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th_pic6Word trickled to Kimbo Slice, that he was done as a fighter, that his body was so broken down he was unable to train, that he was transferring to pro wrestling. His jaw muscles clenched, and his brow furrowed. He was pissed.

But he didn't punt a puppy, or blast his fist through some drywall. Instead, he made clear to his inner circle that he wanted to set the record straight.

No, he communicated to TSS through spokesman/advisor “Icey” Mike Imber, he is not through as a fighter, not in MMA, or in boxing. Furthermore, we learn, reports that he was going to jump ship to pro wrestling, and take part in an event in Japan on February 5th were incorrect.

Imber told TSS that yes indeed, in October Slice was letting some injuries heal up, and during that time, he was offered a part in The Scorpion King 3, which was filming in early December in Thailand. “But he didn't quit anything,” Inber stressed to TSS. “He wanted the experience, and to get this side money. But it's “when,” not “if” he will fight again. When will he start training again? Pretty effing soon. He's getting antsy!”

As for the pro wrestling gig, Inber told TSS that there were negotiations for a Japan appearance, but “it didn't pan out.” That may be an option down the line, the advisor said.

Imber said also that Slice hasn't, as has been rumored, shut the door on mixed martial arts. But he intends to box first. “He's 36,” Inber said. “Other guys are fighting into their 40s. He's a fighter, he will fight!”

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