, you can only take him to the brook. You cannot make a tomato-can pugilist rumble, he is worse than a crook. You can only put him into that squared jungle. If beast is in him, it is going to come out. Holy, don't select this type again, because about you people will continue to doubt. It was no fight in this "Tank." He just wanted to get paid and go to the bank. Holla!

-Editor Mike :

The man fought on after getting a hunk of his ear bit off. But he and Brooks saw the writing on the wall, and pulled a No Mas, is what some cynics would say

-TheTruth :

I watched the fight and rewatched it afterwards. Evander threw really fast combos, williams hit him on the arms the time that everyone claims Evander was wobbled. Williams had only one flush right hand which Evander absorbed. I do agree the Evander quit, but he was not out classed. The older Evander doesn?t have the do or die attitude that propelled his career in the younger days, maybe wisely so.

-Radam G :

Some boxers will say that the cynics are dead wrong. A bit-off ear or a cauliflower one ain't a big deal to a pugilist. [There have been tons of boxers, who have had their ears split in two and still fought. A few years ago, some joker's ear was barely hanging onto his head, but dude got pi$$ed off when the referee stop the bout. I believe that was in a Margarito bout.] No boxer needs to listen to jive, lmfao! But blood in eye is a mutha, lmfao! Seeing is more important than hearing. Great, stubborn boxers have a different thinking process than anybody else. Holla!

-FighterforJC :

I watched the fight and rewatched it afterwards. Evander threw really fast combos, williams hit him on the arms the time that everyone claims Evander was wobbled. Williams had only one flush right hand which Evander absorbed. I do agree the Evander quit, but he was not out classed. The older Evander doesn’t have the do or die attitude that propelled his career in the younger days, maybe wisely so.
I agree. I watched a good portion of the fight at YouTube and Holyfield didn't look bad, although he did look ordinary. But reading the reports would have you think that Holyfield was getting pummeled and on the verge of getting stopped. Holyfield did quit and who knows why. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt after all the courage he's shown throughout the years. It's possible that the cut may not have been that bad, but perhaps they took the easy way out in fear of the cut getting worse to the point that might jeopardize Holyfield's chances of getting another title shot, not that his performance helps his cause.

-Radam G :

Quick! Quick! See for yourself before YouTube takes it off, if nothing else. One can see things visually that he can see in words if he is honest. Holy is auight STILL. Like Pops Joy May would say, "Da midget Tank butted dat muthasucka, lmfao! Enough said! Holla!

-FighterforJC :

One other thing, though. This is the softest Holyfield's physique has been. He'll always have a nice frame, but the muscle definition was not there. He looked really soft.

-amayseng :

i watched the fight and then rewatched it. the first round holy looked decent. using the jab with good movement. the second round he deterred a bit although threw quick combinations just missing short a bit. the third round he got hit a few times by the right hand, not stunned or hurt, but the kind of shot where you pay attention not to get hit by it again..he clearly lost the 3rd round.... there was a bad clash of heads that caused that cut in the second...the thing that concerned me was the fact the holy didnt try to continue.. that is not like him and at 48 cant blame him...maybe like tyson, he realized that he just didnt want this anymore..taking shots isnt fun at 20 or 30 let alone 48. the man is a warrior and a legend...he should start a conditioning business for athletes or write a book on nutrition and conditioning. no need to make money by fighting...there are other options out there for him...i mean he is 48, arent his kids grown now, how would he still have child support to pay?

-mortcola :

Holyfield had good rhythm, his hands looked fine. He still throw sharp, fairly quick combos. And he did, in fact, get wobbled by two head shots. Evander got hit and wobbled like that by Bert Cooper 77 years ago. My concern with him is that his defensive reflexes aren't all that good - never his strength, but weaker today - and that he is on borrowed time before the neurological damage starts to show real symptoms. I will root for him, as well as pray that he finds something else to do for money and pride.

-FighterforJC :

Holyfield had good rhythm, his hands looked fine. He still throw sharp, fairly quick combos. And he did, in fact, get wobbled by two head shots. Evander got hit and wobbled like that by Bert Cooper 77 years ago. My concern with him is that his defensive reflexes aren't all that good - never his strength, but weaker today - and that he is on borrowed time before the neurological damage starts to show real symptoms. I will root for him, as well as pray that he finds something else to do for money and pride.
Holyfield didn't get wobbled anywhere close to how Bert Cooper wobbled him. Cooper caught Holyfield clean and put him on queer street. At worst, Holyfield got moved by the force of Williams' punch in a way that made Holyfield appear to stumble. But his legs never left him.

-Radam G :

For da record, my man! Since Sulphur Springs, West Virginia is not a hotbed of PPV boxing originating from there, one gets what he gets. It was the positioning of and lack of heavy, bright lighting that gave the appearance that rock-hard Holy suddenly, mysteriously had a soft-body look. As I've said umpteen times, those who aren't in the know can be fooled by optical illusions of the whole nine of the hit bitnezz. Tricks of the trade also apply to the stagers and telecasting crew. Here in Manila, some marginal fanfaronades were wondering why "jelly-belly" James "Lights out" Toney was tangling with "The Real Deal." No! No! "Holy is fighting "The Tank" Sherman Williams had to scream. Then the fanfaronades screamed, *&$*#*$*#! "Paul Williams got fat and short since he's gotten kayoed." WTF! We had our laugh. Holla!

-Isaiah :

Age aside, what was so terrible about this performance from Evander? This was just an off night. Blood in the eye from a headbutt is no joke. Getting your vision impaired will make even beating on a bum like Williams far more difficult. Now, to bring up age again, Evander did the smart thing for a man his age by taking this no contest considering the circumstances. Look, the cut will heal up, Evander will go for the rematch, not fall for that nonsense again and knock this guy out. This is just a small setback. Get the rematch going and everything will continue as planned. Williams will get knocked out, then Brian Nelson can come get some by getting knocked out as well and finally Evander can retire in peace after he recieves a beatdown and big money from Vitali Klitschko. (Vitali's handler's said they'd give Evander a shot after Evander beats these 2 guys. Vitali will be the man to FINALLY convince the "Real Deal" to retire. May as well get paid a couple million for the beating that is sure to occur.

-brownsugar :

I caught most of the fight on my cell before they removed it from UTube. Holy was Floating effortlessly like he had titanium springs in his ankles and knees... snapping out light range finder jabs and sticking the occasional punch now and then...while the less nimble Williams lurched about the ring like a perplexed thug trying to pick the pocket of a man while he was looking him dead in the face. Holy gave his man a wide birth boxing as cautiously as if he were fighting the Russian Giant.. Valuev again. They say when you get older you'll remember things that you did as child that you thought you'dve forgotten forever... Holyfield fought the entire fight.... not as a "Evander THE HulK Holyfield" (the harder you hit me,.. the harder Hulk Holy hit back.... Hulk crush puny heavyweight)... instead it's like he was reverting back to is youth,.. when he was fighting for those Local AAU amateur titles... (just score and move)....eventually I had to wash the taste of the Williams fight out of my mouth by going back to 1989,on youtube to watch a spindly legged, lanky but well built Holyfield vs a dangerous comebacking Michael Dokes for a chance at the Heavyweight Crown...both men gave as good as they got,.. reminded me of one of them John Wayne Saloon Brawls... Holy was cut in the same exact place, the side corner of the left ocular area... Holy ignored it as if it were a mesquito bump and lit into Dokes seconds after being rocked to the core to score a knock out of his own in the 10th... Now that's Holyfield... I don't who I watching in the ring with Williams today.

-FighterforJC :

You were watching an old fighter who realizes that a bad cut can set him back way past his career's expiration date.

-Radam G :

I can salute Valuev. The hairy giant took a chance and gave an old man a dance. Now let the K-bros/docs and da Hayemaker cat do the same. Being in the weakest, fatest, sorriest and tallest division in history are their claim to shame -- I mean fame. Nobody can convince 95 percent of boxers about these trumped-up dangers to Holy. Talk is one thing, reality is something else. In the whole history of Queenberry's [Ruled] pugilism, it is extremely rare for a pugilist to get Pugilism Dementia, aka punch drunk. WOW! People take mythology and hyperbolicism to an all-time extreme. And medical authorites just want to get some copy and air time. Holla at all the heavyweight champions -- NO! -- holla at all the champions in history, who made a comeback passed their prime. Ninety-nine point nine percent of them did not end up like Irish Jerry Quarry and his brothers, like GOAT Irish Muhammad Ali, and like P4P top notch trainer Irish/French Freddie "The No Joke Coach" Roach. Boxing has less damaged fighters after their career than American footballers. Canadian contender George Chavalo, American contenders Chuck Werpner and Terry Daniel and British contender Henry Cooper took more punches between the four of them then all the heavyweight champs and contenders in history. These cats are now in their 70s and are doing jolly fine. Werpner got beat so bad that the movie Rocky was model after him. I guess between fans, boxing scribes, media-grabbing doctors and boxers, there will never be a consensus of when Holy should call it quits. Holla!

-Joe :

This dude was absolutely 10000% crazy violent. Just checking out the stories in the St. Pete papers and the newscasts paint this guy as coocoo for coco puffs.

-brownsugar :

Yep somebody made the news by killing 4 or 5 cops INSIDE A POLICE STATION,.. that guy must of had a boatload of anger grief demoralizing depression and any other real big clinical words you can toss in... it's a tragedy for the cops and thier families as well as the Lacy's..

-Joe :

Left Hook's Big Bro', per the local news in Tampa indicated he wasn't going back to the can under any circumstances. He was a super violent dude.

-Editor Mike :

What gun, ammo did he use?