FREE MONEY! California Boxing Pension Funds Available

Tony (left) and Frankie Baltazar, back in the day.

The Boxers Pension Fund,  totaling millions of dollars, has gone largely untouched. The money is there waiting for retired boxers who fought between 1981 and 1994. They also have to be at least 50 years old.

“We’re having problems contacting them,” said George Dodd, the new CSAC Executive Officer overseeing boxing. “We need to get the word out.”

According to Dodd, California is the only state that established a pension fund for pro boxers. Year after year the Golden State has also been the most prolific in staging boxing cards. Hundreds of registered prizefighters reside in California.

During the 1980s, a number of colorful and popular boxers arose to fight in venues like the Olympic Auditorium, Inglewood Forum, San Diego Sports Arena, and Sacramento’s Arco Arena. And that’s not including the dozens of smaller venues that dot the coastline of the western state.

From July 1981 through Dec. 31, 1994 the state collected money from promotions, fighters and managers. It was left mostly untouched for many years. After several years of discussion and planning the Commission released the conditions of pay outs and the eligibility requirements.

A number of pro boxers from that era have qualified, such as Baltazar and soon his younger brother Tony “The Tiger” Baltazar, when he hits age 50 this coming month.

Aside from an age requirement of 50 years old, pro boxers must have fought at least 10 rounds a year for four years without more than a three-year break. And, also at least a total of 75 scheduled pro rounds without a three-year break.

Dodd said that any former fighter who has questions on eligibility should contact the Commission office in Sacramento at (916) 263-2195.

Former boxers such as Lupe Aquino, Irving Mitchell, James Kinchen, Zack Padilla, Andy Nance, Herman Montes, Hedgemon Robertson, Oscar Muniz, and Andy Price are just a few of those who fought during the 1980s era that may qualify.

Rudy Hernandez, a welterweight from Los Angeles, said he was not certain whether or not he qualified but was going to call the Commission office this week.

“I wasn’t sure the money was there,” said Hernandez, adding that the current economic conditions in the state caused him to think the pension fund was dried up.

Dodd assured that the Boxer Pension Fund was intact.

Retired boxers wherever you are, call the Commission office. Also, if you have info on where these boxers may live, discuss, share and help the cause in our Forum, Here!

Ring officials recognition

A number of referees and judges capacity perform their respective positions with admirable precision and responsibility and should be recognized.

Best referees

Recognition goes to Pat Russell, a regular every year. Few are able to supervise a fight like San Diego’s Russell. Others who performed extremely well were Jack Reiss, Raul Caiz Jr., Kenny Bayless, Tony Weeks, Benjy Esteves Jr., Steve Smoger and Big John McCarthy.

Best Judges

Judging for boxing and MMA are crucial and none are better than Max DeLuca, Jerry Roth, and both Russell and Reiss. Other crackerjack judges for the year 2010 were Adelaide Byrd, Patricia Jarman, Lisa Giampa, Marty Denkin, Julie Lederman, Steve Morrow, Fritz Werner and Dave Moretti.

Fights on television

Fri. Telefutura, 11:30 p.m., Lucas Matthysse (27-1) vs. Demarcus Corley (37-15-1).

Fri. Telemundo, 11:30 p.m., William Urina (17-0) vs. Johnny Garcia (9-2-1).

Sat. pay-per-view, 6 p.m., Evander Holyfield (

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Radam G :

Nothing but luv and lots of salutes to these Cali powers. YUP! These now elderly boxers really deserve help. Blessing upon blessing for these Cali powers coming to the rescue of these needy souls. Monroe Brooks just lost his dad not too long ago and would really be helped by this CBPF's kindness. Bruce Curry is not always doing too well, so this money will be great assistance to his brother Keith, who cares for Bruce. Tim "T" Williams, also a former Marine boxing standout, is often in pain and broke. He has no type of medical insurance and is marginally helped only by the Veteran Administration Medical Center. Things got so bad for Irving Mitchell, a former Army boxing standout and world military champion, that he moved back to his birth state of Louisiana. The major reason that ex-world champion Terry Norris is getting by is because he was able to get a few millions bucks from suing Don King, who ripped TN out of $50mil+. Wow! Without calling anymore names, there are a few homeless boxing cats roaming the streets of Oakland, San Diego and Los Angeles. Whenever I'm in Cali, I hook 'em up with a meal, some of my gambling change and a motel room for a couple nights. Now CBPF should and will be able to permanently hook 'em up. No one ever knows where Blessing are coming from. BIG KUDOS to TSS for dropping this piece and spittin' da info. This is the start of something wonderful. Maybe the boxing powers that be in New York will start something similar, so that the homeless Iran Barkleys won't be. Isn't he about 50-year old now? Holla!

Editor Mike :

Radam, I will alert Avila of your input, and maybe he can pass that along. THANKS